Mysterious Ways

Something interesting happened today. I went in for a scheduled chemo infusion. I have been doing chemo for two years now, and it has done lots of damage to my body. I never actually feel good any more, and living this way has become too hard. I love my life, and I am far from depressed, but unrelenting pain and unending sickness becomes intolerable at some point.

I went in there with the intent of telling the doctor that I was not going to do chemo – today, or ever again. I was done with it, and I didn’t care what he said.

I never got around to saying it.

The doctor checked me over and said, “I think you need a break until next year. You’re doing well enough that I think it would help you physically and emotionally.” I was so relieved I had to really man-up to keep from crying.

The powerful part of this is that if I had demanded it, he would have acquiessed of course, but I would have been risking my life. When he proposed it, not only did I get the physical relief, but in my mind it now represents an acceptable course of action, and not an act of desperation and unacceptable risk.

I was prepared to argue, demand, and even walk out of his office, but the Spirit was with him, as it usually is I have to admit, and in another manifestation of God’s mysterious ways, I now believe I will have the time, and the energy to finish Spencer’s book. Previous to today, I just didn’t know how I could.

Praise to the Lord, again and again.

Brother John

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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25 Responses to Mysterious Ways

  1. Victoria Gunther says:

    I’m SO grateful to hear this! You are such a blessing to so many people. I’m rejoicing that hopefully, you’ll be able to start feeling a little better. Chemo is such a horror. This is truly a tender mercy from heaven!



  2. cheyenne brashear says:

    This is great news Brother John; perhaps your brightest, happiest, most Spirit filled days lie ahead. I agree with Darrell that it seems like God’s will that brother Spencer’s book be written for the benefit of many. God bless you and Terri, we love you both. Brother C.


  3. Gina says:

    John, I have something you might want to look into,, i am a witness to this tea working, you will find the testimonies of people that will amaze you, Please look into this. I have a friend who her mother had cancer and had maybe a year to live, i went with them to the Dr. and he could not believe that she was even there, her cancer was gone. It has helped many people and while you are on a brake right now, you might want to replenish with something that would nurture your insides. Thank you for sharing your life. e-mail: Bryan Paulhus and Gina Paulhus, Owners.


    • John Pontius says:

      Thank you Gina,

      I have Essiac tea, and a million other things. I’m doing everything the Spirit leads me to. It seems to be working so far.

      Thank you EVERYONE who has offered ideas for getting better.

      My best to you all,



  4. Amy Weston says:

    This scripture keeps coming into my mind, “..My beloved brethren, have miracles ceased? Behold I say unto you, Nay”.

    Praise be to God for unceasing miracles. I am so happy to hear this good news, words don’t seem adequate enough. I can only imagine the joy your sweet wife and family must feel. God certainly is good to his children. I am thankful God has extended His mercy to you and that you will have the strength to write the new book and do all the things He will have you to do.

    Brother John, I thank you for being a willing instrument in Gods hands. I thank God for giving you the words to ignite within me a desire to truly be good, to follow Christ no matter what, and to establish the cause of Zion. I hope and pray for the day when we can all meet in Zion and fall upon each others necks. God bless you forever and ever, Brother John.

    We certainly do all love you and pray for you.


  5. Denise says:

    Congratulations on your wonderful news. You have many people who love you and need you. We pray that your strength returns quickly and your soul is bursting with energy! I know you don’t know me, but we have followed you and joyfully read the blessed material you publish. I have what you lack – time and boundless energy. If I can be of use to you in your upcoming book, I humbly offer you whatever assistance I can give (I’m a pretty good proofreader and good on the computer). God bless you for all you are doing for your fellowman.


  6. Brian Bowler says:

    Bro John,
    I know you dont have much time on your hands, with work on the book about Spencer, and just trying to feel good, BUT….
    I have a question of sorts, You may or may not want to put this up for general, but i would love to hear your thoughts if you have time.

    Another author, Denver Snuffer, who I am very fond of and have felt the Spirit with recently released a new book called “Passing The heavenly Gift”, a new look at the Churchs History and the Gift of Salvation. I am sure you have been asked before and may have commented already, and if so please direct me to those comments.

    It speaks of the Condemnation we are under as a Church, and yet bears a testimony of the role the Church will yet take.

    I had a dream of the book, in this dream it was one I was supposed to keep close, and not really share with many others, as it was shown me most would struggle with seeing their Parent (the Church) in this case not be perfect. We all want to think “all is well in Zion” yet it is not.

