You’re Next

Joe reported that he was having some wonderful experiences following the suggestions in the Un-Blog “Doing Less – Being More” He was curious if others of our esteemed Un-Blog family were having empowering experiences too.

If you remember, there were five suggestions for evolving from a “doing it all yourself” person, to a disciple of Christ, whose hands Christ uses to do His work.

This is your chance to opine and to shine. Remember, keep it inspired, to the point and under 250 words.

What say you?

Brother John


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I am a lover of truth.
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6 Responses to You’re Next

  1. Chris says:

    The realization that has come to me from reading your post about Doing Less – Being More is that there is the underlying assumption that Christ is there all the time, that the spirit is available and involved and willing and right! The Lord cares about every aspect of our lives. The steps you shared with us focus on following the spirit and approaching the Lord in mighty prayer. If we had no scriptures at all we could still come unto Christ with just those two principles. The scriptures can clarify and witness to us of the truths we learn by following the spirit and asking, seeking, knocking in our prayers, thereby strengthening our faith and lifting our unbelief. Oh the relief to understand that I don’t have to keep track of all the pieces every minute of every day! The Lord will guide me where to go, what to do & say, if only I will submit patiently, fearlessly and faithfully. Thank you for this topic.


  2. CCM says:

    I am not perfect. My family is not perfect. My faith is as far from perfect as it could be. I’m just so tired of the unending struggle. I have come to realize that spiritually I’m like a two year old constantly shouting, “Father, I’ld rather do it myself”. The hard truth is, I can’t do it myself.

    My family had agreed to host a summer drive-in movie in the back yard for our branch. Things kept coming up and the activity had been delayed several times. Friday was to be the big day, everthing started to fall apart. My husband was going to be delayed at work. I was feeling unwell. The gear we were using was missing or uncooperative. I didn’t have the time and energy to some of the fun things we had planned. I started to lose my cool.

    I took a step back. What was the point of the whole exercise anyway? I continued to prepare what I could and pushed all other thoughts from my mind. I even found great humor in my husband’s choice of using “The Matrix” to test the projection/ sound equipment. Of course the opposing concepts of Zion were lost on him.

    We were a small but mighty group out under the stars in the cold (just above freezing) as we watched “17 Miracles”. The cold really did help us more fully appreciate the struggles the early saints endured as they crossed the plains and the amazing ways the Lord interviened on their behalf.

    Then something even more amazing happened. My husband, who is not a member, got up Sunday morning and came to Sacrament Meeting with us. I haven’t been able to convince him to come hear his children speak in years. Of course he played with a nearby child’s farm animals and cracked jokes the whole time, but for once I didn’t sit with my children alone. If these are the kinds of blessings that come from doing less and being more, I’m all in.


  3. Mary says:

    Robyn, your response was an answer to a desperate prayer. Thank you for taking the time to respond.


  4. Robyn Thomas says:

    Since your blog about coming out of Babylon and doing less and being more I have been richly blessed. I have made a commitment to come out of Babylon more fully for 40 days or a sort of forty day fast. Almost daily the Lord is bringing scriptures to my mind that help me as I ponder them. He is working with me! Here is one example: I was waking up in the middle of the night feeling fear for one of my married children.When the phone would ring my heart would pound. I would feel such stress when things were not going well for her.

    One morning I woke up feeling fear and it hit me that fear and worry block the spirit and I must be playing into satans hands. How do I stop it? As I pondered this, I was prompted to read second Nephi 4:13-35. This time God helped me to see this scripture in a new light.I realized that when I have these feelings, I am trusting in the arm of flesh and not the Savior. I was focused on my problem for days and not Christ. As Nephi said, I was drooping in sin in a way. If worry is a sin then I needed to repent and I did. What I needed was to keep my eyes on Christ at all times. I have had to visually give my daughter to Christ and then walk away. Christ has tought me lately to trust in him more fully then I ever have these past few days. He is with me and helping me! I love it!
    Your blog is making a difference in our lives and I’m glad you are doing better.


  5. Anthony says:

    I have struggled all my life with unbelief and would not see revelation for what it was until about a year ago when I was awakened to the awful state I was in. I sought for the Lord’s forgiveness so that I could come into his presence again. My spirit started to become alive and I knew of His love for me. I started to become a person of “being” more than “doing” without realizing what was happening. It wasn’t until I read the post on “Doing less but Being More” that I understood the changes I was going through. I felt joy, peace and excited to put the suggestions to work. Over the past week of much prayer, fasting and pondering I can say in truth that the Spirit has taught me several things regarding my Savior and his sacrifice that I have never considered before. They burn within me and fill me with hope and love. I know that the workings of the Spirit are different for each person and I am recognizing more and more the resonance that comes when Spirit speaks to spirit. Thank you for your words!


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