Feeling Grateful and Safe

Something very interesting is occurring with the Un-Blog, which is that every once in a while someone will write or tell me of a dream or vision they had relative to upcoming events. I don’t publish those things on the Un-Blog because it isn’t what the Lord intends for the Un-Blog. This is a place of safety and of deep spiritual truth and a sanctuary for seekers. If I published these things some of them would of course not come to pass, and some probably would. It would change the Un-Blog into a crystal ball that doesn’t work well. Instead of faith in Christ, the Un-Blog would be promoting faith in the arm of flesh.

None of these dreams or private visions can be embraced as prophetic or instructive to anyone but the person who received it. But, the Scriptures do say that troubled times are ahead, and every one of these unofficial dreams seem to agree.

So, I listen to and read these things, and it is very interesting to see the overlap, the common elements of the things people are telling me they heard or saw, and what is in scripture. There is a common thread among them, a common message.

If I had to try to say what it was, it would be that great things are going to occur among us, times are quickly changing, and that the wise and the inspired are preparing spiritually and temporally to be ready to “abide the day” that is coming.

So, I derive from this, not a better knowledge of what will come or when, but a better determination to be prepared. The message of the Un-Blog has always been to come unto Christ, and to listen most earnestly to what He is telling each of us we must do – not just with our eternity or distant future, but what to do about today, and tomorrow, and next month, or whatever days of preparation we still have before us.

There are three possible outcomes.

1) If there is no urgency at all – and we prepare for something that isn’t coming – boy will we will feel silly.

3) If there was a great need to be prepared – and we did not – boy will we feel terrified and stupid.

2) If there was a need to prepare – and we did prepare in inspired ways – boy will we feel grateful, loved and safe. We will also feel worshipful to Father for inspiring us to be ready.

Let’s see, if I have to choose between feeling silly, feeling terrified and stupid, or feeling grateful and safe. I’ll go for grateful and safe.

Brother John

© March 2012, John M. Pontius, all rights reserved. Non-commercial reproduction permitted.

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22 Responses to Feeling Grateful and Safe

  1. Laura says:

    Sharon; Thank you for your insight and assurance. Our son took his name off the church records a few months ago and we are anguished over it. I have to hold to our covenants for hope.


    • Kim says:

      Strangely, the frightening events of the last days can offer comfort to us parents of wayward children. It’s in the nature of a gathering storm to force the decision; everyone will have to take a side, and I believe (or rather I hope) that many who otherwise would have floated between shades of gray (and even those who had once considered themselves to be anti-church) will turn their hearts back to the Savior.
      No atheist in a fox-hole, they say. I think this will prove to be the saving grace for many.


      • Of course. For some it will. It will also force the rest of us who want to obtain the great blessings to pay the final farthing. In the eternal scheme of things, it is very good, it is frightening, and it is coming.


  2. Kim says:

    No doubt, the future will shock and surprise us, I suppose that our paths won’t be predictable. So many of the prophesies about the last days resemble the events from Exodus that I wonder if we won’t have a repeat? When Moses counseled the people he let them know that when the pillar rested, they should pitch their tents, and when it removed itself, they were to pick up their camp and follow. It was a wandering course that lasted many years, and they seldom know from one day to the next what they would be doing. I hope when our time comes we can be similarly led from safety to safety. Otherwise the future might hold nothing but terror.


    • One of the things I appreciated most about the account Spencer shared with me was the great hope it brought to my soul. He told of having pillars of fire guide them. He said it was not easy, but that in time they learned absolute trust, and no fear.

      I think we mortals look upon death with too much horror. This mortal life is very brief, and leaving it may be one of the greatest events of our long eternal existance. As we grow nearer to Christ, not only do we trust Him to provide for us, to save and deliver us, or to change us so that we no longer need mortal things, but we also begin to see from His perspective. I believe that form His perspective death is not to be feared or hated, but to be accepted as an important change to empower us to move on and do even greater things, to see more clearly, to release us from mortal falsehoods and flaws, to allow us to remember who we are. I certainly agree with delaying death as long as possible, but I don’t see the correctness of fearing and hating it and clinging to mortality at any cost. When we see mortality from this perspective, then the latter-days do not hold terror, only promise.


      • Kim says:

        This was a comfort to me, thanks (the gift of pillars).

        As for mortality, I think you have a great way of looking at it, so serene and confident of the peace you’re to experience. I’d like to join you in that attitude, though I’d really like to see my children raised first, to spare them the pain of growing up without a parent.


        • I understand what you’re saying. Many people have said the same thing. But, I just don’t believe there is any rule that says righteous parents die young. Maybe that’s not what you’re implying. Still, there are only blessings to claim. The cost of any blessing is far less than the miracle of the blessing. I say go for them all and let the Lord handle the details.


  3. CCM says:

    I really appreciate the inspired way you conduct this blog. Although I would love to read all the juicy tidbits you get to learn, I know that I’m not ready. I would simply “consume them on my lusts.” I have watched in other corners of the internet where titilating and exciting subjects come up. They are discussed and expounded with great fervor. Someone is hearaled as a spiritual giant and gets a following even if they weren’t looking for one. After the excitement is over, all that is left behind are smoldering ashes. The participants move on to the next great wonder to behold and explore.

    As you are inspired to write and change subjects, you manage to keep the flame alive and safely in its proper sphere. It doesn’t consume the reader or leave them shivering. For that I am eternally grateful.


    • I know what you say is true. For myself, I’m really just walking on thin ice (which takes a little less faith than walking on water I guess). I know that anything good is not coming from me, but from something the Lord is doing through me, sometimes even in spite of me. I also know that it is temporary, and that the time will come when the Un-Blog has served its purpose. I didn’t expect it to last this long to be honest.