    I am one that has seen the Dark, and the Light in my soul, and in others, and in the Church, and everything.

    So, in summary, have you read the book? If so, what are your thoughts?

    If not, What is your thoughts on the church being under condemnation?

    I am commitied to taking care of the Lords Bride (the church), and feel its important to see just what I love. In 1 Cor 13 it speaks we see as child, but when we grow up we put away childish things. Its easy to love something that Looks perfect, but True Love is to Love as things really are.

    I know Christ loved me even when it was hard to love me, when no one else could. I have been abandoned, but he never did. So I will not abandon his Bride.



    • John Pontius says:

      I was recently at the SLC temple to attend a wedding. There were numerous brides in thier beautiful garments, and handsome grooms doting over them, showing them off. There were a dozen people taking care of their every need.

      In answer to your question, if a question or argument arose between one of these brides and her groom, I wouldn’t walk up to her and correct her – I would trust the groom, the one who loves her best, and who has covenanted to take care of her forever, to correct her and keep her worthy of her beautiful garments. I also trust the real Bridegroom, Jesus Christ to prepare his bride in perfect beauty to receive him. Our job is to make sure we are in the wedding party with our lamps lit – a very personal task. We are not asked to prepare the bride.

      I haven’t read Denver’s new book, but plan to. I don’t plan to criticize his work in any way. He is a fine man and a good friend of mine. He has sufficient inspiration and superb intillect to find his way along his own inspired journey.

      I have often said, and will say again, the church IS under condemnation, but this condemnation rests upon the “children of Zion” upon us, not upon the organization. We can lift that condemnation personally by no longer failing to take seriously the gifts we have been given, and reach into the heavens and claim the great blessings. When we fulfill our temple covenants and actually arrive at the viel and enter in, then the condemnation will be lifted. When enough of us do so, the condemnation will be lifted from the church, and we will be Zion.

      Brother John


  7. kim says:

    Bless you Brother John!


  8. darrell brashear says:

    That’s wonderful John! I hope you can have some days where you actually feel good for a change. To me, it seems like another sign that part of your mission is to write Spencer’s book.

    We all love you and pray for you.

    Brother D.


  9. Frostie says:

    the spirit was working on him along with your longings, me’thinks……..


  10. Sue Walker says:

    Wow, can you believe all the tender mercies we receive daily from our Father in Heaven. Thank you Brother John for sharing your experiences with all of us that gives us strength to carry on another day. May God bless you each and every day as you regain your health so you can bless the lives of others around you!

    Gratefully, Sue Walker (Boise)


  11. Sharon Cox says:

    Great new Brother John!! I will continue to uphold you in my prayers.


  12. Alicia says:

    That is wonderful news! We are so thankful to Father in Heaven for His grace and mercy to you and to each one of us. Much love, Alicia


    • John Pontius says:

      Alicia, if every woman was like you and your mother, the very foundations of hell would be shaken forever.

      I’m still wondering what glorious thing I did before this life to deserve you.



  13. Chris says:

    Amazing. Thank you for sharing this experience. It’s a powerful example of the Lord’s caring hand.


  14. K-Jo says:

    Such good news! Congratulations and God Bless You!


  15. Russ Lyman says:

    The Lord is so good. Thank you so much. I needed to hear this.


  16. Angel Cicero says:

    Brother John, I gave you a bussi. card on the Lindon fireside, I don’t know if you remember. I would love to discuss a few things about nutrition and health. I don’t want to sound like I want to make money off of this, so I will mention that I always do this for free, I don’t charge people for my consultations or for any product or anything else. This is just a service I give to my fellow brothers and sisters. Maybe, there is a few things you might be interested to know, so, I’m always open!
    Thanks for your efforts in sharing charity!


  17. Ken h says:

    GREAT news! We do receive according to our desires. This was your desire and well received. Now we pray that it will be the will of God that someday, hopefully soon, God will heal you completely John and we can all be gathered with our families and travel in unity and be lead by the hand of the Lord triumphantly to build Zion. That is my desire. May it be so.


  18. Donald says:

    I am so sorry to hear the struggle and suffering you are going through. My wife and I are grateful that you will have some relief from the chemo. Seeing the chemo struggles and surgeries my wifes mother endured broke my heart…. she is doing well for the time being and has been told her cancer is in remission. I feel for you John and expect the Lord must have a glorious Celestial reward for you as you accomplish your mortal mission in His service.


  19. Elizabeth says:

    My joy is full for you!


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