A Day of Days

There will be many events in the history of the earth that changed the course of humanity. One of these was the day Adam found himself in the Garden of Eden. Another was when Noah closed the door of the Arc, and when Christ was born, crucified and resurrected, and the first vision. In our personal lives, these “Day of Days” are such as going on a mission, getting married, having each child, hearing awful news, and realizing God delivers from those awful things.

In my spiritual journey, there have been a few “Day of Days” experiences as well. Among these was the first moment I realized that God lives, the Church is true, and that I could and should go on a mission; The moment I realized in Africa that the Holy Spirit could and would put powerful words in my mouth if I was prepared to speak them; The first time I was Born Again, and for that matter, every subsequent time. There have been great and glorious moments since then, revelatory and visionary moments, as well as the one which occurred just yesterday.

In the course of my recent life I have made some very good friends, people who share my love of the Lord, who share my yearning for Zion, and my willingness to pay any price to build it. One of these new friends is Spencer, for whom I recently wrote a book you are probably aware is about to be published. Yesterday I gathered most of these dear friends together. We spent three hours wrapped in the Holy Spirit, learning from Spencer, sharing testimony and insight, and rejoicing in the Lord. It is not uncommon to feel the Holy Spirit this strongly, but it is uncommon I think to feel it for three continuous hours. When our time was spent and we were embracing one another, none of us wanted to leave. We just wanted to stay and bask, to enlarge and prolong this most recent “Day of Days”.

We also formed a committee to organize the “UnBlog Family Reunion” in August. If all goes as planned, it will be another “Day of Days”. We have a venue in mind, and we have most of the program and speakers planned, and I am certain it will be another highlight of my life. We are expecting about 400 people from all over to join us.

I will keep you updated about the date, time, place and program as it takes shape.

Brother John

© June 2012, John M. Pontius, all rights reserved. Non-commercial reproduction permitted.

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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7 Responses to A Day of Days

  1. Ryan says:

    “One of these new friends is Spencer, for whom I recently wrote a book you are probably aware is about to be published” Brother John, did you say it was about to be published? meaning this year? As per our conversation last, you said it would be the first of next year. Is this still the case?

    Thank you!

    Brother Ryan


    • Well, I have been negotiating with the publisher, and told them if I didn’t have a contract and publication date by the end of this week, that I would withdraw the book. So, they are scrambling to get it done. If the present talk actually materializes it will be out in time for Christmas.

      At least, that is my prayer,



  2. Linda Ayre says:

    I am holding my breath about the date of the reunion because I have two trips planned for August. I will be sick at heart if there is a conflict. Any chance the reunion can take place in September when summer trips are over?


  3. Juli says:

    So looking forward to this ‘reunion.’ Our spirits have basked together in the light of your words so very often and have come together in prayers of relief and rejoicing that it will be just purely divine to actually sit in the presence of so many like-minded and heart-softened fellow saints yearning for the Kingdom that is to come. Thank you for always thinking of others and for putting this together.


    • I was very pleased with out first planning meeting. The Spirit was present, and it just came together quickly in a much better way than I had been originally thinking. I hope to see you there.



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