Personal Update

Dear UnBlog Family,

This is Brother John. I have a few minutes to drop you a note, so I thought would share with you a few things that have happened.

I am very sick and spent last weekend in the hospital trying to survive. The doctors tell me that I have between 2 and 4 weeks left, but could be wrong of course. Accordingly, I have been giving Father’s blessings to my children, having brief meetings with friends, and having many wonderful experiences among the harsh ones. I have also been learning how to type and spell while on pain killers. Believe me, it takes different pathways in the brain.

I have found that these days the house is filled with the Spirit and with angels. I have had a few startling dreams that I wish I could share, but will probably never have the energy to write. I’m not sure I trust my present state of dreams right now, and they would be suspect for sure a dozen years from now.

I will write a little more as my health allows. As Shayne takes over the UnBlog you will notice some differences over time, but I do believe the same sweet spirit and spiritual “family” we enjoy here will grow even greater.

It is truly an amazing experience to die. Not the least of which is how much love and goodness there is in the area of medicine. I truly have had loving arms around me. It amazes me how loving and good the hospice nurses and doctors are. They are truly astonishing. I was having more problems at home last evening than they could handle. I needed  more help than our sweet nurse had available. I asked her if I could be admitted to the hospital and get more help. She began to cry because I was still in pain. She was very professional, but personally upset because the last few things we had tried had not worked and I was in a lot of distress. She had my hospital stay all arranged in minutes. She led us to the hospital, had all of the admittance done, rolled me directly into the room and got me in bed. I didn’t even stop one time to do paperwork. It took about an hour for them to get my pain and other struggles under control. She felt much more more like an inspired big sister than a nurse.

In the depth of this awful moment, I believe I almost experienced Zion because of her. My wife wept too. Not just for the relief, but because our angel nurse was THERE and because she knew what to do, and she did it with love.

I have handed over the day-to-day operations of the UnBlog website to my dear Friends Shayne Holmes and Chris.

Shayne will be the chief operator and will make all decisions about content and daily operation. Chris will help with content and editing. I will continue to contribute when I can, which will go up and down with time. It is a big job and I am grateful to both of them for their offered help.

I do not give anyone permission to write in my name, or to use “Brother John” as their name on this website. These are faithful brethren and will keep the purity and safety going we have all come to love. I have written a lot of content that is not posted on the UnBlog. Shayne said he may begin to draw from that from time to time.

You can continue to participate by your comments, which everyone acknowledges is what makes the UnBlog so personal and inspiring.

You can also propose a new article or new thread by writing on your comment title “Proposed Content” or “Proposed thread”. That way Chris and Shayne will not publish your comment as a comment, but will write back to you with guidance on how to turn your writing into an article for the UnBlog. In a few days they will update the “Comment Guidelines” page to include these new things. It will take them a while to get everything up and running smoothly I’m sure.

For now my pain is controlled. Father has bestowed many blessings and I am looking forward to what lies ahead. I will try to keep all you friends in the loop. There seems to be an illuminating spiritual process to dying of which I am of course completely ignorant. It will be fun to capture a few of those steps  along the way.

God bless you all,

Brother John

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I am a lover of truth.
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76 Responses to Personal Update

  1. Louanna Cahoon says:

    Dear Brother John,

    I just wanted to thank you for your work and for the blessing I have had of reading your blogs, books, and listening to your firesides with my husband, Reynolds.We felt compelled to fly to SLC from Houston to attend the Unblog Family Reunion 2012 and loved every minute of the event. Most of all I wanted to tell you that I love you and your wife and will always feel like you are truly family.
    With love,
    Louanna Cahoon


  2. Bernard Gille says:

    Hey there, John. You were my companion in Bulawayo. I still remember how you played the piano while I wrote letters home on P-day. Those were the best of times. Sorry to hear of your condition. I received a request from some church missionaries that are putting together a history of the church in Africa. They want journals, letters, and such and I remembered your article on Die Boek van Mormon that a fellow in my ward presented in Sunday School, so I decided to Google it and found this blog. I only regret not finding it sooner. I worked for a bit with your son at Move Networks also but didn’t reach out then. I’m not even on LinkedIn, so I guess I’m not that social. Well, I’ll have you in my prayers. Bernard Gille


  3. Dear Honeyfuller,

    This is John. I appreciate what you have written here; however, it is too long for us to publish in this forum. Thanks for your understanding.


