A-B-C Poem by Victoria

Victoria took the time to rewrite my little A-B-C metaphor into a poem. I thought you might enjoy it. Thank you Victoria!


Imagine your premortal world with Heavenly Father there.

His hands are on your cheeks.  He has some words He wants to share.

 “My child, in mortality, your world is filled with choice.

You’ll need to learn the way to hear and then obey my voice.


It’s vital that you learn to do this in mortality.”

You say, “Yes, Father, I’ll obey each word you speak to me!”

He smiles and says, “I know you will, but it takes time to learn

to hear my voice, and even more to then obey in turn.”


“I know this truth!” you say. “I’ll quickly learn it there with ease.”

“It’s like when learning how to read, you first learn A-B-C’s.

On earth, it takes some time and some experience with choice

To learn your spiritual A-B-C’s of following my voice.

I’ll help you time and time again there, ’til you’ve learned completely

 this most important mortal lesson,” Father tells you sweetly.


And so we’re born.  Our life and time on earth have now begun.

Before too long, we do a thing that shouldn’t have been done.

He lets us then experience its simple consequence,

Then reaches from the heavens with His love that’s so immense

  and whispers, as His big, warm hands embrace our spirit face,

“Remember, you have A-B-C’s to help you in this place.”


But there was something else we wanted badly when He said it,

So even though He came to teach us, we just didn’t get it.


More lessons come, we disobey, get hurt, and do not see

That we’re not listening as He still reminds us “A-B-C.”

 We cheat on tests. He whispers “A-B-C,” but we’re not heeding.

We’re caught and get the message: “Be more careful when we’re cheating.”


Experience continues.  We obey sometimes–or not.

And things get much more difficult than we had ever thought.

Our lessons grow dramatic and intense.  Our strength is gone.

We’re beaten up by life, too bruised to try to carry on.

Such weaknesses and sorrows, we can never overcome.

We’re plagued with deep regrets that we cannot recover from.


In prayer we cry, “Please, Father! Grant me mercy through Thy grace!”

His loving hands reach down once more and hold our tear-stained face.

“I only want for you to learn to hear my voice,” says He.

Remember what we talked about? A spiritual A-B-C?”


At last we finally get it–we CAN’T do it on our own!

Our happy life, envisioned looking down from heaven’s throne,

Was entirely designed to teach us how to make THIS choice–

To hear and then each timeobey His peaceful, loving voice.

 And every other blessing in our life will follow then.


With rising hope, we look up to the heavens once again.


“Repeat this — ‘A…’ ” we hear our loving Heavenly Father say.

We fight to choke a sob back, and we softly echo, “A.”

With rapt attention now, we hear our Father whisper, “B”

We finally understand, and cry a joyful “A-B-C!”


“I always will obey Thy voice forever from this day!

I hear Thy voice and understand!  And so I will obey!”

Our Father’s face is radiant with pride and joy in us.

He smiles, “Right. The spiritual A-B-C’s of life are thus:

To learn to listen for my voice, to hear and then obey.

Then every other blessing follows, too,” we hear Him say.


And life becomes so simple when we live it in this way:


                     We listen for His loving voice,

                            Then gratefully obey. 

(c) Victoria Gunther 2011

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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3 Responses to A-B-C Poem by Victoria

  1. Ken h says:

    Very Beautiful indeed! Thank you, Victoria.


  2. Christie says:

    Hi Brother John,

    Your unblog is an absolute treasure to me.

    As I’ve been pondering Zion and life during the millennium, a question has come to mind. Will children who are born to translated parents living in Zion be born in a translated state, or is it something they must attain? If there is no death during the millennium, it seems they will be born in a translated state. Is that correct?

    At the end of the millennium when Satan is released for a season, will there be any people in a mortal condition at that point, or will it simply be a battle of the translated and resurrected righteous against those spirits who followed Satan pre-mortally.

    I’m so glad you’re able to take a break from the chemo. We all look for ward to hearing about your interviews with Spencer. Thank you for your exempelary life and the truths you share with us.

    Love, Christie


  3. Chris says:

    Brilliant. Thank you.


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