I thank you all who have contributed your wise words in the previous UnBlog on being Humble. I learned and benefitted from your words, and from your humility. I agree with all of your words, and especially appreciate the insights on coming to understand one’s own nothingness and the greatness of God. I loved the comments about being taught and led by Christ, and listening to the Spirit and obeying it.

I thought the picture above with “Humility” written in sand was so descriptive of my experience with it. How easy it is to watch humility blow away in the little winds of self-importance that blow so easily in the mortal world.

I especially enjoyed the lines you wrote:

Steve H wrote “Humility, like patience, is a gift one prays for at his own risk.”

David P’s motto “He who will not be humbled will be humiliated.”

FJC’s words “putting on the armor, one piece at a time, becoming gloriously dressed before the Lord, just as He is.”

Adrian’s “If I have to summarize humility, I do so by calling it the recognition that what I want is not necessarily what God wants for me, and that I have to make a choice. Choosing what God wants, whatever that entails, to me is humility.”

James’ “Those who find it hard to be humble because they’re so good simply lack awareness of the true nature of things. Our world doesn’t help because it continually boasts how informed and in control it is. When we consider, however, what do we mortals really know or control, about the world around us and about ourselves, the honest in heart will admit we don’t know squat. We just exist here by some magical gift. All the whys remain mysterious. Our so-called innate abilities seemingly came from nowhere.  Then, suddenly one day God reveals Himself, and we are compelled to proclaim that all Glory belongs to Him.”

Mark’s “Seems like a process that ultimately is a gift from the one who is the source of all good.  Again, ours to allow to be done to us, but ultimately done by Him.”

These were great and inspired essays on being humble. Each of you wrote something worthwhile and uplifting.

One of the humbling aspects of this for me was hearing each of your testimonies, feeling your righteous desires and knowing that there are so many wonderful people out there seeking to do everything required of us and who yearn to be Christlike and humble. It was uplifting and humbling to stop being the teacher in the UnBlog classroom, and feel your spiritual sweetness and strength strengthening me. I realize there are many of you out there who could take over the UnBlog and do an inspired job. I am humbled to be a part of your lives and to be schooled by you.

You can read all of your comments HERE if you haven’t already.

Thank you so very much.

I am starting to feel a little stronger, and hopefully can get back into the UnBlog saddle more often. Thank you for being a part of the UnBlog. I derive great strength from you, and from the process of life required to be a part of the UnBlog and from your prayers.

Brother John

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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3 Responses to Humility

  1. Daniel Duke says:

    Here’s another good quote, one that has continued to helped me through-out my life: “Humility neither threatens nor boasts.”


  2. Jared says:

    I think that true humility is a willingness to sacrifice everything, in life and in death, as an expression of ones unspeakable love and affection for Jesus Christ.

    When I obey God’s commandments because of the Love I have for my Savior, to convey my heart-felt gratitude and total surrender to Him, my obedience becomes sweet, pure, and perfect. On the other hand, when I obey simply as a matter of mechanical self-will, my pithy attempts at obedience are a drudgery and a mockery at faith.

    Loving God really is the only way. When we do this, our faith, hope, charity, repentance, obedience, humility, and all aspects of godliness are instilled within us by Christ’s grace as He smiles upon us. He feeds us His love as we willfully obey because we love Him. And we love Him because He first loved us so completely.

    That is why it is so vital that we pray for charity. One must taste His love first. Once tasted, we find access to that living water which is everlasting inasmuch as we drink it in through our complete obedience to Him.



  3. Flash says:

    We had a young, golden convert who had lived an extremely wayward life up until the time she investigated the church. After baptism, she received a long, Patriarchal Blessing detailing her pre-mortal worthiness, including the fact that before she came into this world hands were placed upon her head and she was promised she WOULD have the gospel in this life. (I want to mention that she was brilliant—a genius in every way that can be noticed—one of the two smartest people I’ve ever known.)

    She was told that she had sat in the highest heavenly counsels, and had been a great missionary during the War in Heaven—to the extent that there were many people on earth today who would have gone with Lucifer if it had not been for her powers of persuasion on behalf of Christ.

    We became close friends and discussed the possibility of our having had a pre-mortal relationship where I would come to earth first and then help her find the gospel—sort of a Saturday’s Warrior kind of scene.

    One day a few years later, I was thinking of her story, and thought about the fact that we were close friends in this life. (I often responded to her needs before she ever mentioned them.) A thought came to me, and I wondered if I (“even I”) had been there in those “highest counsels” with her. That idea had never occurred to me before.

    When the thought came, my body was suddenly filled with a profound velvet vibration, and words came to my mind, “You were one of those who would have gone with Satan if it had not been for [her missionary efforts].”

    I was stunned. My husband and closest friends tried to challenge the idea, but I couldn’t allow them to oppose my revelation. I KNEW it was true. I’ve never felt inadequate because of it, remembering that there were others (Paul, Alma the younger and such) who were rescued from misdirections. My gift was being born of goodly parents and marrying a righteous man.

    This morning in prayer, I remembered that experience and felt a tremendous sense of gratitude for the privilege of being on earth with all of the glorious possibilities open to me if I keep repenting and re-committing. I gave thanks in advance for the sacrament emblems which I will be offered again.

    I believe when we understand eternal truths with GRATTITUDE for the possibilities we are offered because of Christ’s loving atonement, it promotes a deep sense of humility—especially when we consider what might have been without Him.


    (I don’t mean to SHOUT with capitals, I just don’t know how to use italics in this program 🙂


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