Let the Blessings Flow

Some of the comments following the UnBlog “Journey to C&E” was that you are seeking and hoping and striving to believe that these great things do still happen in our day. By way of bearing testimony that these great blessings do flow in our day, I would like to share a personal experience I have alluded to in a few firesides. I do so with only the hope that it will add to your belief and hope and willingness to continue to seek after these great things until you obtain them. The path is not easy, but it is true, and many are finding it.

Many years ago I had an experience in prayer which began as deeply searching and needing. After about an hour of spiritual struggle I felt a pure flow of knowledge which answered my need and ended my searching. It was like being plugged into a computer with the ability to download insight, wisdom, truth and enlightenment in an instant. I felt so grateful for this powerful and timely answer to my prayers that I remained on my knees to thank God. I didn’t want to leave. I felt welcome, at peace and at home. I prayed on into the night, sending my gratitude as high as my spiritual voice would launch it. As the Spirit filled me with greater and greater light, my words became more powerful than language, more beautiful than poetry, more profound than English can be. It was speech and song, worship and wonder that far eclipsed language. I found myself rejoicing as I have never rejoiced before, and so enveloped with love that it consumed me. I felt on fire, my skin was burning and I had the sensation of floating.

In the midst of this experience, the Spirit whispered to me that I should get into bed. “Look, you’re cold and shivering. Get into bed.” I realized for the first time that I was icy cold. I climbed into bed and the experience continued. The primary feeling within me was of being loved by God, of being welcome in His presence. My mind was filled with light. I opened my eyes to the darkness of night, but saw light everywhere. I was given questions to ask, and received the answers. These were not questions I would have thought of, but questions I should have known to ask. Every answer expanded my mind with more than words. I “saw” the answers, felt them, assimilated them in my soul and marveled over them. This continued for about an hour.

A moment later I felt a great presence of power. The previous feelings of great wisdom and truth, of vast love and acceptance were still present. But, this additional presence was power greater than if you were laid upon a million volt power line. It was power so vast that I was fully aware that if I had not come through the earlier process of prayer and worship, enlightenment and protection, that this greater power would have rendered me to atoms. I could feel this great power all through me, but felt no fear. I felt very humbled and tiny in comparison, like a child who had been unexpectedly ushered in to see the King. I felt welcome, but unprepared to be there. I heard a voice which sounded to me like the voice of eternity. It was as if a planet had acquired lips and was speaking. The voice was every sound humans can hear combined into one sound, like the rushing of a mighty wind or the sound of creation moving mountains and planets into place and setting them spinning on their path.

This voice said two sentences, both of which startled me to the core. I could hardly imagine what I had even heard. I wasn’t even sure I had heard it correctly. My mortal mind wanted to doubt. After I heard these things I saw two small visions which I will share some other time. Then, the experience stopped abruptly. I was left to myself to ponder what I had seen and heard. I laid there for quite a few minutes, pondering what I had seen, unsure that I could ever remember the whole of it – when it began again. I saw and heard exactly the same thing a second time.

During the second iteration of this experience I grew very tired. It was by then early morning and my body was exhausted. I felt myself going to sleep even though I willed myself to be awake. I felt something reach out and touch me like how someone strokes a child to sooth them. Sleep fled from me. I was suddenly fully awake until the experience concluded exactly as the first time.

Again I laid there pondering what had happened, reviewing it in my mind, rejoicing over and over. All doubt was gone. I simply knew all that I had seen and experienced. I was trying to understand what I had done to trigger this experience, and why I would be worthy of such a thing when the familiar voice of the Holy Spirit said “Get up and write it down.”

I went downstairs to my computer and turned it on. I had gotten up so quickly upon hearing the instruction to write it down that I forgot to pick up my glasses. I had to put my face right into the screen to start my word processor and open my journal. I sat there and knew in all of my heart that I could never remember every word. Each of the prior two experiences had taken about an hour. The Holy Spirit said, “Just write.” I put my fingers on the keys and wrote “I just had one of the most amazing experiences of my life…” when the same experience opened up a third time. The entire experienced again happened as I wrote. I wrote with wild haste. I ignored spelling, punctuation and capitalization. I just wrote as furiously as I could. At the end of the experience I knew I had only captured a small portion of it, but what I had written was true and it was astonishing. I saved the file and turned off the computer. The clock beside my desk said it was 5:00 a.m.  I dressed and left for work having spent the entire night in vision.

