Latter-day Prophets on the Second Coming

This is a video by Davidkat99. It is well worth watching and sharing.


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2 Responses to Latter-day Prophets on the Second Coming

  1. kenh says:

    Davidkat99 also has another one “One Way Out – An Invitation to America”. It is simply beautiful. The Lord has prepared us all for our personal and collective triumphs to Zion.

    When I was a senior in high school, my family and I returned from Oklahoma, where we lived for three years prior, to California. I was a member of a priest quorum that totaled 23 young men ages 16-19 years of age. Our bishop was a great man. These were the days prior to the three hour block meetings we have now. (1976-1978) We would gather in the morning for priesthood meeting. The bishop would preside and take a head count of us priests and if one of us were missing and he did not know why that young man wasn’t there, he would excuse himself and go call the home of the missing priest. If this young man wasn’t there because of illness, the bishop would ask the parents if all of us could come over and have priesthood meeting there in their home. With those arrangements, when we would seperate for classes, the bishop would have us car pool over to that ill member’s home and with standing room only 22 of us with the bishop would have our priests’ meeting. Our motto was that we refuse to leave anyone behind. Of the 23 young men in our group 22 of us served full time honorable two year missions for the Lord and all 23 of us were married in the temple. We left no one behind! This is Zion brothers and sisters, taught to us by precept and deed bya great devoted man whom we all loved and admired.


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