Un-Blogging Stats

Dear Un-Blog Family,

WordPress (which hosts this blog) just added a feature today that shows in which country you, the Un-Blog family, reside. This list is in order of largest readership and only represents the last 30 days. It is quite fascinating to me to see where the light is shining.  It is also interesting that the Philippines is #3 with almost 300 “views” last month. One “view” is when someone clicks onto the Un-Blog whether they stay 3 seconds or 3 hours. It counts as one, and excludes anything I personally do.


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I am a lover of truth.
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10 Responses to Un-Blogging Stats

  1. Dean says:

    I’ve been living in the philipines for the last few months. Where I’m living the people seem to really love God. The taxi drivers almost always have a scripture or praise to God on their vehicle. In the malls and some of the public places they have prayers to Kesus broadcasted over the speakers and the people stop and pray. No pornography on shelves in public places or other inappropriate magazines that you would get in America at every turn.

    I have found receptive people here to the greater truths of the gospel so it doesn’t surprise me that many people here have been interested in the unblog. So many wonderful people here. I have mixed feelings about going back to Canada and the greater corruption that exists there.


    • Dear Dean,

      I don’t doubt it at all. My son said they were lovely, loving and faith-filled people. He truly loved them and has returned several times. He is even tryin to start a business there. I have a niece who lives in the Philippines. She was born in Germany, and our nephew in the USA. They truly love it there and will probably never return to the US. Thank you for sharing your experience in the Philippines.


  2. Ken J says:

    Do the email deliveries count as a “view?” Because I typically don’t go to site, and just read on my email hat is automatically delivered.


    • No, emails don’t count. I sent out three posts yesterday. There are 511 active email receivers, which would have made 1500 plus “views”. The day only totalled 560 views, so it isn’t counting them. I’m not sure why. You’d think it added up to the same thing, but you have to actually click into the website to be counted.

      Good question. I wondered the same thing for a while.



  3. Miles says:

    All would be complete if only they all had ham radio call signs also.

    Doing good John


  4. Lindsay says:

    It seems that although not all countries are represented, this blog is touching lives in the far reaches of the earth.



  5. Donald says:

    Nice. Are we able to see a map or only you?


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