The Next Few Days

Dear Un-Blog Friends,

I found out in the ER last night that I have a kidney stone.   What an experience this has been thus far!  Not something I actually wanted to know, but I sure am empathetic now to people who have gone through this sort of thing.  So, I’m going to be sidelined for a couple days. It isn’t so much the pain that makes me reluctant to post, it’s the pain killers, which seem to knock off about 40 IQ points. So, I’ll spare the Un-Blog that experience. I’m going to have Terri read this before I press “Publish” just to make sure.

God bless you until then,

Brother John

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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16 Responses to The Next Few Days

  1. Cheryl Dilworth says:

    FYI—-My husband has had kidney stones. An herb that works every time is Western Gromwell made into a tea–simmer 2 tablespoons for 15 minutes, and drink it. His kidney stones passed in 3 hours for the tea acts dialates the urthea tube. He has had kidney stones more than once. Western Gromwell grows in the mountains of Raft River and Swan Lake by the Palaside resevour. Most of the ranchers around there know of the worth of this tea, and it was originally taught by the native Indians around Swan Lake. I have a good supply of it and I give it away, I don’t sell it, for it is from HF.


  2. My Personal Diary says:

    I hope this passes soon for you Brother John, I’ll keep you in my prayers.


  3. kenh says:

    I had a kidney stone once and the ER put me under until it passed so I didn’t feel any pain per se. My heart goes out to you John.


  4. KenR says:

    Best of luck…interesting that I was in the ER a week ago with the same thing. Still hasn’t passed yet but I am back to work. You will be in my prayers.


  5. darrell brashear says:

    I hope you recover soon John. It put a smile on my face looking at the words of comfort and encouragement that these brothers and sisters have written here in response to your suffering. What a wonderful group of people you all are! It makes me long for Zion all the more.
    Brother D.


  6. Chris says:

    Dear Bro John,
    Been there, done that, never again (I hope). I’ve been told its the closest we’ll get get to childbirth. Glad to be a man; even more respect for mothers.



  7. Nick says:

    Oh man.. I feel for you! I had one a few years ago. This is nothing that I’d wish on my worst enemy. One thing that worked for me to get it to pass was to drink a lot of water and then jump in place 20 – 30 times while landing as hard as I could on my feet. I had to repeat the process a few times and it hurt to do this, but apparently this has a “water-hammer” effect that unlodges the stone and moves it along. Hopefully you have one that will pass naturally. I’ll be praying/pulling for ya!


  8. Feel better, Brother John. You’ll be in our prayers.


  9. Randy Oveson says:

    Worst day of my life was when my first kidney stone hit me–on a plane! I ended up gutting it out until landing, then in an ambulence being rushed from the Denver airport to a local ER, then the tests, etc. Fortunately I passed it that very night–so it was only about 16 hours of the depths of hell for me– I hope and pray that your system can resolve this even quicker!


  10. Betsy says:

    Dear Brother John, I’m sorry to hear you’re suffering.
    You will be in my prayers.


  11. Steve H. says:

    Ooooh! Big pain. I hope the pain killers are good ones. Try to remember: this too shall pass.


  12. Tim says:

    more appropriately God bless YOU!


  13. Sharon says:

    Oh my! So sorry that you have to endure this. Get well soon.


  14. Debra James says:

    Been there, ou have my sympathies. drink lots of wat and cranberry juice to help flush and break them down. I found using a hot water bottle helped ease he pain somewhat too.


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