Throughout the day I was invigorated and awake. I pondered all day long what had happened during that long sleepless night. When I finally got into bed that next evening I was no more tired than any usual night. I prayed for a long time, hoping to again have a vast experience, but it did not come. I closed my prayers and climbed into bed and soon fell to sleep.

Since that experience I have wanted to share both what happened, and why, but the Lord has laid a blanket of silence over those things for many years. In those years I have written extensively about how it happened. It happened because I was taught how to hear and then to obey the voice of the Holy Spirit, which is the voice of Christ. That is the only “how” there is. I have written volumes on this subject adding up to millions of words describing this process. The only reason I know it is because God very gently led me through that process until I experienced blessings I didn’t even know I was seeking. I had to look back to see that they were the very things the Gospel, the priesthood and the temple had promised me. It was a startling insight.

It has only been recently that Father has allowed me to describe “what”. What happens is that the heavens do open, and miracles do occur. What happens is that the promises of the latter-days are fulfilled to the letter. We can approach the veil and accomplish everything we hope for.

I don’t even know why I can say these things now. Perhaps it is because my life is nearing its conclusion and I would not feel I could report my life as having been fully accomplished if I leave mortality with these things in my head. Perhaps there is a sense of safety in knowing once life ends nobody can take away what you said while yet alive. They can doubt, but they can’t erase the fact that it was said.

When the Spirit suggested “Un-Blog My Soul” as the name for this blog I thought it was ironic. The idea of doing this blog and its purpose came to me in a flash of insight. I was to publish all of these precious things in my soul so that death could not erase them. I wanted them to not be lost to my wife, to my children, to my brothers and sisters and to anyone who could be blessed by them. To me, “Un-Blog” and unclog and unload and unburden all mean the same thing, that my life not end before my soul has been emptied of these precious things. There seems to be a great deal more to Un-Blog than I envisioned, which means the Lord apparently isn’t yet ready to draw the curtain on my life.

Until that day arrives,

Brother John

© April 2012, John M. Pontius, all rights reserved. Non-commercial reproduction permitted

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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26 Responses to Let the Blessings Flow

  1. Xena2themax says:

    Finally, now I have a better understanding of what happened to me Brother John. One Fast Sunday after bearing my testimony in church strongly on Charity. I felt wonderful the rest of the day. When I went to bed I began pondering again my testimony and the next thing I know I’m being preached a sermon in my mind that is the most eloquent language and perfectly placed words and thoughts that I KNOW I could never ever get to come out of my mouth! The joy and beauty of it was so consuming I felt like my heart was going to burst and I almost had to beg the Spirit to stop the utterance because I literally felt “consumed” with Joy! The words and language were so beautiful it defies description. It almost feels like an out of body experience of spirit to spirit communion and oneness to the point of never wanting to return if that makes sense.

    Thank you for what you share with us. I for one am so edified when others share their experiences because I am a believer. I also have a problem with containing myself from commenting to the point of sounding like a know it all. I’m thankful to those who are willing to admit this weakness. I just like to share but understand now that some aren’t ready for such things and it can be a hinderance in their progress. I learn so much here and am so thankful. Nice to be with all of you! Thank you again for your life’s work Brother John.

    Love and blessings to all.


  2. Barbara O'Brien says:

    Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful gifts the Lord has given unto you to give back to the children of men. Well I was reading this with this beautiful hymn by the choir and it has really touched my heart so. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSc-CDL61u8&list=PL683E023819B65231&index=1&feature=plpp_videoul, Thanks again!


  3. Bill Coulam says:

    Thank you for sharing this brother. I don’t yet understand why so many with sacred experiences feel the need/inspiration to keep them quiet. I’d like to believe that — like the instances of divine contact and revelation recorded in the scriptures — sharing these sacred moments would only increase in others the desire to believe and obey, faith, and the yearning to know and see the same.

    In my case, your evening with the Spirit turned the light on a memory and a longing to return to that state of grace I once enjoyed. Hoping this may be just the extra oomph I needed to finally give up my “need” for entertainment, and spend all that extra time doing something far better.


