Making the Change Voluntarily

I was quite interested in all of your responses to the last UnBlog. There really are several correct mindsets regarding preparedness. One is store and prepare like squirrels. Store everything possible. I don’t see a thing wrong with doing that unless it causes us to feel “at ease in Zion” and overlook the essential journey it takes to obtain the Holy Spirit as your guide.

The other mindset is to proceed with physical preparations, but to seek foremost to wrap ourselves in the safety of the Holy Spirit, and to depend upon Christ only, not first upon our food storage, and then upon the Lord if that fails.

I perhaps gave the impression that I was discounting physical preparation, or proposing that it was not an inspired necessity. I personally have a preparedness program and hope to have more. The point I was making is that nothing can take the place of taking the Holy Spirit to be our guide. No physical preparation will substitute, or become so great and protecting that we outgrow the need for the guiding hand of the Lord.

There will certainly be some among the wealthy and some governments who will dig mile-deep holes in the ground and fill them with biscuits and bullets, and the prophetic word is that they shall all perish.

The promise is that those who have taken the Holy Spirit to be their guide, and not been deceived, these will “abide the day”. It is quite possible that one of those deceptions is that food storage alone will save us. I fully expect that anyone with the Holy Spirit as their guide will make wise and appropriate physical preparations as they execute the Lord’s plan for them personally. I also expect that there will be those on the Lord’s errand who do great things in preparing for their neighbors, making preparations for places of refuge and other tasks necessary to the Lord’s latter-day work.

The transition of this world from Telestial to Terrestrial will shake our world until there is nothing left of the Telestial. In the Terrestrial day there will be no hunger – which means we don’t need food. There will be no disease, illness, injury or death – which eliminates a large part of our present struggles and needs. All things will become new. The laws of nature will be altered to aid us rather than oppose us. The earth will no longer withhold her bounty, and all enmity will cease. There will be no government but Christ, and hence no conflict or war. In short, we won’t need anything we presently depend upon in the Telestial world.

When these changes begin, those who are clinging to something in the Telestial world, like wealth, power, comfort, land, politics, fame or even food storage, will find those things to be an anchor to their souls.

The only way to voluntarily change from the telestial to the terrestrial is to do as the Temple teaches us, and consecrate everything we have to Christ. You and I both know that there is a vast spiritual evolution such simple words can’t capture. We will discuss this more in coming UnBlogs. The point is that by appropriately, through this process of spiritual triumph, giving all things to Christ unfetters us from them and provides us a true safety. We still possess those things, but we no longer depend upon them, covet them, seek safety from them, or withhold them from our neighbor – we depend upon Christ alone.

Like the widow woman who obediently gave her last meal to the prophet Elijah, and thereafter her cruise of oil never failed, and her barrel of meal never wasted away. Our only safety is in giving it all away and trusting God to work the miracles that save us.

This is the process that voluntarily brings us into the millennial state.

Next on the UnBlog: Consecration Made Easy

Brother John

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13 Responses to Making the Change Voluntarily

  1. Adrian says:

    About two years ago, I began to feel the need to enhance my preparations. Food storage came to mind first, of course, as that’s the counsel most often repeated. But already having a pretty good supply for my family, I began praying to know exactly what I should do next. More clothing? Water? Better 72-hour kits? Guns? So went my thinking…

    At the time, I was a very typical church member, trying to live a good life, and doing everything I thought I should. Or so I told myself.

    The process of praying over several months about preparation led me to some deeper things of the gospel, which led me to Following the Light of Christ into his Presence, and here to the unblog. (Denver Snuffer’s works and a few others are prominent in this journey as well.)

    As you might guess, much has changed in my life, my priorities, and my focus on this journey. I am certainly no longer complacent in my “preparations.”

    But praying about my family’s preparations for the last days was the start of this rebirth. It was what awoke me from my slumber.

    The most astonishing thing, at first, was that the Lord was absolutely silent on the topic of more physical preparation. EVERYTHING he required (and requires thus far) has been spiritual. It was certainly not what I expected. But as the journey has progressed it makes perfect sense.

    I asked for a loaf of bread, and he led me to the Bread of Life.


  2. jodee maas says:

    Your gift with words John, is so greatly appreciated! You stated what is and has been in my heart and motivating me for quite awhile. I hope that many other Saints see the truth in our need to rely solely on our Saviour in order to truly become terrestrial. I agree wholeheartedly that our only safety lies with Him, and being willing to consecrate all to Him. Thank you again for a great post!


  3. jowo says:

    “Your description of consecration is so perfect, that when we consecrate we give up ownership, but not stewardship. We are free of the burden of deciding what to do with ourselves or our “things” because it all belongs to the Lord, and we trust Him implicitely to guide us, and know that His will is the only right course.”
    I think, perhaps, this is good counsel/advice as to child-rearing also.


