Times of the Gentiles

The best place to begin a discussion about the major events leading up to the Second Coming is at the times in which we live, which are the Times of the Gentiles.

Through all the history we possess of God’s dealings with mankind He has entrusted His priesthood and His gospel to a selected lineage. It has only been recently that these things have been offered to all of the world. This was the case with Adam and on through the great patriarchs to Enoch, whose city was taken up into heaven, to Noah, whose family was spared from the flood on the ark, to Abraham, to Jacob whose name was changed to Israel, and to his twelve sons. The privilege of administering the Gospel remained with the Jews until the times of Christ.

In Christ’s ministry the gospel was preached only to the Jews. Jesus himself never taught a “gentile”, except perhaps the woman at the well. Shortly after His death he commissioned his new apostles to: “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, thus commission it to go to those born outside of the Jewish bloodline, whom they called the gentiles. Paul, the great and fearless apostle who wrote so much of the New Testament, was specifically commissioned to take the Gospel to the gentiles of his day.

There were a few defining events that were prophesied to occur during Times of the Gentiles.

  • The fullness of the gospel will break forth (D&C 45:28). It will either convince the Gentiles, or condemn them to destruction. (1 Nephi 14:7)
  • The Gentiles will not perceive the light, but will turn their hearts away because of the precepts (doctrine) of men. (D&C 45:29)
  • Many Gentile nations formed (3 Nephi 21:1)
  • The Book of Mormon to come forth (1 Nephi 14:9)
  • Wickedness as in the days of Noah (Matthew 24.37)
  • Secret works and seeking for power (Moses 6:17)
  • In the generation that rejects the fullness of the gospel, shall the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled. (D&C 45:30)
  • Two churches exist, the Church of Christ, and the Church of the Devil (1 Nephi 14:9)
  • Wars and rumors of wars (D&C 45:26, 1 Nephi 14:15)
  • The whole earth in commotion (D&C 45:26)
  • Men’s hearts shall fail them (D&C 45:26)
  • Many will say that Christ delayeth His coming until the end of the earth (or total destruction of the earth) (D&C 45:26)
  • The love of men shall wax cold and iniquity abound (D&C 45:26)
  • The times of the Gentiles are then Fulfilled (1 Nephi 13:42; Luke 21:24)

It is not difficult to determine that we are even today somewhere within the Times of the Gentiles. It is important to note that the Gentiles are prophesied to reject the “fullness” of the gospel. In other words, they do embrace some portion of it, but not a fullness of what is available to them.

There are two ways to look at this rejection by the Gentiles. The first perspective is that Christianity in general is the lesser portion being embraced, and the Latter-day church is the fullness, and everyone who rejects the Latter-day Church is rejecting the “fullness of the gospel” being spoken of.

The other way to look at it is that the scripture is only speaking of and to we Latter-day saints. This is possibly true because these warnings are only in our latter-day scripture, and we are the only ones who read and believe them. Thus, this warning may only be intended to awaken us, because we are the only ones being addressed. Following this logic to its conclusion would suggest there is a lesser portion, and a greater portion, or “fullness” of the gospel which we must find and fully embrace.

Tomorrow: “The Fullness of the Gospel”

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13 Responses to Times of the Gentiles

  1. kathryn Hughes says:

    For a time now I have been feeling an urgency that I don’t fully understand . I have finally learned material things in this world don’t matter for they are here today and gone tomorrow . If my Father decided to bring me to the spirit world tonight all that I can take with me is me . I will have no control over what happens to the material things I have . I know that might sound silly to some that it has taken me that long to figure that out . I have heard all my life not to let this happen but it never sunk in . Without realizing it those things became important to me so important that they could have even been considered a god for me . I loved them and if by chance someone took them from me in one way or another hard feelings for that person would set in. Oh how wrong I was to think those things made by human hands could bring me happiness .Our Father gave me lessons after lessons about how wrong my way of thinking was but it took almost 70 years to learn . Oh how thankful I am for all those trials I had in my life to teach me this lesson and to know our Father never gave up on me or took away my agency . I am a very slow learner and I am sure there are a lot of my brothers and sisters out there that are far more advance than I in the hidden mysteries that my dear brother John has been wrting about in his unblog but to me that was an important lesson that I learned thatand that was a mystery to me . . Time I feel is running down to a close but I know Our Father will continue to bless us and teach us at our own pace. Even through I am slow to learn with the gift of the Spirit these lessons will never be forgotten . They are not something I have just read about and thought about for a while but are now inbedded in my very soul because they came from the Holy Spirit . I pray that I will be more intune to His voice so my learning will continue to grow in more mysteries of life . Thank you for your time


  2. Erik says:

    Hi Jimmy,
    All those are warinings for sure. I simply was too brief, what I meant was a final warning before the negative consequences are imposed.



  3. jimmy tetuanui says:

    Erick: “Will there be a public warning before the fulness is rejected?” Could we count President Benson’s urgings to conquer the inner vessels by conquering pride – which he said was the stumbling block to Zion, as a public warning to the ‘LDS Gentiles’? I wonder how many of us in the church today have actually properly responded to this call from President Benson which interestingly has been repeated by President Uchtdorf in last year April General Conferene. Just a thought. President Benson had also strongly urged the members to get the church out of the condemnation (D&C 84:54-56) by studying the Book of Mormon seriously. Most members I know do not ‘feast’ upon this book yet:(


    • John Pontius says:

      Hi Jimmy,

      We are going to talk about lifting the “condemnation” as we go along. I don’t think there will be more pointed warnings than we have already received. The Holy Spirit is striving with us, and if we listen – there is a booming warning within that Still Small Voice that only someone spiritually suicidal would ignore.

      Thanks for being with us,



  4. Erik says:

    I think both ways you mention are correct, one applies to those that do not belong to the church and the other to those who do. I think latter-day scripture applies to all, otherwise, you only need ignore it to escape accountability. An important rhetorical question to ponder is, “Will there be a public warning before the fulness is rejected?”



  5. Pearl says:

    My PB states: “…you will stand beside a noble son of your father, Abraham, and join with him and share in the Patriarchal Order of Priesthood.”

    I’ve heard only passing references to this order here and there but nothing comprehensive. I always thought it simply meant, “You will be married in the temple,” which I have. Now I’m beginning to think there’s more to it? Will you be talking about this order of priesthood much?


  6. Collin says:

    Ancient Israel rejected the fullness when they refused to see God’s face and sent Moses instead. As a result, God took Moses and the fullness of the Priesthood from them. Our Church in general is in a similar situation – many don’t see the need to see the Lord’s face and instead feel that only the leaders should have that privilege. If some low-level members come along and claim that they have seen the Lord many almost consider it blasphemy. I’ve actually heard people say “only the prophets and apostles are allowed to see God’s face.” This is not what Joseph Smith taught nor is it what the Book of Mormon teaches. This unbelief will have to be overcome before Zion can exist. The “fullness” of anything be it the Gospel, Priesthood, or Joy involves the Father directly.


  7. Donald says:

    In the past you’ve shared your thoughts on the Holy Order or fullness of the priesthood. It is my understanding that the Holy Order is necessary to establish and build Zion and therefore required to be on the earth before the Savior can return. It is also my understanding the fullness of the priesthood can only be delivered by the Father (JST Genesis 14). It seems like one must be led by the Spirit and the Holy Ghost to “find and embrace” this fullness….and this is a very personal and private matter. Do you think it’s here? I believe it is…. but I’m not sure.


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