Goshen Utah Fireside

Terri and I just returned for a wonderful fireside in Goshen, Utah.

Terri said, and I am forced by her feminine intuition, penetrating insight, and calling as self-assigned protector, counselor and chief fan of yours-truly, to accept this, that it was the most spiritual fireside ever. I noticed that people’s faces were glowing, so she may be right – oops, I meant – of course she’s right.

Thank you Craig and Company for a wonderful evening. I will clean up the audio recording and post it on www.followingthelight.org in a couple days. It actually takes a little time and effort to clean them up. I try to remove noise and coughs, prayers, songs and introductions – and any dumb statements or answers I made. Now- that could take some effort. I’m sure you understand.

I have to admit, that I love what I do, and I love the large groups that gather at firesides, but the most spiritual and uplifting times seem to occur in people’s homes, with small groups of friends who are spiritual equals and earnest seekers. This is what happened tonight. I’m expecting angels to start appearing if the Spirit gets any stronger in these special meetings.

Thank you Goshen,

Brother John

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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10 Responses to Goshen Utah Fireside

  1. Keith says:

    Brother John,

    From more recent posts, I know you’re extremely busy, but I was wondering if you were still planning to post the audio from this fireside on http://followingthelight.org? Did you decide against it or did it just get pushed to the bottom of the pile?

    Thank-you for all you do!!



    • John Pontius says:

      Dear Keith,

      I guess I just forgot to post it. I just listened to the recording and it is good enough, so I’ll get it posted ASAP and then put a notice on the Un-Blog.

      Thanks for reminding me,



  2. Jennifer says:

    John is tri-cities Washington anywhere on your travel log. We would love to have you join us here if at all possible


  3. Brian Bowler says:

    Bro John,
    Would you be available for a fireside in Western Colorado, just south of Grand Junction? I live close to Delta and Montrose Colorado, and if you were able to come it would be great.
    I am in the Bishopric, and we could have it in the Chapel, as I would expect at least a 100+ from the local area.
    Then if you could, my home has a very large “great room” that we have had other gatherings in. I have several friends that have read your book and would love to hear from you.
    You may not remember, but I am the very tall guy that met you with Bro and Sister Wilson (Alaska) at the Provo Fireside 2 plus years ago. We moved to Western Colorado, and it has been a wonderful 13 months thus far.
    I have asked you before, but never have received a response. I hope I am not too persistent, but I feel strongly to keep asking till you say Yea or Nay. You have responded on other questions I have had, just not this one.

    As you say, what say you?’

    Brian Bowler
    Cedaredge, CO.
    PS…I have UT cell# 801-726-9849. We could have you stay with us or at another friend that has a very large place, or at the Stake Patriarch’s, as they have a lot of room.


    • Brian Bowler says:

      Bro John,
      ONe more addition. This area was spoken of by Pres Eyring as a “place of refuge” when he visited here a few years ago. Many of the members and non-members here know they came here and as Pres Eyring said were invited here to prepare for the Lords coming, and to help others that will be needing help in the days of tribulation.
      Bottom line, its a special place. And I feel it would be a very spiritual experience for you and for those here.
      Thanks again.


    • John Pontius says:


      I’m so sorry. I thougth I had answered everyone’s fireside requests. There goes the illusion of perfection – once again.

      You know, I do remember a tall guy with the Wilsons that night.

      We might be going to visit our kids in Highlands Ranch, CO next spring. It looks like Cedaredge is about halfway there. We were thinking about flying to CO. Maybe we could do a layover.

      Remind me about this next spring (April), and I’ll keep it in mind too. What I will forget isn’t that we should make another stop, it will be who asked me to. I get many thousands of emails, so remind me next spring and if the Lord shows us the way, we’ll come.

      Until then,

      John Pontius


  4. Craig Mills says:


    We loved having Terri and yourself in our home. It was a spiritual feast and appreciate you taking the time to share with us your testimony and the message that you gave. We have a lot to think about and apply in our lives. Once again on behalf of all that where there Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts. God Bless you and your wife.



  5. Miles says:

    You know John, I remember about 30 years ago attending your Institute Class for anybody that would come in Valdez Ak, and after that first class I have been attracted to the things you say and the way you say them much as a moth to the light, I can’t escape and just want more.

    Thank You a million times for your remarkable gifts to us.


    • John Pontius says:

      Dear Miles,

      Thank you for those kind words, and for being a big part of those days. Yes, those were the Good/Bad old days. I remember the firesides vividly, and I remember how we grew into a family over the months and years that we met. I remember inviting so many people who were inactive. I promised them that if they did not enjoy any fireside they attended, that I would come to their home and work for free for the same period of time. They came, and I never did go work at someone’s home in repayment.

      I never could get Makintosh to come. Remember him? I probably would have lost that challenge. Except that he would have come a dozen times, and then wanted me to go paint his house or something. He was kind of like that.

      What nobody realizes but you and I is that we were working week-on week-off at the Valdez Marine Terminal of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, and we lived at home, but worked 12 hour days, and worked every other Sunday so we missed all of the meetings every other week. So, the Bishop asked me to teach Institute for shift workers to have some spiritual food on our workday Sunday. It turned into the favorite part of my Sunday, both the on and the off Sunday. We soared on the wings of the Spirit, and developed spiritual wings of our own. It was a highlight of my life, and actually, the beginning days of my learning to teach by the Spirit. It was my teaching Kindergarden and grade school.

      What you may not realize is that the Bishop stopped that Institute class after a few months because more people were attending Institute than Sacrament Meeting. The Bishop (quite correctly) wanted people to go to Sacrament meeting, and not use Institute as their Sunday spiritual food. I tried to make the case for holding Sacrament meeting every Sunday at 7:00 so the shift workers could attend Sacrament meeting. (I think more than 1/2 of the priesthood holders were shift workers). For some reason he declined, and he shut down institute, but it started back up again in a couple months because so many people asked him to let it continue. He finally did, but he also made an important point. Nothing can interfere with the program of the church – even an inspiring thing. I began from then on urging everyone to attend Sacrament Meeting every week, so Institute would continue in harmony with the regular meetings. Somehow it all came together, and we met for about four years as I recall.

      That was 32 years ago approximately. Spiritual times – Happy memories. Thanks for bringing them up.



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