    • Most of my life I have felt the pressure by the Spirit to NOT share most sacred things. I’m not even sure why that changed for me abuptly about two years ago. All of a sudden the command was to share many things – and actually is the reason I started the Un-Blog in 2010.

      Thanks for the comment, JMP


      • Rosamond Taylor says:

        I also thank you for sharing, Brother John. I am grateful that the Lord has given you the “green light” to tell others of your experiences and the path that is before us to enter the Lord’s presence. Considering all that I have felt and learned in the past 2+ years (part of which is learning that there are many others going through similar experiences) I can’t help but think that the Lord has given you permission to share because enough people are ready for this journey. I have friends at church who willingly have their heads “in the sand” about what is coming. But there is a growing number who are searching, growing, hungering and thirsting for the experiences that you have had and who have the desire to be among those who are called to build Zion.
        With my new found understanding, I have been rereading the conference talks from the past 12 years. I am amazed at how much of what you are teaching is there in the conference talks and I didn’t “get it” at the time. The Lord is teaching us the way through many avenues. Those who have any yearning at all will get the message one way or another. This is very encouraging to me. And it helps me see the hand of the Lord in all things.


  4. Dean says:

    You may know that middle age is considered to be age 30 to 59, and you brother John must have hit the “old age” threshold of ’60.’ This is my second month of 60 myself, and it seems to have triggered the “look back at my life” as never before.
    What I like about your blog is its a place where like-minded people can converse about the gospel in safety. After all, what the Lord needs now is a millenial people who can operate in a terrestrial world. They’ve risen above the telestial world, and love as God loves us. It’s a battle on both sides of the veil, but we are hoping that we win, and desire to bring as many as are willing to come with us.
    Australia 71-73 you may want to delete this one. thanks


    • Delete it? Naw, I loved it. I think one of the major missions of the UnBlog is to help true disciples see that they are not alone, that many people are seeking and obtaining these great blessings, and that it is a sign of the times before us.



  5. kenh says:

    Thank you John for these precious gifts from God and His blessing to share them with us all. It demonstrated casting away one’s unbelief to ask and receive whatever God desires to bless you with in your life. We can personal allow Christ to lift the condemnation from our soul that we are all under in section 84 of D&C. He will bless each and everyone of us when we do the same things. May we learn from the Lord how to do these things and reap the great and glorious blessings. The invitation is offered to all, for all of us are equally precious in His sight.


  6. golddog says:

    Brother John, you have blessed my life! For the past two years I have been researching and preparing to write a book about “Knowing God.” I’ve written the first three chapters; but have since halted writing, though I am still gathering notes and doing more research. Your post “Let the Blessings Flow” has helped me understand why: I have not yet experienced what you have shared with me and your other readers. And I appreciate that understanding so much. I have come to know God’s love in my life; my heart has experienced the mighty change that Alma describes in the Book of Mormon. But you have truly come to *know God* and I am grateful to now understand the difference between my life’s experience and yours.


    • Dear Brother Golddog,

      (I never thought I’d every write that salutation!) I’m so humbled by your comment. Actually, we all have strengths, and of course weaknesses. My life’s work seems to involve testifying that the Lord’s promises and gifts are all available and flowing into our lives, and the Lord graciously gave me the experiences to prepare me. He didn’t decrease me weaknesses, but magnified them to match my gifts. As to our life’s experiences, you are undoubtedly very blessed in your gifts.

      See you in Zion,

      Brother John


  7. Nancy Kay (Jackel) Sherman says:

    Brother John, reading this experience brought back the peace and power of a singular experience of mine in April of 2000. I later thought I may have been blessed with this experience to help me face what would a month later be a terrible blow of finding my husband’s business had been entirely embezzled by the office manager. Whatever the reason, it changed my whole outlook on life.

    I am one of those Community of Christ / RLDS people, and found you first from an email of the experience you had with Felix Mynhardt and his translation of the Book of Mormon. I was thrilled to read of this, as my 88 yr old mother, Mary Jo Jackel, has been working for so many years trying to transliterate the “Caractor Strip”. She has made some amazing breakthroughs lately, and we are very excited about her work. Since she has been working to find Demotic Egyptian characters that coincide with the “Caractors”, it has been a long and tedious but very rewarding experience.

