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Dear Un-Blog Family,

After some deliberation, I decided to publish the  January 22, 2012 Spanish Fork Fireside Audio. Generally I don’t publish the really deep firesides, but this one has some very precious truths that I hope some can benefit from.

It is now available on

Brother John

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I am a lover of truth.
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18 Responses to Fireside Audio Spanish Fork Utah

  1. Rusty says:

    Dear Brother John,
    I will always be grateful to the Lord that He moved you to post this fireside. It was the first one that I listened to and is still my favorite. I listened even before I had gotten very far in “The Triumph of Zion” or even started “Following the Light of Christ…”. It was so filled with the Spirit that it made my heart sing with joy. I’m having to listen to it a number of times to learn all that is there, but it is helping my on my own journey. There is so much to learn and put into practice and time is getting so short. I find myself wondering, sometimes, if there will be time to reach the level I will need to reach to be able to help build the latter-day City of Zion. It’s not that I have not been doing anything, but my efforts were not coordinated or focused. I’m getting there, but the dearest desire of my heart is to be there in the City of Zion with all that means and entails. Just the thought of it gives me a feeling of light and happiness inside. Even though I know time is short, I will not slacken my pace. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted anything so much in my life. Thank you for listening to the Spirit and responding. I’m very grateful.


    • Dear Rusty,

      There is time. The Lord doesn’t put us on impossible paths with impossible deadlines. We may find our final preparations happening under more pressure than we hoped, but the truth is, the refiner’s fire is hot, and we have happily agreed to pass through. These times are not intended to be a cakewalk. It will be a tremendous effort, but it will be worth it. There is still time, and we will rejoice just as you foresee.



  2. Nathan Jones says:

    Hi brother John

    I was wondering if you had a hard copy of this talk yet i loved it and wish to read it and share with all who will listen.

    thank you Nathan


  3. Abram Hatch says:

    Brother Pontius,
    I was wondering if you could address vocal/mighty prayer. I know we are command to pray both vocally and in secret. I know of two examples when vocal prayer has resulted in a response from Satan (Joseph Smith and Adam). I know that the adversary cannot discern our thoughts. Why should we open ourselves up to the adversary through vocal prayer? I know we should not fear, but it seems that avoiding a confrontation with the adversary through secret pray is not such a bad idea.



    • I will make myself a note to address this subject. I’ll also go back through the archive and pull up some older Un-Blogs to share again. I know I’ve written about Mighty Prayer several times, but probably not vocal prayer. It’s a great topic. If I actually forget for some reason, remind me again.

      Thanks, JMP


  4. Sharon Cox says:

    Thanks for sharing this most precious fireside recording Brother John. I have a question regarding obeying the voice of the Lord. In my case, It seems like there are hundreds of thoughts of “good things to do” going through my conscience throughout each day, but I can’t do them all due to time and other constraints; so how can I choose which ones I should promptly obey and which ones to pass on? And is there a penalty for passing on those that I am unable to obey?

    (I feel like my question is confusing, but I hope you can feel what I am asking..:-)


    • You know, Sharon, I don’t experience that problem, so I’m not sure I can address it. I think it is a better problem to have than someone who hears very little! Or, who thinks they hear very little. My suggestion would be to pray for clarity until it comes. We can pray for the nuts and bolts things like that – for whatever we lack. I have at times prayed for the desire to have the desire to do something – and it works. Actually, it works very well. An example is, you don’t feel like studying the scriptures every day, but know you should. The problem is you have no desire – so you pray for that desire. Then, the obedience becomes much easier because now you want to, and just have to discipline yourself to do it.

      Sorry I can’t give you a thunder-clap answer on that one.



    • Heather V says:

      A few years ago when Sister Julie Beck visited my area, she had some relevant advice (which also echoes President Oak’s Oct 2007 Conference talk: She recommended writing down the things that we feel we need to do (or in your case all of those hundreds of thoughts) and then prioritizing them into three categories: essential, should, and nice. The “essential” category is for things like scriptures and prayer. The “should” category is for things that help you fulfill your responsibilities. And the “nice” category is for downtime, like reading a book. What I thought of when I read your question is that writing down and prioritizing all of the good things you think of should help clarify which ones are promptings. I have found that it gets easier and faster to sort through the good things with practice, and I second-guess myself less than I used to.


      • Sharon Cox says:

        Thanks Heather! Reading Elder Oak’s talk again brought me comfort. I will follow Sis. Beck’s advise.


      • Heather V. says:

        Although Sister Beck’s advice helps me deciding what I should do during a day, I am having problems applying Moroni’s “lay hold upon every good thing”. I am trying to not ask if every single thought I have to do something good is actually a prompting, but obey quickly. However, there are soo many good things to do. For example, today I took the kids and dog for a walk around the lake (about 3.1 mi), and started noticing trash near or on the path. Trying to be obedient to my conscience, I backed up a little and started picking up trash. And more trash. And more… There was too much trash for me to pick up, even with my little 3 year old cheerfully helping. I eventually prayed and asked if it was okay for me to go home for lunch & nap-time. Ironically, I learned this afternoon that my mom has designated her Monday walks as trash pickup walks. Now, if the Lord wills that I should spend my time picking up trash, even for the rest of my life, I’ll gladly do it. I live in a large urban area, so it might take me that long ;). However, it seems to me that He has other things in mind for me to do with my time. But to sum this up, from my perspective in hind-sight, I don’t think the thought to pick up trash was evil. Nor was it a divine prompting. It was just something I thought of. So how do I tell the difference without having to stop and ask the Lord every time, “Is this good thing really from you?”, because that seems kind of … bad (for lack of a descriptive word). I guess I’m just re-asking Sharon’s question again.


  5. Lisa from NC says:

    Thanks Brother John, I listened and received an answer to a question I was pondering.


  6. Lance says:

    Thanks so much for posting this fireside, and for choosing to share such personal experiences. You have been blessed with the wonderful ability to teach deep truths with clarity.


  7. AZ Sister says:

    Dear Brother John,

    Thank you for the beautiful insights gleaned from the January 22nd 2012 fireside.

    Thank you for helping to open our eyes and hearts.


  8. Elder Stroud says:

    Thanks Brother John, We will listen this evening. Greetings from the future. (We are 15 hours ahead of you)


  9. Darren says:

    Hi Brother John–

    Something I have been pondering–this covenant of obedience as typified by King Benjamin and his people that precedes the rebirth experience–when does this actually take place–it seems that we make the covenant of obedience is several places–at baptism, and in the temple. It appears however with your experience and with the people of king benjamin that this covenant of obedience is to be entered into yet again outside of and separate from each of the baptismal and temple covenants of obedience in the privacy of our own closets. I would greatly appreciate your insight on how these three seemingly separate covenants of obedience interrelate with one another. Thank you in advance–the thruths thought here are manna to my soul!


    • Hi Darren,

      In every case, at every juncture, at the cusp of ever great outpouring of grace, our part is to further covenant our obedience. In each case we are entering into a greater and more inclusive covenant. It is something the Spirit leads us to do and comes when we are ready and when such a covenant moves us onward and upward. Just saying the words don’t have the desired effect, it must be divinely innitiated and divinely inspired.

      I hope that helps,



  10. Donald says:

    Thank you John. 🙂


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