The “Millennial State”

Christie asked a few questions about the millennium which I thought you all might enjoy considering.

Christie wrote, “As I’ve been pondering Zion and life during the millennium, a question has come to mind. Will children who are born to translated parents living in Zion be born in a translated state, or is it something they must attain? If there is no death during the millennium, it seems they will be born in a translated state. Is that correct?”

Christie, I haven’t read an authoritative statement answering this question. But, there are a few quotes that give us a clue. I discussed this in “The Triumph of Zion” if you have that book.

I’ll give you my understanding on these things, and if anyone would like, I’ll give the references later. That way, I don’t have to look them up right now. OK, I admit, that’s lazy, but I was just cleaning the garage in preparation for winter, and that’s the story I’m going to stick with right now.

Translation is a state that gives someone certain priesthood powers and abilities in preparation for the millennium. It includes power over their own death. The “Millennial State” will be a type of translation, but with certain limitations.  Millennial people will live “until the age of a tree” and then be resurrected. They will never be “translated” in the sense that Enoch and his city are presently. Their children will “grow up without sin” until they are resurrected. Because of this, there is no death in the classic sense.

Translated people have no age-related expiration date, but will be resurrected after their mission is completed. Translated people (apparently) are not able to have children, but “Millennial State” people will be able to have children. Their children will apparently be born into the “Millennial State”, so they will eventually be changed when they assume “tree-age”.

Christie also asked, “At the end of the millennium when Satan is released for a season, will there be any people in a mortal condition at that point, or will it simply be a battle of the translated and resurrected righteous against those spirits who followed Satan pre-mortally?”

Christie, by the end of the millennium everyone will be “Millennial”, translated or resurrected. In the classic sense of mortals growing old and dying of disease or old age, then no, there will be no mortals by then.

Brother John

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4 Responses to The “Millennial State”

  1. ken h says:

    Just in case some might be wondering, “If children grow up without sin in the Millennium and baptism is for the remission of sins and is how people become members of the church, along with the bestowal of the Holy Ghost, then do sinless children need to be baptized just to “fulfill all righteousness” as the Savior did?” The answer is yes. Those who live into the Millennium (us) will live until an hundred years of age then instant death and resurrection, “changed in a twinkling of an eye” as well. (Can’t wait!)


    • John Pontius says:

      Good addition to the conversation, Ken.

      I’m anxious to get there too, but it will be trying times just before. That’s why we keep talking about how to get that good old oil in your lamps.



  2. Angel Cicero says:

    Hey John, Angel here…talking about other countries…I sent a copy of the books “Following the Light of Christ into his Presence” and “The Triumph of Zion” to a friend couple in Spain. The name of the wife is Susi, and she told me a few days ago that just the introduction of the first one made her cry non-stop. She’s told me how grateful she was so many times in the last few days, and that she has to make herself stop reading otherwise she wouldn’t do the house cleaning! They are though not the emotional type, but people hungry for the word of God. They know doctrine a lot, and they understand the Holy Ghost doesn’t come as just emotional feelings. The word is spreading throughout the World!
    I was wondering, with the huge impact on this couple, how it would be for many others if many good books were translated into Spanish. This couple is lucky since they know English, and therefore I can send them a great variety of books (I also sent them a couple books from Denver Snuffer), but there are thousands hungry and thirsty for the word of God that don’t have much.
    Just a thought…


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