    I began to wonder if any copies of Mynhardt’s Egyptian transcript (the one he did first) were still at all available. If so, using them would definitely help speed up her work, as she could possibly find more matches working from this. Is there any way this coud occur? God bless you for your many years of His work.



    • Dear Nancy,

      I only saw Mynhardt that one time as he spoke on the stand. I never met him personally. I don’t know what became of his work. Sorry I can’t be of more help. It sounds like an interesting work your mother is doing.



      • Nancy Kay (Jackel) Sherman says:

        Thank you for replying. I was just hopeful that you knew how to contact him or his heirs. Her work is fascinating. She just made another breakthrough on the symbol for “metal records”. It is the shape that looks like a boat with dots inside & 4 stick marks up on the top. Little by little! She is being very careful to find more than one agreement among the experts on each symbol. Thanks again, and God Bless. NancyS


    • D. Charles Pyle says:

      “Since she has been working to find Demotic Egyptian characters that coincide with the “Caractors”, it has been a long and tedious but very rewarding experience.”

      I had started working on something like that some years ago. It was slow going for me as well and became even worse after suffering carbon monoxide poisoning. This took away a good portion of my linguistic capabilities, effectively stopping further work on it.

      I am working on recovering my abilities, having a long way to go, but have a couple pointers to offer that I hope can assist in said work. In my opinion, she should not restrict her search to Demotic. 650 BCE was the time of the formation of Demotic. Much writing from that time, and for some period of time afterward, was in a transitional stage that still included some degree of Hieratic mixed with the Demotic, depending upon the texts. This transitional stage is also what should be expected with the Brass Plates, should anyone ever find them. It should also form the basis for the Book of Mormon and, thus, should also be expected of the Anthon Transcript, depending upon how accurately the characters were transcribed.

      That said, as one example of this that I have seen in the Anthon Transcript is that the so-called ‘sign of the scribe’ (looks somewhat like a handwriting letter ‘H’) is Hieratic of this transitional stage. I have also determined that it is also a single word expressed by a single character rather than forming parts of words. I once was looking through prints of an Egyptian text that was written in Demotic and was also grammatically Late Egyptian. In that document, the word for “writing” was condensed to a single character, which was this single ‘sign of the scribe’ in most cases where it was found.

      Since Late Egyptian would also have been the Egyptian grammatical stage expected of the Book of Mormon, I applied the same to the Anthon Transcript. Accordingly, I noted that this single character was attached in the Anthon Transcript to another character in a couple places or so, which seemed to me to mean “this,” which I translated as “this writing.”

      While not totally certain of the first line of the Transcript, I am of the opinion that it references the first year of someone’s reign. I suspected it was Zedekiah because of the ‘ka’ character in that first line. There is also a character in Demotic in that first line that looks like a partial ‘figure 8’ which seemed to me to be part of a word that relates to begetting. This figure has an exact match in Demotic to the Egyptian symbol of a ‘penis’ that is used in such words. This is as far as I got before I lost my linguistic abilities for several years and am still working to recover them.

      Also, I am most interested in what work your mother has done so far. Can I see a copy? It had long been my dream to compile information and then back-translate the Book of Mormon into Egyptian hieroglyphics, later converting them into Demotic. It will be some years before I can pursue something like this again. It may never happen. However, I still am interested in seeing what others have come up with.


      • Nancy Jackel Sherman says:

        Sorry to be so slow in replying. Had computer issues. I am so excited to hear from you, but so sorry for your loss of Linguistic abilities. My Aunt lost all her Spanish from a stroke, so I can relate to your difficulties. I am forwarded on your email to my mother, Mary Jo Jackel, so that she can reply to you directly. You two need to get together! Yes, she has also seen that some of the Caractors are whole words and some are compounds, etc. She had also found that some heiroglyphics were used. She tries to always find more than one source for her transcriptions. I am sending this on tonight (5/7/12), and will see her this weekend for Mother’s Day. Thank you so much for your response. Nancy


    • D. Charles Pyle says:


      I have done some exhaustive research into the question regarding the story that our departed brother, John Pontius shared, and as I have time the research continues. I even received information from a relative of Felix Alexis Mijnhardt (the full spelling of his name). According to all the information I have received and uncovered, the Egyptian translation element of the story is an incorrect memory, as I expected when I came across the story. I also obtained a copy of a transcript of a talk given by Professor Mijnhardt, dating to the same date and location as mentioned by Brother Pontius, which had been transcribed by the Transvaal Stake.

