Blessed by Christ

My Dear Friends,

Thank you for the many comments and words of support. I really didn’t mean to ignite a firestorm of defending our right to share our great experiences, but it was powerful and heartwarming to feel your support. Thank you so much.

There is one element of syntax I would like to suggest for use in the future. So many of you very kindly mentioned  how blessed you feel by the Un-Blog and by my efforts. I know exactly what you mean, and I love you for saying it. But, I would be so grateful if you would say it this way, “Jesus Christ has blessed me so much through the Un-Blog and your efforts.” That way, we are all glorifying the true source of our blessings. “Brother John” is like the speaker on a radio. If I’m getting myself out of the way correctly, and you feel the Spirit, we should give thanks to and for the guy at the microphone, not some part of the radio.

I’m asking this so that we truly are honoring the true source of all good, and so someone who happens into the Un-blog and only reads one posting, doesn’t twist their brain into a knot wondering what Brother John is up to and when he’s going to start his own church or something. None of us want that.

Jesus Christ blesses my life every day through your participation and comments on the Un-Blog – and I love it.

God Bless,

Brother John


About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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4 Responses to Blessed by Christ

  1. darrell brashear says:

    Amen to that 🙂


  2. Alisa says:

    Brother John, I love you and yours. Thank you for being “a doorway to the truth”. Elder Christofferson visited our stake in Tennessee a month ago and said the very thing you are saying in you entry tonight. He also said that we should not forget Heavenly Father in the process, for even the Savior did all that he might glorify Heavenly Father. I thought you would enjoy Elder Christofferson’s words.


  3. light gatherer says:

    I wanted to thank you, Brother John, for the many posts that have inspired me to draw closer to my Savior. I have learned much from reading your testimony and witness here on the Unblog. I have enjoyed your writings for many years and I enjoy when you review a topic because I see it in a new light according to my present experiences. I am grateful for the witness of the spirit in the things I am learning about. I have been strengthened, tutored and comforted in so many ways. Thank you, to all of you who add your witness. I can feel your desires and testimonies through the written word. May the Lord bless all of us in our desire to know Him and serve Him.


  4. CCM says:

    I am so very greatful that Christ has called you to be a facilitator and an influence my life. Just this week I thought something was “just to hard”. I didn’t know how to do it and all my efforts were failing. I was frustrated that I couldn’t see the path to solve this particular problem. I couldn’t find “experts” to lean on either. Then it struck me with full force. I don’t have to see the solution. I don’t need “men” to rescue me. It can be a hard trial, very hard but there is someone who knows exactly how to solve it. I just need to listen and to trust the Savior, and follow him one step at a time.

    I am now moving forward in my project. As I pray before I begin my efforts and then listen for promptings the work moves forward. It is so simple, yet it has taken me so very long to understand. I am so greateful The Savior has found such a unique way (the un-blog) to get my attention and try to teach me these valuable lessons.


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