Visions of Glory

“Spencer’s Book” is now entitled: “Visions of Glory: One Man’s Astonishing Account of the Last Days“. The cover art is a work in progress and will likely change somewhat. Let me know what you think so far.

The UnBlog Family Reunion is coming along well. So many people are helping make it a success and have worked long and hard on their part. I have always considered that when something is right, it will fall into place, that you don’t have to sledgehammer it into place. We had about 150 people register the first day alone. It looks like most of you also opted for the buffet dinner. It is going to be a wonderful event.

With the heavy lifting on the Reunion almost accomplished, I am hoping to get back to serious UnBlogging tomorrow.

God bless,

John Pontius

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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12 Responses to Visions of Glory

  1. Taylor says:

    I thought this was interesting considering the “people from the North” section of his book:


  2. Kate says:

    I just finished reading the “Journey to Zion” manuscript. I like “Visions of Glory” title better also. I have to say that much of it’s content felt “familiar”…not just things relating to my LDS beliefs and teachings either, Much time was also spent wondering why this man had these experiences and how I could help myself and others with having read it.


  3. Robin Carlson says:

    Dear Bro. John:
    I echo Regina and Annette’s comments. Can hardly wait .


  4. Donald says:

    The cover is a remarkable image. It brought to my mind the upheaval and tribulation that must be going on down there on our fragile little planet.


  5. Annette says:

    I like it. Cant wait for the book.


  6. Regina says:

    Love the cover, both the colors and the artwork.
    I like the new title and I am soooo excited to purchase and read it.


  7. Racquel Richardson says:

    I love the cover and as far as the title goes I felt the new title was more accurate and the other did not feel right.


  8. ken h says:

    I love the cover. It looks like the kind of book that a lot of people would be interested in buying and reading.


  9. Marci says:

    When I read an earlier title “Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory”, I got goosebumps. This newest title doesn’t speak to me the same way, but…no matter…I plan on reading it cover to cover the day it comes out! Thank you so much for bringing this to light.


  10. Steve says:

    I’m looking forward to the book. Thanks, Spencer and John. Steve


  11. Barbara Parshley says:

    The Cover for the book is beautiful!


  12. Elizabeth says:

    Wish I could be there! If you do something in Nauvoo….let me know.


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