Babylon – My Turn

Thank you all for such inspired answers. They ranged from you own personal efforts (and struggle) to eliminate such things in your homes, to “the Spirit will direct you.”

I believe all things are spiritual with the Lord, and when we “feel” a drive to eliminate some element of Babylon from our homes, that the feeling is inspired. As Moroni 7 informs us “All good things come from God.” So, a prompting to eliminate evil from our homes would fall in that category I believe.

What may not be apparent is how to do it. As some of you pointed out, extremes don’t work with people. So, since this is the Lord’s plan for you, then the Lord also has the right solution. As we pray and search the answer will come in its own time, and the best thing is – it will work, and your family will embrace the solution.

It will certainly involve steps – family meetings – group decisions – maybe moving the TV or computer to a new location – prayerful pondering.

There are only a couple things that in my opinion must be stopped instantly – one is porn on TV or computer, or as art. This will destroy you and the people who view it. My teenage daughter pinned a shopping bag of a man’s naked torso to her wall. She thought it was fine because it was a shopping bag from a well-known store. It was porn, and we didn’t give her a choice in the matter.

The second one is music that drives the Spirit away. In the very least, you can insist that people wear headphones, and then let the Spirit lead you to help them end their addiction to darkness. We don’t own a stereo – which keeps the noise levels way down at home. My sister-in-law makes her children print out the lyrics of every song on their ipod and get them approved with a parent before they can buy it.

The last thing that in my opinion should never be tolerated is objects with “charms” or “good luck” symbols. These things almost always have symbols that invite dark spirits. They are harder to identify than porn, but they are little black holes of evil swirling in your homes. If there is a persistant feeling of negative, or anger, or fighting against family values, you should look for these things, and when you find them, break them in pieces and destroy them. Don’t ask permission, just do it. If someone screams and cries and threatens when you destroy it – you just did the right thing. People get emotionally attached to them to keep the thrill of the negative feelings alive. I’ve seen them as jewelry, clothing, wall art,  in books, on album covers, as assessories, belt buckles, hair clips, key fobs – you name it.  They are all dangerous.

I have a sister who twenty years ago couldn’t get answers to her prayers. When I looked at her half of her face was darkened. It was kind of spooky. After prayer and a priesthood blessing, she found a “happiness” sign that her mother in law had given her. We broke it apart and found a slip of paper with a pentagram and other images on it. We burned it immediately. I blessed the house several times, and the sweetness returned. The Holy Spirit quickly returned to her life and prayers.

I had a son who got terribly addicted to a certain series of novels, and at the same time grew angry and resentful. I read parts of them and found that they were horrifyingly bad. I talked to him about his books, and I told him they weren’t welcome in our home.  He threw the books in the garbage and didn’t finish reading them. He said he felt better immediately, and he never acted that way again.

My former wife brought home some books from a garage sale. They looked like they were ice-cold spiritually to me, and the titles were written in Latin. I waited until she wasn’t home and burned them – they shot blue flames out of the book and hissed like a snake. The kids ran into another room. It was really spooky. It required several priesthood blessings to cleanse the house of the bad spirits.

First things first,

Brother John


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I am a lover of truth.
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  1. Kelle Richardson says:

    I”m a little late in leaving a reply…but here goes. Over the summer my children spend a great amount of time playing with yuigio cards. They are like pokimon but depitcions of Egyption Gods, mosters and other unusual entities.. My children became good friends with other kids in the ward because they all found this game appealing and fun. I noticed a lot of fighting amongst my children and was concerned. While visiting the Temple one day I prayed and asked for guidence to help resolve such contentions between my children. The thought came right into my mind to get rid of the Yu-gi-o cards. I went home and attempted to do so. My children were very upset and argued that because of the cards they had made some great friendships with other LDS kids. I asked my Bishop what he thought of the cards and he said his kids played with them and thought they were great fun. Regretably, I did not take away the cards so my children would be apeased and also could continue making friends with the other boys that were very into this card game. Until I read this post I had let it go. Today I went into all of their rooms and removed the cards. I’m disappointed in myself for not obeying the Spirit unitl now. I know most people will think it’s silly to take away the cards but I believe anything that depicts evil in any way will and can bring dark entities into the home. Thanks John! –It was wonderful visiting with your wonderful family!

