Next Year on the Un-Blog

Beginning early next year I want to take the Un-Blog on a journey through the events leading up to the Second Coming and then beyond into the Millennium. The whole purpose of this discussion is to help us to identify the times in which we now stand relative to these events, and then to prepare to take our ordained place in those events.

The entire Christian world expects that Christ will return soon. Speculation and tradition interprets the scripture to attempt to identify the times of His return. In the latter-day church we have the added insight of additional scripture, and the writings of inspired leaders. Even more importantly, we have our own journey to illuminate the times. We will examine the whole body of those sources which are available to us to read the grand writings upon the wall of the universe of our times.

I think it is important to point out that probably no living person completely understands the times in which we live, and certainly this author does not claim, either by personal revelation or scholarship to exceed what is allotted to man.  But, what we can claim is that we are searching diligently to understand our own privileges and to claim every blessing available to us in these grand and unprecedented times, and clearly understanding the evolution our own journey through these times gives us a distinct advantage in understanding this larger timetable.

As an example of the advantage we enjoy, is the fact that if we understand that Zion will be built in this dispensation and populated by translated people from among ourselves prior to Christ’s glorious return, and that we will be the ones who built and populate it, then the timetable of His return, no matter how inscrutable, is powerfully linked to our own willingness to understand the principles of Zion and to pay the inescapable price to build it. And, when we know the price an individual must pay to qualify for and claim the blessings of Zion and translation, then by examining our own hearts and preparations, we may know – not for the world – but for our own purposes, the timetable of the establishment of Zion, and thus the Coming of Christ.

Next year on the Un-Blog: “The Second Coming of Christ”

Brother John

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I am a lover of truth.
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9 Responses to Next Year on the Un-Blog

  1. ker guthrie says:

    where did u find the picture of the arches on the blog?


  2. dmarie says:

    Brother John,
    I look forward to your thoughts on the coming events leading to the Second Coming and into the Millennium. Those are exciting subjects. As you know, we’re studying the Book of Mormon in Gospel Doctrine this year, and I am looking forward to those lessons, too. I love the Book of Mormon and seeing our time in its pages. We are blessed in so many ways, and even though dark and scary times are ahead, beyond that will be such wonderful things for the faithful. It will be so helpful and encouraging to read about what the Millennium will be like. Thank you for your posts.


  3. ken h says:

    Like a great author you tease us will so much foreshadowing! And yes we love it! thank you John.


  4. cheyenne brashear says:

    I can’t wait!! I know a lot of people speculate(even some in my own ward) that the Second Coming will take place around the 21st of December of this upcoming year, based on the Mayan calender, but I know that based on the scriptures there are still many things that still have yet to take place before that day arrives.

    Even still, we know that we are not too far away, and I can’t wait to discuss these things and to hear your insights and the insights of the unblog. Brother C.


  5. Lisa from NC says:

    Hi Brother John,
    Very glad you are doing well, been a daily reader for a good while. Listened to that last fireside about 10 times. I love reading and hearing about Zion. Right now I’m about 3/4’s through 3 Pillar’s of Zion, it’s a very comprehensive book on Zion, would recommend to all striving to be Zionites. Love all you do, and I think I am missing the latest Fireside. Could you please post? Thanks so much! Happy New Year!


    • John Pontius says:

      Hi Lisa,

      The fireside in Highland touched upon some more sacred subjects, and is probably not something I can put on the Internet. I’m sorry that our world is that way, that the greater and most sacred things have to shield themselves from darkness. The truth is that most everyone of the Un-Blog could easily hear and understand them, but in an open form like this I feel it isn’t appropriate to post it.

      Thanks for asking,



    • Lisa from NC says:

      Guess we’re going to have to get you out here in North Carolina, some time. I appreciate that sacred material is best unposted. Thanks for responding! 😉


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