Marvelous Times

Yesterday was an unusual and wonderful day for yours truly. I was asked Friday to teach the Gospel Doctrine class, and speak in a combined YM/YW class. Both events were wonderful and uplifting. The GD class was on the opening of the seven seals, the building of Zion and the millennium. You all know that these are subjects I have studied in depth for years.

I was so surprised to get the call. Our GD teacher is a seminary teacher by day, and is the finest GD teacher I have ever been blessed to learn from. He brings the Gospel into a doable spiritual goal each week, and he correctly understands the deeper things. He would have been there but his wife was having a baby that day. I could tell he was having a hard time giving up this last lesson of the year even for having a baby.

I have in my possession a ordered list of Second Coming events that Chris  put together. I dramatically shortened it and rearranged it somewhat, added the actual Second Coming and Millennium.

I was surprised at their reaction. They were intently interested, but it was startling to the class. They were looking at me like I had just shown them a real angel. Every line of the handout has multiple references, and you can’t doubt that these things will happen. The actual order is hard to determine, but the events will happen in the winding up stages of this mortal world. I was sure that most of them had never heard of these things.

Before someone thinks I’m being critical – which I never intend to be – let me tell you what I think is happening in the church at large. I think there is an observable spiritual rejuvenation occurring. I think that the Spirit is brooding upon the church, giving us a revival of spiritual insight, desire, and understanding about these very important latter-day themes.

The members of my GD class are the finest people I know. They understand the Gospel well, and love to learn more. The most interesting part of yesterday was that there was not a single person who didn’t believe what I was being led by the Holy Spirit to tell them. What made it “unusual and wonderful” was that there was such a sweet acceptance and wide-eyed embracing of these principles.

I am going to make another “Page” on the Blog called “Second Coming”. These pages are found by the row of tabs along the top of the Home Page. I’ll publish this list of events and scriptures. It is an ongoing work, and not complete. But, I think you may enjoy studying it yourself.

The events of the Second Coming are very confusing. The scriptures use metaphors like beasts and horns and candlesticks to describe events.  And, no single scripture is sequential. The book of Revelation jumps from John’s time, to the Second Coming, to the Tribulation (which is before the Second Coming), to the war in Heaven (in pre-mortal times), back to the Tribulations, the final battle at the end of the millennium and to the Judgment Day and celestialized earth. It’s really hard to follow.

And, I’m going to quit feeling guilty for not Un-Blogging every single day. I promise I will get back on the Un-Blog horse early next year.

What a marvelous time of year, and time of the world!

Brother John

© December 2011, John M. Pontius, all rights reserved. Non-commercial reproduction permitted.

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13 Responses to Marvelous Times

  1. Pearl says:

    Where it says the Gentiles are prideful and reject the fullness of the Gospel, you use a reference to Wilford Woodruff in the 18th volume of the Journal of Discourses. I think a better reference would be III Nephi 16:10. Everyone would have easier access to that one, too. 🙂

    If possible I’d use all scriptural references. The WWoodruff reference stood out to me, but perhaps all the references could point to scriptures, rather than church magazines or other things…?


  2. loralcl says:

    (John, I believe you mean Eric. He is a very studied man on the events of the last days and has studied the scriptures extensively for many years focused on this topic.)

    Thank you….looking forward to it, Lora


  3. FJC says:

    I had the honor of teaching the same class a week ago. I have never been so consumed by a lesson and spent countless hours absorbing hat marvelous book of Revelation. Indeed God is on charge! I share your enthusiasm and love for the Lord ad the great events waiting to come forth.


  4. Donald says:

    The 2nd coming table you provided is really interesting. One of the table entries shows “The one mighty and strong = Adam” with a reference “Letter of W. W. Phelps to Brigham Young”

    I have not heard this before but would like to read more…. How can I find the Letter of WW Phelps to Brigham Young?


  5. ken h says:


    You are very gifted to write in such an understanding way( which God has blessed you with and you with the Holy Spirit’s help have developed beautifully) that nearly every member, especially those who are desiring to know the events of the last days, can understand and see unfolding with an eye of faith in order to truly strengthen and help them prepare for those events. I am looking forward to your blog on these things. Many of us have read and reviewed over and over again through our years of study and pondering. other writer’s views, but to have your insight and wonderful plain and precious way of presenting them will be refreshing to say the least. Have a wonderful and glorious CHRISTmas to you and everyone else in this blog family.

    Ken H


  6. Laura says:

    I know what you are saying about people spiritually waking up. It is wonderful to see!


  7. Sharon Cox says:

    Can’t wait to read what you are going to post on the Second Coming. It is such an important yet difficult topic to understand. Thanks!!

    On another subject – I was wondering if you would consider doing a New Years Eve fireside via Skype or some other way. I usually stay up to usher the new year in and thought that it would be nice to congregate with the Unblog family. I probably feel this way because I am single so it may not appeal to anyone else. Please let me know what you think.


    • John Pontius says:

      Dear Sharon,

      I will pray about it. My New Years Eve is booked up, but perhaps New Years Day. I don’t actually know how to do such a thing, but I will look into it.



      • Sharon Cox says:

        Thanks for considering it Bro. John. In the meantime, here’s a free online meeting resource to look into With this tool, you can set up a by invitation only meeting, record the meeting, control participants etc.

        Look forward to hearing your decision.


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