Eternally Grateful I Did

In a few minutes I will begin another interview with Spencer. We finally overcame our ancient roots and figured out that we could do it via Skype. It has saved us a lot of time. Each hour with Spencer feels like it brings me closer to the full accomplishment of my mortal to-do list.

My heart is full of gratitude for my blessings. I really do delight in my life. I am surrounded by love. This book for Spencer and the Un-Blog have kept me moving forward, willing myself to breathe in and out.

Ever since I learned to distinguish the voice of the Holy Spirit, and to know that it is Jesus Christ speaking to me, I have been upon a path that has led me to blessings far greater than I ever envisioned. I have found that all of the great events and blessings to mortals in the scripture are prototypical of those blessings we can all believe in – seek and obtain. All of them.

I have also found it to be true that the struggles that defined the lives of the ancient faithful, also guard the way to those same blessings in this life. But, how grand those blessings are!

If you could see the vision of all your life in pre-mortality, who of us would not chart a course for yourself to the mountaintop of the Brother of Jared to behold the finger and then face of the Lord – even knowing that it would be an awful journey – and that your mortal self could not possibly understand until the visions came, and the heavens opened?

I believe this defines our lives, that we, each of us, individually, probably while gazing into some urim and thummim that allowed us to clearly see our future lives, did choose and schedule these fiery trials in token payment for the godly glories they would purchase – in time – after the trials – knowing that we would rejoice and rejoice and rejoice.

So here we are, seeing through a glass darkly – knowing by faith that this is the way to those things for which we pray most earnestly – (whether they be for a quiet, uneventful life, or to grand glories that define the life of the latter-day elect) receiving those very things which we, ourselves, chose.

Knowing myself as I presently do – I’m in for one heck of a ride – into Zion – into the heavens! I know, along with all of you, I chose this path, and I am eternally grateful I did.

Brother John

© October 2011, John M. Pontius, all rights reserved. Non-commercial reproduction permitted.

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I am a lover of truth.
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5 Responses to Eternally Grateful I Did

  1. Brian Bowler says:

    Thank you for sharing about the choices we made before, and how awful and difficult the trail can be at times. When I was going through some really deep struggles years ago with addictions, wondering if I would ever see or feel the light again, I had memories come to me and had clear impressions I had chosen what I was going through, and had even insisted and begged for the trials, as I wanted to blessings that came with.

    I sometimes thought I must have been really prideful to take on such deep struggles, as the Adversaries spirits would mock me and tell me I wanted this, look what fool I was for choosing like I did, why don’t I just give up.

    Well, I gave up…at least, I surrendered to the Lord. I knew I was defeated, yet I also felt it was ok, for the Savior had died and lived again for me, as he knew this is what it would be like.

    I feel dark clouds around me, which means much eternal good (not necessarily monetary or earthly comfort type good) will be coming.

    Again, I wanted to witness as you testified, I KNOW I choose what I have suffered, and though it still is heavy, I am grateful.



  2. Ken h says:

    Thank you John for a lot of things. I have grown so very much since I found this site as I have said before. I can now more than ever to see the eternal perspective that the scriptures, the doctrines, and the power of the Holy Ghost bring into my life. You have John with the help of these fine souls helped me connect many dots of who I am and who I must become to fulfill the man of God I promised I would be before this life. The tomorrows we face will require each of us to see with an eye of faith coupled with the Holy Spirit inspired determination needed to face them and triumph in the Lord. With all my heart, thank you! God bless us all always.

    Ken h


  3. Randall J Vaughan says:

    Amen and Amen, I have just recently joined your Un-blog with much gratitude, Thanks to Joshua, I rejoice with you, IN the journey, though trying at times, it does truly become more joyous as you endure in LOVE and PEACE (with the companionship of the Holy Ghost). Not that the trials are any different, but for some reason, you reach a level of understanding that your joy is more complete, I think it has much to do with the “knowing”.

    Over the many years as I have stayed true and faithful, to my guiding LIGHT, walking at times very much alone, I am now at a place where I can see all the dots connecting and the Glory of Father’s plan unfolding. I thank you for your courage and faithful direction in helping others come unto Christ. I realize that, everyone that reads your Un-blog and listens to your firesides or reads your books, has a most important stewardship in His Latter Day Work, they just need to continue to follow the LIGHT.

    Again, thank you, with my love and blessings, Randall


  4. Russ Lyman says:

    I agree completely. Elder Maxwell (quoting Orson Hyde) said something similar:

    “Elder Orson Hyde said of our life in the premortal world, “We understood things better there than we do in this lower world.” Elder Hyde also surmised as to the agreements we made there as follows: “It is not impossible that we signed the articles thereof with our own hands,–which articles may be retained in the archives above, to be presented to us when we rise from the dead, and be judged out of our own mouths, according to that which is written in the books.” Just because we have forgotten, said Elder Hyde, “our forgetfulness cannot alter the facts” (Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses 7:314–15). Brothers and sisters, the degree of detail involved in the covenants and promises we participated in at that time may be a much more highly customized thing than many of us surmise.” Neal A. Maxwell, Meeting the Challenges of Today, BYUDA 10/78


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