Update on the UnBlog Reunion

Chris asked me to remind those who are coming to the UnBlog Family Reunion this Saturday.

  • Please look at the UnBlog Reunion Page for information on dress, program schedule, buffet menu, maps and other information you might need.
  • Arrive early. The doors open at 2:00 pm. The program starts at 3:00 pm. We have to register and seat 500 people in that hour.
  • Bring the exact change if you can. Credit card transactions will take a little longer to process.
  • Your ticket is under the name of whoever registered for your group. Please come with your group if you can, and pick up your tickets together. It will speed things up.
  • If you have any problems or need help, please talk to someone with a green “Usher” badge.

There are a few walk-in seats still open for the event. However, all of the buffet reservations are sold. There will be two hours between sessions, so you can easily find a fast food place nearby and still make both sessions.

Thank you. I am so looking forward to meeting you all this Saturday.

Brother John

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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10 Responses to Update on the UnBlog Reunion

  1. Karen Hewlett says:

    Thank you for such a choice experience at the reunion. It was such a wonderful way to spend hours hearing inspirational words and experiences from fellow beggars on their mortal journeys. My husband and I are so grateful to have found these books, this blog, and guidance in creating Zion in our lives. My the Holy Spirit continue to inspire and guide this effort.


  2. With Gratitude says:


    Thank you so much for the Unblog Family Reunion. It was wonderful and filled with the spirit in many ways. Kenneth Cope was the perfect lead in to Spencer’s comments. I drew closer to the Savior and felt his spirit there. Thank you for all you do to spread His light and truth.

    I have bought several copies of all of your books and will do the same with Visions of Glory. If it would be alright with you, I would like to get a copy of the manuscript. Thank you in advance for your consideration.


  3. SHB says:

    Thanks so much! That was a wonderful evening. We appreciate everyone’s hard work to put this together.


  4. Light gatherer says:

    I will be thinking of all of you tomorrow. Wish I could be there but duty bids me to be home. I am looking forward to hearing the recordings. Thanks for everything I have learned from my Unblog family.


  5. Marianne Cook says:

    I need one walk-in please. My daughter came home from Texas early.


  6. Karen Hewlett says:

    Please do you have 2 more walk in seats? My husband and I just started reading your books. Love the message. Keep up the faith.


  7. Ellen Hall says:

    John – yea for walk-ins.. can you put Craig and Ellen Hall on the walkin list.. I have been praying for a chance to come hear you in person! Hugs!


  8. Mike Jensen says:

    How do I get a “walk in seat”? I am coming thru SLC on Saturday, it would work out great to come:) mj


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