Daily Nooz

The “Daily Nooz” is news that doesn’t really matter, but might be of interest to the UnBlog Family.

Yesterday, April 20, 2012 was a new record for views* in one day with 1279 views.

Today the UnBlog will pass 200,000 all-time views.

In the last 30 days the UnBlog was read in about 50 countries (more if you count single hits).

Nobody has asked how I feel about the wonderful growth of the UnBlog, but I’ll tell you anyway. It scares me a little, and it makes me want to create a login requirement. But, that’s probably just my natural man acting up again.

* “View” = access to a page without regard to how long the view lasted (a millisecond or an hour counts as one view). Each visitor is counted as one view even if they read multiple articles. The UnBlog has nearly 500 email subscribers. Emails do not count toward the total view count unless the reader clicks back into the article on the UnBlog website.

God bless,

Brother John

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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5 Responses to Daily Nooz

  1. Charlotte says:

    I am grateful you are here, that you share with us. God has blessed you, may He continue. Thank you very much


    • Members were very happy with it. The anti folks felt it was making claimes or trying to prove the BoM was true. It was just a memory and a testimony. I got several emails from folks who were familiar with those events and they didn’t remember it the way I did. I was just 19 then, and in 40 years it is possible my memory is incorrect, so I just decided to retract the article. But, I still believe what I heard was true, I just can’t prove it and don’t want to fight about it. Sorry if that sounds like the chicken way out, but I believe it is how I should deal with it. I don’t want anything to challenge the integrity of the UnBlog, and make it appear that I’m just telling stories to try to make people feel good. The Spirit said that would be the next attack, so I removed the target. It was sort of like the 116 pages. Best to forget them and move on.



  2. A “View” is each page visited. When someone visits the home page, they may read multiple articles as one “view.” If they are viewing full articles, each article is one “view.” 🙂


  3. kenh says:

    One glorioius miracle after another, John. The truth will cover the world like a flood in the last days. This unblog is a pure stream adding to that flood. Flow onward!


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