  4. Mark says:

    Another great post John. I sure enjoy and learn so much from the comments. Laurence, I enjoyed what you wrote and it made me consider some things. Most of the council and warnings in the Book of Mormon are specifically directed at the members of the Church. These warnings and council do not mince words. I can’t help but consider the covenants we make at the temple and then wonder how it is that within one ward or congregation, such a disparity of needs can exist. How many 401k’s are funded and growing while people within the same ward cannot meet basic necessities. We have so far to go. Is tithing and a generous fast offering the law of Moses or the fulfilled law? Sure the Lord can use our extra food storage for others when a disaster comes our way, but how great are the needs of others right now? What about our “money storage.” For many this seems to be asking far too much and certainly gets into sensitive territory, but it begs the question, “how reliant and trusting are we really on the Lord?” What type of stewards are we with our current resources? This I know…one cannot put the Lord in debt.


  5. Dennis farr says:

    No sane active member of the Church would argue against the spirit being foremost in our preparation for the coming days. It is after all what we seek. It does seem difficult to think we could achieve A meaningful relationship with the Spirit by choosing the things of the world over the Spirit by not Preparing for the physical needs of our families and others. Every Prophet for many many years has asked us to do so. I think they were wise in their council.


  6. Laurence Smith says:

    May I share an experience. I teach the High Priests and am constantly reminding them to prepare. One Sunday as a member of the group leadership was teaching, he stated that he guessed that they should do as Bro. Smith suggests, to get prepared. I stated that it was not Bro. Smith, that I was just repeating the council of the brethren for over 100 years. But I commented that we were looking at it incorrectly. I said that every High Priest in that group (about 15) could have a 3 year supply for both them and their spouce. Then if we truly have consecrated all that we have to the Lord, what could HE dow with 90 years worth of food in a disaster? HE could feed 90 people for a year, 180 for 6 months, and 360 for 90 days. I have come to the conclusion that it is indeed the Lord’s money, if HE wants me to spend it on Food Storage, it is my job to do that. It is then HIS food to do with as HE pleases. Consecration means giving up ownership. I am then simply HIS steward. Consecration is not a promisory note, it is literal, and now.


    • I love this comment. You make many good points, not the least is that the Lord is able to make stones into bread, or the efforts of a few faithful into a miracle for all. Your description of consecration is so perfect, that when we consecrate we give up ownership, but not stewardship. We are free of the burden of deciding what to do with ourselves or our “things” because it all belongs to the Lord, and we trust Him implicitely to guide us, and know that His will is the only right course. Consecration also works the magic that we no longer are limited to just our own “preparations” but have the vast resources of Heaven at our disposal. We become the household of God, and dine at His table regardless of what is one our shelves.


  7. carol says:

    because we really don’t know and can’t see beyond today, even thou we try to plan…i find the best way is by continuely building a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior and taking the Holy Spirit as my guide working toward my BBF..i plan with the Holy Spirit and so far He has allowed me to cover a very large ground of gathering those things physically and spiritually…you really can’t go wrong.


  8. I love you John! If we don’t meet in this world, I will seek you and Spencer both in the next and will savor our embrace.


  9. Elder Stroud says:

    Preparing temporally is after all a test of obedience. When we have done as we have been counseled, we have claim on the blessings of heaven. Miracles will be the common theme in our future day of adversity and trial. The miracles of the scriptures will be eclipsed by the miracles that are coming. Those who have been obedient and done as we have been commanded for so many years by our prophets, can perform these miracles. All that is required is obedience!


    • I agree Elder Stroud. What I would add is that storing food is not the only act of obedience that we should be living. Just storing food is a tiny part of the Restored Gospel. We will perfom miracles when we have prepared spiritually, taken the Holy Spirit for our guide and obtained a profound relationship with Christ – not just when we have our food storage in order.

      I know you agree. I just wanted to keep the sharp edge of the blade on the bread.



  10. ken h says:

    The day will come when the western hemisphere will be cleansed of the ungodly before those who travel to Jackson County, Missouri and build the central city of Zion are commanded to go. The brethren in the past speak of refugees crossing the plains westward to the Rocky Mountain states where the saints that have survived the cleansing of the church have gathered and hold up the Constitution of the United States as the foundation of the government that remains there among the gathered and cleansed saints of God. These refugees will need food, shelter, clothes and love. Christ speaks of being naked and ye clothe me, hungry and you fed me, etc. When we spiritually prepare our lives by fully surrendering all that we have to Christ, then we can see outside of ourselves and be also prepared for those whose coming to us has been prophesied and whose lives will depend on us being Christ-like when they do. I know people who go to thrift stores and buy children‘s clothing even though their children are grown and gone. They do so for those children who will come with only the clothes on their backs being carried in the arms of their parents who have nothing either. So when we prepare personally, let us prepare with being able to be Christ-like with what the Lord has blessed us. Prepare to share as He would!


  11. Ryan says:

    This UnBlog makes me think of Enoch. Perfection or as close to it as possible while still in the mortal body. Although I’m sure that Enoch is Immortal by now.

    Thank you!

    Brother Ryan B.


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