Comment Guidlines

Dear Friends of the Un-Blog,

Please read the “Comment guidelines” page on the Home Page. It will help you with get your comments published.

One of the things I do enforce is the 250 word limit. I have found that longer posts are usually making more points than the original posting. I ask simple questions so that the answers are simpler, personal and inspiring. I call you into the discussion when someone needs your experiences and testimonies – rather than my jabbering on.

A long doctrinal dissertation is not what I’m hoping for.

On top of all that, I don’t think people read long comments. They give up before then understand your point, which might be important for someone to get.

If you are feeling the Spirit when you write it – we’ll feel the Spirit when we read it, and it will be less than 250 words – I promise.

Thank you so much for participating.

God Bless,

Brother John

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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2 Responses to Comment Guidlines

  1. darrell brashear says:

    Sorry John. We got a little long winded. We’ll keep them shorter in the future 🙂
    Brother D.


    • John Pontius says:

      Hey, no worries. We added you and your brother’s 250 words into one post. Everyone loved your comment. I know you’re trying to fit all of that faith into a small 250 word box, and it just aint easy.



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