New: Keyword Index

You have probably noticed that the Keyword List on the right side of the screen is gone, and that a new page “Keyword Index” has appeared on the Home page.

Heather, bless her heart, has been working on the Keyword Index and found that the list on the right had a 45 word maximum, so she built the Keyword Index page which is basically unlimited.

The value of this is that if you are looking for a particular subject, or trying to find an old post on a subject, it should soon be linked in the index. The index should be finished in a couple weeks, but it is active now. Give it a try.

I’m also adding links to new blogs as I go, so the Un-Blog should stay current.

Thank you so much Heather!


About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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2 Responses to New: Keyword Index

  1. ajcorbe says:

    Yes, Heather V, Thank You! You are amazing! A year & a half later & your gift is still being put to good use. No telling how many more years (& people) will utilize & appreciate what you’ve done–to say nothing of what John has done.
    Thanks again. 🙂 A.j.


  2. Sharon Cox says:

    This is extremely helpful. Thanks Heather!


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