      Thank you for this insight.


  4. Elder Stroud says:

    Thanks John for keeping the un-blog just the way it is. It fulfills a very unique niche in our latter-days. I am grateful to have found this site, and the books you have written. Can’t wait to read what you and Spencer are working on.


  5. Bruce Gifford says:

    Any news or timing on the Spencer’s Journey book you are working on?

    Bruce Gifford


    • The latest is that the book was verbally accepted for publication, but I haven’t been offered a contract. This means, it is partly up in the air. I’m going to send them an email this week and ask for a decision. Either way it will be out this fall I believe.

      Thanks for asking,



  6. K-Jo says:

    Brother John,
    As we are all in different places on the path, this is a big question that I have! Knowing that in order to have peace inside for the things that are coming, what will happen to the people (such as teenagers) who are struggling on their paths….even some of them wandering before they come back to the truth. If I am currently spiritually prepared for things to come and I have taken the spirit to be my guide, what will become of my children who may be struggling when such things come to pass. I know the Lord is merciful and just, but I can’t figure this one out. Any comments?


    • I know what you are saying. Our whole being is geared to protect our children. The best thing we do for them is to live faithful to the covenants that bind them to us. Like Laman and Lemuel, some will reject the angels our faith sends into their lives and be lost, but some will become the Alma-the-Younger’s of their generation.


    • Sharon says:

      Hi K-Jo, I also have a child who has “gone astray” and I just wanted to confirm Brother John’s response to you that “The best thing we (can) do for them is to live faithful to the covenants that bind them to us”.

      After many many years of tears, anguish, prayer and supplication, I eventually received a personal assurance from Heavenly Father that though my daughter may not accept Christ’s atonement in this life, and may therefore have to suffer for her own sins now and in the afterlife, nevertheless, she will have as many opportunities as she needs after this life, to reconcile with Christ and receive the attendant blessings. God has assured me that he will never forsake her.

      I believe that this assurance is for all parents of wayward children and hope that it will bring you some measure comfort.


      • K-Jo says:

        Thank you for you comment and sharing your personal experience. I know the Lord loves his children and is merciful and will always feel after all of His children. It is just hard to see the full vision of it sometimes. Your response helps.


  7. Rebecca Lee says:

    Thank you for sharing


  8. Rebecca Lee says:

    So true, I am with you. Thanks for your sharing your insite.


  9. Glenda Bolick says:

    I’m remembering a movie from about three decades ago called CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE 3RD KIND. It has become a sort of metaphor for what’s been happening in my life the past several years.

    If you saw it, you may remember that Richard Dreyfus becomes obsessed with an image that comes into his mind (sleep or daydreams and such—I can’t remember anymore), and he responds by building the image of it on his kitchen table. It turns out to be a replica of the Devil’s Tower in Wyoming.

    At the same time other people throughout the land are having a similar experience, and at a given time all converge at the Devil’s Tower in time to witness a space ship descend. They then greet friendly space aliens who have come in peace. (It is interesting that only those “in tune” to the future event received the messages.)

    I said it’s sort of a metaphor to me. Over the past several years—maybe even a decade or so, I’ve had inner urges turning my thoughts and actions toward the temple, consecration and Zion.

    One might argue that our General Authorities more often, nowadays, speak of these things, hence the ideas which stay in my mind are inspired from those sources, but it’s actually the other way around.

    When I read or hear the counsel and explanations in the Ensign or during Conferences, in addition to them inspiring me to newer, better behavior and action, I feel a startling sense of amazement that they are confirming and enriching my own inner directives/directions and such. My point is that my urges came first from meditation re scriptures and testimonies, and then from the latter-day Prophets.

    Reading Nibley’s APPROACHING ZION many years ago planted some seeds, back then, but the message never sank so deeply into my spirit as it has during these past few years. It’s a lines and precepts process.

    I understand the Light of Christ factor (explained via Hyrum Andrus, Richard Draper, and Catherine Thomas), and that is what began it all for me. I think of it as “Celestial Physics.”

    I have also seen a lot of changed direction and actions on the part of some of my grown children who show generosity ( forgiveness, service, repentance) in ways not noticed before. I believe that the earth is being flooded with thoughts and promptings which encourage and direct us with increased righteous counsel, and are leading us toward the Temple and Christ’s return.

    I’m reading your book THE TRIUMPH OF ZION, and it fills in so many spaces of my understanding. I appreciate the fact that your messages cite the scriptures and prophets, so I have a built-in trust for your observations. Your special way of explaining sheds extra light on things, making them even more personally applicable.

    So thank you!


  10. Steve Hansen says:

    But what fun! A window into people’s dreams, as it were! I have seen how people can get too wrapped up into those types of things, which usually ends up part of some History Channel documentary on “prophecy” that comes to no conclusion..o apostacy…or people not wanting to sit next to you at parties.


  11. M.L. Castor says:

    Thank you Brother of Zion. We are living in the greatest and the fullness of His times. I am so blessed to have my close friends and to be able to watch, and share in their Spiritual growths. I am thankful to Him for providing us all a way to know the “truths” that are taking place in these last days. I am thankful for His gift to us to be ministered by some of His Heavenly agents, that verify the works we are engaged in are pleasing and accepting to, and by Him.


  12. dianehawkes says:

    Thank you Bro. John for putting those thoughts into a meaningful message to my children, who sometimes don’t see the vision of what may lie ahead of us all. I will be passing this un-blog onto them.


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