      It was Hebrew that Professor Mijnhardt used to translate portions of the Book of Mormon with which he had difficulties, particularly those passages containing indirect quotes from the Bible and other kinds of passages. When he had difficulties, according to the transcript, he would translate the English passages into Hebrew, and then into Afrikaans. When he did that, he found that it was easier to translate. According to the transcript, Professor Mijnhardt became convinced after more than a year that Joseph Smith did not just think up the Book of Mormon but that the translation had as its basis an original Semitic language.

      To put it as the professor stated it, according to the transcript, dated May 14, 1972, in Johannesburg, he states: “The point I wish to make is that this to me proves that the Book of Mormon was not thought up but had in fact a solid matter of fact origin of some Semitic language.”

      No matter the number of errors in recollection of the events after 40 years, the story has solid basis in fact and in things that the translator of the Book of Mormon into Afrikaans said in front of a congregation, and a congregation that had the good sense to leave us a record of an important event. Felix Mijnhardt did translate the Book of Mormon into an ancient language and then into Afrikaans, at least for many portions of the text, and became convinced that the Book of Mormon came from a Semitic text and was not simply thought up by Joseph Smith. These are all facts supported by the evidence I have seen thus far.

      I thought I would share this because it was an important part of Brother Pontius’ life. And now I almost feel like I was there being able to read the transcript that was part of a collection of local records submitted to Salt Lake some time ago by the Transvaal Stake, in South Africa.

      For those interested, the current location of the transcript is in the Church History Library, call number LR 9256 24, Folder 1. And, now that I have fulfilled the purpose of obtaining a copy of this transcript of an audio recording and telling the family about it here, I will be placing it in my file cabinet for future reference.


  8. jowo says:

    thank you is all I can say


  9. darrell brashear says:

    I am humbled and amazed that the Lord has permitted you to share these things with us. It brings great hope and comfort to hear of these experiences.

    I know in my own life I am feeling that need and hunger….the need to know my Lord and Savior, the need to know and love and trust His voice with all of my heart, might, mind and strength.

    I want to know Him and trust Him to the degree that I can and will go anywhere He leads me. I want to get to the point where I follow His voice with exactness with every fiber of my being. Please pray for me.

    Brother D.


  10. Althea says:

    Everything you write vibrates cords in my heart. I am so grateful for your Unblog….bless my sister for sharing it with me.


  11. Tim says:

    ‘sure would like a list of questions given to me to ask… i do have my list started but i get the impression is is very much lacking


  12. Sister Harris says:

    What a powerful and wonderful experience, it gives me hope to keep trying, studying, having faith and moving forward. Thank you Brother John.


  13. Cheryl Dilworth says:



  14. J.J. Brown says:

    I’m overcome by this entry. It brings to mind Elder Scott’s recent Conference address on personal revelation which i just watched last night on DVR. I was half expecting him to begin quoting from your book.

    I have a brother who does organizational behavior work for Church headquarters. He recently described how the brethren are trying to turn the church administrators into something more like prophets who will run their departments according to the Spirit rather than rely on the Twelve to give constant guidance. Also, he talked to me about how the Brethren want the high level managers to begin acting as servants to the on-the-ground leaders rather than to dictate policies to them. I was reassured by the fact that the Brethren are pushing the Church to a higher level, closer to Zion.

    Then there’s the necessary personal development of the Saints, themselves. Pres. Uchdorf’s talk on not judging others and Elder Scott’s talk on personal revelation seemed to me to be obvious wake up calls to the Saints to reach a higher level, to approach Zion.

    I can’t help but wonder if Elder Scott’s talk from the pulpit didn’t unlock the door for Saints to begin reaching for more and sharing on a higher level. Who knows, he may have unlocked the door for you to share this beautiful entry today.


  15. Donald says:

    As always, thank you John. I’m grateful to the Lord for allowing you to share this experience. I pray that He will permit you to continue for many many years.
    -kind regards


  16. Brett says:


    It is no wonder that Nephi, Jacob, Enos, and others wrote their records in their elder years after much reflection.


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