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    • Ajc says:

      Very Much a late reply, but following a prompting is never silly! It is a beautiful gift from the Savior, which, when acted upon, is you graciously treasuring that gift & sharing it with your family. It is beautiful. Good job, Mom!
      Good Job to all of you for your faith, trust & righteous stewardship for those around you! …Nope, it’s never silly. (Save to those who just aren’t there yet).
      And I shall ever be grateful for John & Terri & friends.. I love you all! ( : Amy


      • Ajc says:

        Very Much a late reply, but following a prompting is never silly! It is a beautiful gift from the Savior, which, when acted upon, is you graciously treasuring that gift & sharing it with your family. It is beautiful. Good job, Mom!
        Good Job to all of you for your faith, trust & righteous stewardship for those around you! …Nope, it’s never silly. (Save to those who just aren’t there yet).
        I love you All!
        And I shall ever be grateful for John & Terri & friends. ( : Thank You All! Amy


  2. Trudy Barnes says:

    Dear Brother John,
    I am sorry that you are not well, but trust that the Lord is showing you his grace, and teaching you with tender mercy. Thank you for sharing your precious energy with so many. Thank you for being a light and a warning voice. Thank you for teaching us.


  3. Diane Hawkes says:

    Thank you bro. John for bringing up some of these types of evil spirits. I have had some of these items in my home but have felt hindered in getting rid of them since they were not mine. You have given me courage to do the right thing with removing them.

    Also, could you comment on a theme that is troubling me. Whenever I tried to talk with my husband about it, we get into an argument. Here is the just of the issue:

    How much time and energy should we as members of the Church put into keeping informed of what is going on in the world/our government? I have a lot of dis-trust in our current Presidency and government and I am vocal about it, on the other hand my husband doesn’t want to know about what is going on because he doesn’t want that negative feeling in his head. Where do we draw the line or where do we take our stand?

    Thank you for any light you can shine on this subject and I do realize that it will be your opinion, but I do honor it just the same.


  4. SHB says:

    I appreciate Chris’s comment on energy work and agree with what he said. Energy work is a tool to help with emotional, physical and even spiritual healing. My belief and experience is that the power behind it has the potential to come from the Savior. It is just another tool, and there are many tools (prayer, fasting, etc.), to draw close to Him and access the power of the atonement.

    I have seen energy work used to draw people to Christ, which is different than Brother Pontius’ experience. In fact, in the previous year the information the Spirit gave me about Zion and my role in Zion was perfectly complemented and confirmed during sessions of “energy work.” I’ll never forget the day when my friend who assisted me with this work called and told me to read this great new blog called “Unblogmysoul.” The things I had been taught by the Spirit and recorded in my journal and the words shared with me during these sessions of energy work and the blog all witnessed the truthfulness of each other. My friend was not privy to my journal nor was Brother Pontius, but the words and phrases were the same. The themes were repetitive and pin-point specific. It was simply pure truth from the Spirit coming to me from three different directions–three witnesses per se.

    I have also heard of people using energy work and being led into darkness. It must depend on which spirit you are listening to as well as the desires of your heart. I believe we are to “try the spirits” and seek after every good gift of the Spirit. The fact that energy work is spiritual work can be offputting to some because it can be scary to delve into things we do not completely understand.

    In my case, the Spirit of the Lord led me to experience this modality. I was inspired to ask this friend for help, and she also experienced a spiritual manifestation that told her to move forward. When the Spirit told us we were done using this modality together (not in a chastising way, but simply told the work was finished), we stopped but have been blessed now with an even deeper friendship with strong spiritual roots and mutual desires to be a part of this great work of building Zion.

    I can appreciate, though, anyone’s hesitancy with energy work. I felt the same the first time I heard about it. But I followed the Spirit to use this modality because it was apparently right for me and my family. For myself, I consider energy work to be very similar to what is described by Nephi in 1 Ne. 11. It is deep pondering. It is deep meditation. This depth of thoughtfulness coupled with the guidance of the Lord has the potential to lead to manifestations of the Spirit that are visual, auditory, and at times involve the other senses. It is accessing information that is not easily discerned by our senses in the mortal world, but information that is nevertheless true. And it is healing, which in my experience involves the power of the Savior’s touch.

    I hope my thoughts help anyone who has wondered about this tool, but as with everything, let the Spirit be your guide to what you need in your life.


    • John Pontius says:

      Dear SHB,

      I was hesitant to bring up Energy Work because I know there is a lot of good and bad experience with it. Like I mentioned, I am actually quite good at it – but I don’t find that it has enhanced my spirituality or helped me bring anyone to Christ. So, I use it very privately and quietly in places that the Spirit accords.

