Hello Saux2000

I thought you might be interested to know that Sauz2000, who lives in France, just subscribed to the Un-Blog.

Welcome! When you feel comfortable, I’d be pleased if you would introduce yourself and tell us a little about who you are.

Brother John

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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3 Responses to Hello Saux2000

  1. Craig Mills says:

    Genevieve and William,

    Welcome to the site. It is good to hear from the people of France. I was a missionary there some 40 years ago, but love the people of France and long to return some day. Good to have you here. Where in France are you located?

    God Bless.

    Craig Mills


  2. Genevieve says:

    Hello dear brother John,

    It is difficult to introduce ourselves and to share deep feelings. We are your brother and sister from France. When we read your books as those of Chris Stewart or listen to the music of Kenneth Cope, we cannot help thinking of this scripture “And there began to be men inspired from heaven and sent forth, standing among the people in all the land …” 3 Nephi 6:20. You are a blessing for us. By now we are reading “Angels and a flaming sword” and we love it, our children too. At bedtime, in our bedroom, I translate your book to my family and it is a very special family time. Thank you to share your gift freely with us. Guess the name of our last son?… Helaman … but he has not a walking-stick yet 😉

    Love from Genevieve and William


    • John Pontius says:

      Dear Genevieve and William,

      We are so pleased to have you with us on the Un-Blog. We have a great group of people in the Un-Blog famly. I hope you will feel free to command and contribute. The goal of the Un-Blog is to uplift our lives, help us to come unto Christ, and learn to hear His voice so that we can prepare for the building of Zion and the return of our Savior.

      God bless,

      John Pontius


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