Being Wise Virgins

The Savior gave us the parable of the Ten Virgins several thousand years ago. It wasn’t until 1831 that we actually received the interpretation of that parable directly from the Lord. We’ve had 180 years to figure it out.

And at that day, when I shall come in my glory, shall the parable be fulfilled which I spake concerning the ten virgins. For they that are wise, and have taken the Holy Spirit for their guide, and have not been deceived – Verily I say unto you, they shall not be hewn down and cast into the fire, but shall abide the day. And the earth shall be given unto them for an inheritance, and they shall multiply and wax strong, and their children shall grow up without sin unto salvation. For the Lord shall be in their midst, and his glory shall be upon them, and he will be their king and their lawgiver. (D&C 45:57-59)

As I have been working on Spencer’s book, which presents a very clear picture of the trials and glories of the days immediately before the Second Coming, this message is born out again and again – that those who have covenanted their lives to full obedience to the voice of the Holy Spirit, will survive those days. They will walk in the way of divine protection, and even if the Lord’s plan calls for them to leave this world of uncertainty, they will be even more powerful, and more able to protect their families from their new position of glory. To be creatures of the Holy Spirit is our only safety – and it is a powerful promise because it came from Jesus Christ Himself.

In time, the earth shall be given to the “Wise Virgins” for an inheritance, and they will become strong, because they will be changed so that the trials of the earth, death and disease, can no longer affect them. And their children shall grow up without sin unto salvation.

And next we are given the promise of the great millennial condition – The Lord shall be in their midst, and His glory shall be upon them, and He will be their king and their lawgiver.

There is a tendency to react to these words with fear – fear for our comfort, for our families, our homes and our safety. But, the truth is, that we have a perfect formula for “abiding the day”. It is that we should take the Holy Spirit as our guide.

It is also instructive that all ten of these people awaiting the arrival of the Bridegroom are virgins. A virgin is someone who is pure, who has not been polluted by the sin and impurity of mortality. They have worked all their lives to be, and to do good. But, just being a “virgin” is not enough. We must also have the Holy Spirit for our guide.

Why isn’t just being good enough? It is because being good is an act of compliance with law, and the law does not show us where to be, or when to duck, or where to go when these troubled times achieve their full power. Only obeying Christ’s voice makes one a disciple of Christ, and only Christ can show you the pathway of safety and abundance in that day.

The formula for surviving the Second Coming is this:

  • Be a spiritual Virgin
    • Repent, fulfill your covenants, and walk the Gospel path. Never cease to Ask, Seek and Knock.
  • Take the Holy Spirit for your guide
    • Learn to hear the voice of Christ in your heart and mind, and make a lifelong covenant to obey. Recall that in the parable, even when the foolish virgins realized their error, there was not time to become “wise”. It takes a lifetime to take the Holy Spirit to be your guide, and to amplify that voice into constant revelation. We must do this now, and continue it forever. Then, you will be among the “wise”, and you will have oil in your lamps.
  • Do not be deceived
    • Whatever this deception is in its fullest definition, it certainly includes the falsehood that we do not need to have the Holy Spirit as our constant companion, and our lives in constant compliance with divine will. It certainly includes the falsehood that just “doing” the gospel regimen is all that is required. It demands that we must find our own way, and plot our own course first, doing things of our own free will, and that revelation is reserved for only those desperate moments when our intellect cannot find an escape. It deceives us into thinking that once the ordinances are pronounced, there is nothing more to be done but go to church and pay tithing.
    • This deception is a mist of darkness which Lehi saw obscuring the Iron Rod, and way to the Tree of Life – which is an interesting parallel considering we are now concerned about losing our lives in the upcoming “tribulation”.
    • It is interesting that so many misunderstand, and are “deceived” in this way, even though they covenant every week to “Always remember Him and keep His commandments, that they may ALWAYS have His spirit to be with them.”

Besides, it is fun to be a wise virgin, to feel the guiding hand of Christ, to walk in growing light, and to look with joy upon the changing world – rather than with terror. I am personally looking forward to the day when darkness no longer enslaves the world and evil no longer rules; when sickness and death no longer sweep the floors of mortality. To end this world of horror, to see Christ come and cleanse by fire, for this I am willing to do and be anything – including working from whichever side of the veil the Lord desires.

Happy day, all is well.

Brother John

© October 2011, John M. Pontius, all rights reserved. Non-commercial reproduction permitted.

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I am a lover of truth.
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9 Responses to Being Wise Virgins

  1. kathryn Hughes says:

    Thank you so much for your words of wisdom. As always it warms my very soul to hear the words from the Holy Spirit Knowing that it is not just from the still small voice but in the wisdom of words of others also . You alway seem to lift my spirits and sing comfort to my soul with those words of widom . Thank you for that my dear brother
    as Always your sister Kathy Hughes


  2. KC says:

    Thank you Brother John, my eyes are being opened and I GET it. Beams of light amidst the billowing clouds of darkness.


  3. darrell brashear says:

    This is a great comment John. I hope you have been feeling better.

    That night we were at your home you may recall that I had told you that I had been given a teaching position in my ward to teach Gospel Doctrine. I had been a little nervous about the teaching the class because of past persecution.