      I understand that some people do good things with it – and I personally know of people who have gone way off the deep end, left the church, and struggled for years to come back because of the confusion such things can create.

      I know there are people like yourself who use it every day to do good, and I applaude your desire to serve.

      So, I think there are two important things to notate here: 1) Even though energy work has the potential to do good things, is not a part of the Gospel and is not essential to salvation. 2) As you noted, very carefully let the Spirit be your guide in these things.

      Thanks for your thoughts on the subject.


  5. Jared says:

    I am really glad you are addressing this. I just love what you are doing with this un-blog!

    There is so much I could say here. In short, the doctrine of the veil states that any influence that is unseen and unexplainable is suspect and should be treated with extreme caution.

    Any encounter with satanic material should be immediately discarded and if possible destroyed.

    I advise that all Latter Days Saints train themselves to immediately call upon the name of Jesus Christ any time a Satanic influence is encountered. This could actually save your life. I have had to train myself to do this even in my sleep. The more spiritually aware you become, the more you will experience spiritual things both from God and from Satan.

    Any time you feel your soul in any way darkened by an encounter with evil you should pray fervently in the name of Jesus Christ AND receive a priesthood blessing.

    If you are asked or directed to confront an evil spirit(s), if possible, do not go alone. Bring another worthy priesthood holder or endowed member with you.

    Any time you are feeling oppressed by Satan, with gloom, darkness, depression, etc…, raise your hand to the square and cast him out. This really does work. I have experienced this dozens of times.

    Do not become preoccupied or enamored with dark knowledge; it is addictive and subversive.

    Focus your life on Jesus Christ and His light. This approach disperses darkness and places one within the safety of His light and blessedness.


  6. Melody says:

    Here’s my experience with Halloween:
    When my oldest (now 23) was about 2 or 3, I purchased a box of Halloween decorations at a yard sale, thinking that decorating for holidays is what good moms do. I put the pictures around our living room and felt like I had done a good thing. One day, I was sitting in my living room looking out the front window where I had hung a couple of the decorations, and I focused on one of Dracula with blood dripping from his fangs staring back at me. The question came to me: Is this what a believer in Christ should have hanging up in their home? That was the first time I had ever questioned Halloween. The answer wasn’t difficult, and I took down all the decorations that had that kind of a feeling about them. Not long after, I came across a film presentation done in England about Halloween and the symbolism behind the things we do. I showed it to my husband and we decided that we maybe didn’t need to keep that particular custom.
    My husband is from Nevada, and their day of statehood is October 31, so we celebrate that day by taking the children bowling every year. We have several friends that we see at the alleys each year doing the same with their children.
    That’s just my story, and I don’t try to win converts to my way of thinking on the matter. I know that for lots of people it’s just a fun day, and they don’t know or don’t care about any of the symbolism behind it. I believe that the question posed to me that day in the living room was from the Spirit that actually got me to question something I had done all my life. Many people have questioned our thinking on not celebrating it, and I’ll temper my answer to the person asking. One thing came to me recently as I am studying how to be less judgmental of others’ decisions. I change the wording to the 11th Article of Faith to fit the situation, and it helps me remember how I should look at it. In this case, I say: I claim the privilege of celebrating Halloween according to the dictates of my own conscience, and allow all others the same privilege: Let them celebrate how, where, or what they may. If the Spirit hasn’t told them to rethink their ideas on things that I have been prompted to re-think, then maybe it doesn’t matter for them. For me, I believe it would matter, and, thankfully, I’m the only one I have to worry about.


  7. Chris says:

    Robyn – My wife can do some pretty amazing things with energy healing, but as Brother John pointed out, that alone does not bring anyone to Christ. She recognizes that her gift with this modality comes from God and acknowledges Him in all she does. Magnets do have the ability to expedite healing in some instances – the NFL uses them to speedup bone and muscle repair. These things do follow some sort of established law, but are limited by themselves.

    In my experience, those that spend all their effort with such tools and practices alone are drawn to believe that man can do whatever is needed, that we can take care of ourselves. In fact, I find it carries over in to the business world and into the area of self-improvement. It seems that many of us believe we have to do all that we can ourselves first in life – and that there’s got to be a way to do it – and then, maybe, if we’re good enough, God may help us. Brother John did a wonderful job of explaining “saved by grace” in a previous Un-blog, which, if you sister and most people really understood it, always points us to Christ FIRST and convinces us that even what we think we’re accomplishing on our own is already being done by grace.

    I wish that all those who are deceived into thinking that practices, modalities, special tools, etc. are powerful in and of themselves could adopt Brother John’s stated approach of accepting all truth IN ITS PROPER SPHERE and and acknowledge God’s hand in all things.(D&C 59:21).


  8. Chris says:

    Brother John,

    Yes, I was speaking hypothetically. I’m living my life to join you and others from the Un-blog in Zion.

    You confirmed my understanding that the second chance is for those who did not completely understand or did not know. I believe that there will continue to be opportunities to progress for nearly all of us, but it appears that Alma’s “long night of darkness” will delay that next step for those who know better and don’t act on that understanding with all their heart, might, mind and strength.

    Thank you for taking the time to address this. Touching on it in a future blog would be very welcome.



  9. Robyn Thomas says:

    What do you think of Middle Eastern Religian health practices? I have a sister who is really into this. In the morning I go on a prayer walk to commune with God and I feel uplifted. She goes on a walk in the morning and does energy release on people. She believes that she can release negative feelings from people by doing something with her hands. She also has someting magnetic that she runs over people who are in pain and at times they seem to get better. She runs from class to class and does not have time to help me with my genealogy.

    My gut feeling is there is someting out of balence here. What happened to priesthood blessings and prayer and fasting. There are so many people getting involved in this in my area.They are good LDS people. Am I being small minded? Are these healing arts that we should consider? Robyn


    • John Pontius says:

      I have seen and actually done a bit of energy work, as they call it. I’m actually good at it, it seems. There is some small power to it – like there is power in gravity or static electricity. In my opinion it is a phenomonon of some law which we understand poorly. Some people can tap into these things fairly easily. I’ve seen a lot of amazing things along these lines.

      But, I have never seen it bring someone closer to Christ, or to heal their souls, bring about a remission of sins, bring spiritual joy or all of the other things we know that pure, saving truth does. Most of the time people who get caught up in “energy work” end up doubting their testimonies, and even the reality of God. It’s kind of like seeing lightning strike someone and heal their arthritis, and then wondering if we have something that powerful in the world – who really needs Jesus Christ.

      My present goal is to embrace all truth, even if it is not spiritual or saving, but to keep it in its proper sphere. A primitive person could easily be induced to worship a computer, if it was presented in that light. A computer is “true”, but not saving, and should stay in that light. I am careful to never allow something that is true, yet uninspired or unsaving, to challenge my faith or reliance upon Jesus Christ.

      I’m not sure I answered your question. Try again if I misunderstood you.



  10. Ken h says:

    Thank you Victoria for your insights. It is amazing and inspiring how much common sense is presented in the counsel of the Lord to his servants who produce these tools from the church. As far as your comments John above, there are some of people in the church who unfortunitely believe that as long as they live terrestrial law they will “survive” the second coming. They forget that they have received celestial law and are bound by covenant to abide by the same. They will be the ones that will feel the judgments of God first since God will purge His kingdom before the judgments are poured out upon the wicked. I am not judging them, I am just very concerned that they are unwilling or have failed to see their blessings. I thank God for the counsel from God we have received in the past and about to receive next week at conference.Thank you John for pleading with as many as the Lord has blessed you to touch with the importance of striving for the best and greatest blessings available in this life as we prepare for Zion by leaving Babylon far behind us as fast as we can one step at a time. But time is very quickly running out.


    • John Pontius says:

      Dear Ken,

      I agree with all that you said, and I too am reluctant to judge anyone. God will call long and loud to us all before he turns to more sensitive ears and hearts.

      I am not sure time is “quickly running out” as in it might happen next week – but I’m pretty sure the time is NOW that we should be preparing in every way we can to have oil in our lamps.



  11. Donald says:

    I was just reading this in 3 Nephi 27:33 last week:

    33 And it came to pass that when Jesus had ended these sayings he said unto his disciples: Enter ye in at the strait gate; for strait is the gate, and narrow is the way that leads to life, and few there be that find it; but wide is the gate, and broad the way which leads to death, and many there be that travel therein, until the night cometh, wherein no man can work.

    the part that struck me was the last line “until the night cometh, wherein no man can work.” I suppose one way to take this scripture is we do our part to work out our salvation during our motral life…’s too late once we pass from mortality.