    My classes had kind of a rocky start. I remember one day dreading having to teach that class. I finally said a silent prayer and surrendered my fear and dread to the Lord. I told Him that I would teach and let it go how He wanted it to go, if He wanted me to become a fool in the eyes of the people then I would do so, if He wanted me to succeed then I would do so, but either way, I would let it go how He wanted it to go.

    Ever since that day, my classes have been a huge success. At first, the class was nearly empty every Sunday, but now, it is filled and more people seem to be coming every Sunday.

    I say this not to boast in myself. I know that it is by the Lord’s power that this is happening. The reason I am even mentioning this is because the Spirit is leading me to include the importance of following the enticings of the Holy Spirit in each of my lessons, and it is having amazing results!

    People have really been participating. The Spirit is strong in that class every Sunday. It has gotten to the point that we all feel like family and friends talking together instead of just a group of people sitting in a class.

    These people are ready to hear about taking the Holy Spirit for thier guide. They seem to be eager when we talk about the importance of learning the voice of the Spirit. It makes my heart fill with love and gratitude, and I wonder if perhaps the Lord is preparing the hearts of people all over the world to receive this amazing truth.

    I know that times are going to get really challenging, but I also feel in my heart that the Lord is going to give people a huge boost in the direction of following His voice. He will work miracles to bring those to Him that will come to Him. He will make bear His holy arm in the lives of those who want to follow His voice. That is just a feeling I get. I am so grateful for this unblog.
    Brother D.


  4. ken h says:

    I just listended to your fireside in St George, Utah. I loved it! Wisdom is the righteous application of knowledge. Pure and clean is great in and of itself, but it is not and will not be enough. The consistant righteous application of spiritual knowledge as you have outlined is our only safe and true course that we can count on when all else fails. I am inspired by these things to put my complete will upon the alter before the Lord and strive with all the wisdom God can bestow upon my soul to follow His Spirit to safety and eternal blessings. I know that it is what God would have me do. I have a ways to go to get there in my life, nevetheless I must do it! Thank you John, once more.

    ken h


  5. Angel Cicero says:

    To all of you that want to follow brother John’s counsel on this post, I would strongly recommend, specially for the part of not being deceived, to read a book by Douglas H. Mendenhall called: “Conquering Spiritual Evil”. It’s a strong book to read, but the knowledge that it contains will help you enormously to not be deceived as ofter as you are now…because we are all being deceived continuously one way or another. Brother John, have you heard of this book, or of brother Doug Mendenhall? His daughter hasn’t had the veil since she was 11 and she is now 22. They have other books, but because they don’t write for profit all those books are really hard to find.

    Have a good night all of you!
    The Lord be with all of us in these times of great need!


    • John Pontius says:

      I believe I read her first book and found things to disagree with. Actually, someone gave it to me about 10 years ago after a fireside. If I remember right, she is the gal that had a diabetic crisis and part of her brain died. Her later chapters were negative toward the church and leaders, and I thought disrespectful of Christ. She said she argued with Christ about some things, and told him to leave her alone. Maybe I don’t have the right book in mind.

      I respect your opinion just the same and posted your comment. I haven’t read any of her later books. Maybe they were better.

      Correct me if I’m wrong.



      • Angel Cicero says:

        I believe we are talking about the same girl, however I don’t see her words the same way you remember. One of her gifts was the gift of empathy with which you receive the feelings and emotions of other people around you. She became a friend with a girl that was opposed to the gospel and depressed, and she started to get those feelings herself. The girl would tell her that the things she was seeing were imaginary and she though then that she was imagining her experiences with Jesus. Then Jesus appeared to her and she though it was her imagination, so asked Him what He was doing there, and that He was just in her imagination. So Jesus respected her agency and for a while He didn’t converse with her. Later on, with the help and influence of another friend who was respecter of the gospel, she decided to pray again, and then Jesus came back to her life. He taught her an important lesson of how even though she was able to converse with Him face to face, she still needed to let the Holy Ghost impress upon her soul the reality of Him.

        These all happened on her teenage years, and how can we judge teenagers, specially with a gift given that would even be hard to receive for more mature and wise people?

        The Lord has also manifested discontent with the Church in many occasions and said that the Church is under condemnation. Just because we are His Church doesn’t mean we are perfect, and actually wo to those of us who think all is well in Zion, as the BoM says. Also, just because some have been called to the lidership of this Church doesn’t mean they are perfect. In many occasions even apostles have apostatize from the Church, why not others?

        This is not a critique of the Church or its leaders, it’s just a validation of this girl experiences and the books written about them. The last one is been written by her dad, Douglas Mendenhall, and it compiles many more years of experiences with this given gift. It’s full of interesting ideas, many of which we are oblivious as members of the Church. Anyways, I just though to share this because the Spirit told me so, and I must do it. Sorry for the length of the comment.


  6. Cheryl Dilworth says:

    I so appreciate your blogs and your patience in repeating and repeating the the simple importance of following the Holy Spirit; and always encouraging us to learn to recognize the promptings of the Holy Spirit, being obedient to the promptings. And I also appreciate this urging by referring to the last days with the tribulations that we are and will face and then repeating–be obedient to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. By doing so “to feel the guiding hand of Christ, to walk in growing light, and to look with joy upon the changing world …”

    Thank you again,
    Cheryl Dilworth


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