  12. Chris says:

    Because the spirit world was brought up in one of the comments, I’d like to bring this up and ask you to discuss this when the right opportunity comes up.

    A few weeks ago in Priesthood meeting we discussed the spirit world. There was no clarity in what happens once a person passes over after death, My specific question revolves around Alma’s phrase “the long night of darkness” in Alma 34:33. He later states that if one has the spirit of the devil in them at death, the devil enters and takes possession and they remain in darkness, staying in this state of awful, fearful looking for the fiery indignation of God until the resurrection (Alma 40:13-14).

    My confusion/pondering is about agency and the obvious difference in understanding one likely gains once they die. Things will obviously be different and doubts about consequences will be challenged. So if I die, realize that I will have significant consequences to my poor choices (and perhaps rebellion) in life that I didn’t want to believe could happen, I assume I’d want to make a hard U-turn and start to call upon the Lord for forgiveness. Would I have to then wait clear until the resurrection (and mine, in such a state, wouldn’t be in the early stages of the Millenium) to gain the opportunity to change and be released from the chains of hell that the devil has secured me with?

    This is an important topic to me not because I’m not focused on how I’m living in this life, but to be able to offer a reason why I wouldn’t want to procrastinate the day of my salvation. When someone expects to be beaten with just a few stripes and then forgiven, how does what Alma spoke come into play?


    • John Pontius says:

      Dear Chris,

      I’m not sure I understand your question. I hope you are not saying that you personally are delaying the day of your repentance hoping the Lord will chastise you a little and then let you in under the wire, because the scriptures clearly speak of the foolishness of such a decision. I’m going to assume you’re speaking hypothetically here.

      The laws are exact, and there is a law assigned to each Kingdom. If we choose not to live that law, then we must receive a different kingdom. Those laws must be lived in mortality, and cannot be ignored, and then suddenly obeyed in the next life with the full blessings then bestowed. The scriptures everywhere teach that this is not possible.

      The repentance that is available to us in the next life is for people who did not know, or did not have the opportunity, or were otherwise hindered in this life – but would have embraced it with all of their heart if the could have. That second chance is NOT available to people who knowingly choose to delay their repentance.

      I personally believe we Latter-day Saints have become mushy in our thinking about judgment. We know God loves us, and will allow us to repent, so we dumb-down the requirements for exaltation and just assume everyone will eventually make it. This is not the case. The laws are demanding, and forgiveness is available in this life, and in a limited extent in the next life. It would be fatal to assume otherwise.

      The whole point of this life is to prepare to meet God. We have covenanted tasks to perform, and a calling which must be fulfilled in order to be “elected” to Eternal glory. These things cannot be done after this life.

      I realize I haven’t answered every point of your comment, or given any scriptures to back up this perspective, so perhaps this is a good topic for a future unblog. Until then, I hope this is enough to scare the socks off of those who might be hypothetically hoping to eat their mortal cake now, yet still have it in the judgment.


      Since your question was hypothetical, I will say to all such hypothetical people that


    • Toni says:

      Chris, the scriptures tell us that the spirit that possesses a person in this life has power over that person in the next. That is not talking about us possessing our bodies. It is talking about the spirit we have chosen to obey in this life.

      Eventually, every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess that Jesus is the Christ. In fact, everyone but sons of perdition will eventually be redeemed to some degree. But, if we don’t take advantage of the Atonement here, when we have access to understanding of it (and access to the ordinances that make it a stronger power in our lives), our suffering will be horrendous:

      D&C 19:15 Therefore I command you to repent—repent, lest I smite you by the rod of my mouth, and by my wrath, and by my anger, and your sufferings be sore—how sore you know not, how exquisite you know not, yea, how hard to bear you know not.
      16 For behold, I, God, have suffered these things for all, that they might not suffer if they would repent;
      17 But if they would not repent they must suffer even as I;
      18 Which suffering caused myself, even God, the greatest of all, to tremble because of pain, and to bleed at every pore, and to suffer both body and spirit—and would that I might not drink the bitter cup, and shrink


  13. Victoria says:

    I’m late coming into this discussion, but I did want to share some thoughts that came to mind as I’ve read the posts about withdrawing from Babylon.

    I think that each of us can decide that we’re simply not going to partake of the impure things of the world anymore. I feel so strongly that MOST of us are missing out on so much spiritually that could and should be ours, due to the impure entertainment around us. What we watch, read or look at doesn’t have to be raunchy or disgusting to prevent us from having the companionship of the Holy Ghost. It only needs to be impure.

    Here’s a statement from “For the Strength of Youth” to consider when we’re trying to figure out what non-Babylonian standards might be:

    “Do not participate in entertainment that IN ANY WAY presents immorality or violent behavior as acceptable.” (p. 17)

    Is nudity mentioned here? How about actual sexual content? No, neither of these items is referred to here. This statement doesn’t talk about acts of immorality being shown, but of entertainment “making what is wrong and evil look normal….” (p. 19 of “For the Strength of Youth”) Violent behavior is mentioned in the same way.

    Although it’s written as a guide for the youth, in the “Guidebook for Parents and Leaders of Youth,” it says the following in the last paragraph:

    “As a parent, you should have a copy of the [For the Strength of Youth] pamphlet. Study it . . . LIVE THE STANDARDS YOURSELVES.”

    So that’s the goal, and can be an absolute standard that we set for =ourselves=. When it comes to helping our family members adopt these standards also though, I think this counsel from from (then) Elder Boyd K. Packer in his general conference address entitled “Inspiring Music—Worthy Thoughts” is really wise:

    “Parents and Church leaders who counsel young people in this area [helping youth choose music which will not dull their spiritual sensitivities] soon learn that they must move very wisely.

    If a little child picks up a sharp object, sometimes a foolish adult will grab for it, frightened for the safety of the child. Instinctively, the child will grip it more tightly and perhaps be injured. The wise parent will trade him for it—some equally appealing, but harmless object, given in exchange, so that he lets go willingly and without tears.

    Keep that in mind when you have a problem with young people and their music. To change it may take some time and require inspiration.”

    Just my thoughts… Thanks so much, Brother John, for your goodness and for making a wonderful place here to discuss heavenly things. It’s such a blessing!



  14. Sharon Cox says:

    Brother Pontius, I understand perfectly what you are talking about. I have had an encounter with evil via a Christian television station that I used to watch, it wasn’t the station necessarily, but a particular person with whom I was intrigued and watched regularly. After a period of torment, and pleading with the Lord for help, I was eventually told not to watch that station and program and that the person I was watching was practicing priestcraft and that I was inviting evil spirits into my home by watching her. I obeyed, and from that day forward, I have been free of torment.

    I also am very sensitive to evil images, symbols, etc. An uneasiness in my spirit immediately occurs when I encounter those things. I believe however, that a person can become desensitized by continually being exposed to evil.


  15. Pearl says:

    What are the “evil” symbols? I’m not too familiar with those. You mentioned a “pentagram”… are you referring to something beside what we see on the Salt Lake or Nauvoo temples?

    What shapes or symbols are you referring to that you see on belt buckles, accessories, things of that nature? Are you saying certain shapes/signs are evil, in and of themselves? What if they’ve been hijacked by evil people, but were originally good?

    Sorry, I probably sound pretty naive. It’s just a new idea to me that a shape on a piece of paper laying on a shelf could somehow have some evil influence on me, especially if I’m unaware of its meaning. The porn, the bad music – I get all that. This “evil key chain” idea has me a little stumped.



    • John Pontius says:

      Hi Pearl,

      I’m intentionally not informed on what constitutes evil symbols. I have several times been led to things that someone brought into their homes that were the source of a bad spirit. I don’t know how all-things-evil work, and probably shouldn’t have even mentioned the symbols. My point is more that if there is something like that, the Spirit will lead you to dispose of it. If you are looking with spiritual eyes, and look at someone who has body piercings and tatoos, you can see quite a few things that are symbols of evil.


  16. Juli says:

    Perfect answer. Thank you.


  17. Janet says:

    My husband and I had the privilege of working with the pornography support groups in our stake. It was a wonderfully sweet calling where you could see people work to turn themselves around and often have success in doing so. Praise the Lord and His tender mercies!

    I worked with the sisters whose husbands were in another room for their group session. When asked how they found out that their loved one was addicted to pornography the tears would begin to flow and they would relate that they knew something was wrong but didn’t know what it could be. They began to pray for help and answers. Soon enough, as Brother John says, they came across something that led them to the horrible answer. While very painful indeed, at last they knew.

    The Lord is so good to us, so loving and tender, and so ingenious. So many of those answers that came appeared to be happenstance, but to those wives who were seeking help they knew immediately that there had been divine assistance rendered. And it is very good to know that because hard work would then lie ahead of them.


  18. Juli says:

    Dear Brother John,

    I, typically, donot like to entertain dark thoughts BUT in this case I need more information. We have a son that is not active spiritually and would like to look for the entities that you have mentioned but we don’t know what we are looking for. We understand the feeling that dark items give off and he doesn’t have anything like that around so maybe we need to know what we should be looking for.

    Any help you can give would be much appreciated.

    Love, Juli


    • John Pontius says:

      I typically watch for people’s actions and feelings as a sign. There is divine law which I call the “Law if Witnesses”. It is that when a spirit, good or bad, inspires some creation that they can witness or manifest the same feelings on a participant in their creation as the original artist.

      This is why the scriptures always warm and fill and why porn is always destructive. We tune into the evil or good source and invite that source to affect us for years.

      When behavior or talk or attitude changes the odds are that person has been “affected”.

      Here are the great offenders:
      these are not all inherently evil, but they become so when evil inspires them and we partake in the spirit of the original inspiration. I’m not a psychologist so this list is just my experience based opinion.

      People ( friends peers heroes)
      Music (usually it is lyrics that offend and the music that attracts, like a worm on a hook)
      Video games (most popular ones exude evil)
      Movies and TV
      Visual porn
      Porn literature (including romance novels)
      Things with evil symbols embeded in them.
      Self gratifications

      It takes fasting and prayer to uncover and conquer these things.

      But we should not focus on the negative. Rather heathen to Christ and if we need to adjust something around us, we will be shown in due time.

      Long answer to a short question. Sorry.



  19. K C says:

    Brother John,

    Is the Peace sign one of these? I have always gotten a horrible feeling when I have seen one.


  20. Kim says:

    There is much of the spirit world we don’t know anything about, and this is one of those little mysteries I’ve found to be complicated and troublesome because it seems to defy reason that objects could have anything evil or otherwise attached to them.

    And yet…I can’t deny I’ve had similar experiences to the ones you written about. All I have been able to conclude is that objects of all kinds must be susceptible to carrying the imprint of the intention, wish, or desire of those who have willfully used them, or found meaning in them.

    I think of the buildings we have had dedicated; they carry that sentiment or blessing, almost as a person would wear clothing.
    I also think of the Book of Mormon, which because of its unadulterated form can be given the blessing that it will be able to carry the Spirit into the hearts of those who read it. That is a mighty blessing indeed! And it’s become an inherent part of that book, regardless of who reads it, or where or under what circumstance.
    Sounds crazy, but somehow I really think this is a true principle. Thanks, John, for saying it.


  21. Elizabeth Jenson says:

    One more comment… Any feelings on Halloween? If good luck charms can be satanic, then I assume Halloween decor and costumes (not of the sweet pumpkin type) are going to attract the same evil?


    • John Pontius says:

      Hi Elizabeth,

      My feeling on Haloween is that it has its origins in deep evil. I once read a book supposedly written by a man who was raised in a satanic cult, and later converted to Christianity. He described their philosophies and ways, and described that they had real power, and could do real miracles with their “priesthood”. They viewed Christ as “the great deceiver” who had cheated the D out of his rightful throne.

      Anyway, he said that Halloween was called something else by them, (I believe it was “All Hallowed Eve”) and on midnight of Halloween was when they performed rituals involving human sacrifice. He said that in order to go to the 33rd order, that you had to offer three human sacrifices over the years, and that the last one, on Halloween night, had to be an “innocent”, which he described as someone under the age of four.

      Chilling stuff.

      Since that time I have refused to participate in anything Halloween. I won’t allow halloween decorations, but feel fine about “Harvest” decorations -etc. I have insisted my kids dress up as princesses and pumpkins and cartoon characters, and I told them I do not agree with or personally “do” halloween. They still think I’m weird.

      They may be right.



  22. Elizabeth Jenson says:

    I will have to hunt for charms and bad symbols in our home. Thank you for that information. Are you referring to books such as Harry Potter and the like? My oldest son is 8 and told me those books are in his classroom at school and he started to read one. I talked to him about how I felt evil coming from those subjects and that Satan controls and promotes witchcraft. I am new to all of this as my children are so young and are just now being exposed to things out of the home. I am trying to listen closely to the spirit and be worthy every minute to hear it. I appreciate your wisdom!


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