  4. James says:

    Brother John, as I was reading and pondering this morning, my topical study lead me to a talk by Elder Nelson, and I was prompted to share this with you. The talk is titled, The Creation, from April 2000 GC, a beautiful talk in its entirety, however, this portion was what moved me with regard to your circumstances:

    “While visiting the British Museum in London one day, I read a most unusual book. It is not scripture. It is an English translation of an ancient Egyptian manuscript. From it, I quote a dialogue between the Father and the Son. Referring to His Father, Jehovah—the premortal Lord—says:

    “He took the clay from the hand of the angel, and made Adam according to Our image and likeness, and He left him lying for forty days and forty nights without putting breath into him. And He heaved sighs over him daily, saying, ‘If I put breath into this [man], he must suffer many pains.’ And I said unto My Father, ‘Put breath into him; I will be an advocate for him.’ And My Father said unto Me, ‘If I put breath into him, My beloved Son, Thou wilt be obliged to go down into the world, and to suffer many pains for him before Thou shalt have redeemed him, and made him to come back to his primal state.’ And I said unto My Father, ‘Put breath into him; I will be his advocate, and I will go down into the world, and will fulfil Thy command.’”

    Although this text is not scripture, it reaffirms scriptures that teach of the deep and compassionate love of the Father for the Son, and of the Son for us—attesting that Jesus volunteered willingly to be our Savior and Redeemer.”

    As always, you are in our prayers. God Bless.


  5. Schmidts says:

    Hello, I wanted to first say that my husband and I very much enjoyed Visions of Glory. It is just amazing and wonderful to have the truth of the second coming verified by others with personal sacred experiences. It all rang true to my spirit and brought peace as we seek to prepare both temporally and spiritually for such times.

    My husband and I have 9 children ages ranging from 6 months to almost 17. We realized while reading your book that “Spencer” might be a good fit for our eldest son. We are looking for a psychologist for him, he has some unique struggles and spiritual gifts that we think Spencer would be able to understand and help him with. We live in Utah, so it would be convenient. Our son has asked us to find someone he can talk to, and we have been prayerful about finding just the right person for him to see. When we read your book, it seemed like Spencer and our son would be a good fit.

    Could you please help us to know how we could contact his office to make an appointment for our son?

    Thank you. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Paul and Susan Schmidt


  6. Marion D says:

    John and Terri,
    I just wanted you both to know you are remembered. What a great blessing the experiences that you put on paper and electronically have been to me. I have taken you at your word and have been collecting the essays that have so touched me, moved me to tears and shared them in Institute and with close family and friends. They make my heart sing. Thank you so very much for bearing this trial in your life that brought you to the unblog and that you opened it to the world. Thank you for sharing the most intimate spiritually sweet and hard things one could share with strangers. By doing this you have gained great friends of which I count myself. Though you do not know me now, I hope one day to have that great pleasure. If you are well enough to tolerate hearing a bit of a program that I wrote about the Savior’s life, I would like to share. It will be presented in my Stake in two weeks. Ii called it, Through Mary’s Eyes, I will send it to you via email, if you can watch/read it may it bring you joy. Perhaps Terri can sing it to you with your daughter still at home, With love, Marion


  7. Rand says:

    Brother John, I lend my faith and blessings to you on this leg of your peaceful walk. I trust that in the coming days, however soon they come, you will not know then any better than you know now that He is the Christ. “Well done.”


  8. ramsam70 says:

    I am such a new comer, as I have just begun The Triumph of Zion, but from the start it is striking such a nerve in my soul. I had to come to this unblog and see what was going on.

    Today is my first time here, and I am consumed by the thought of your physical state. I don’t know you in person, but I know you in spirit and it is obvious to me you have found Zion. The rest of us are still searching and striving, but you are not. You are ready, the earth is not, so God is calling you to that place to walk on streets of gold with Him and His Son. It is as those who have gone before us and sealed their beautiful words with the gift of their life.

    I will keep reading your works and studying the websites, I know I have been led here at this time for a reason. I pray God will continue to guide all of us to live better as you have tried to insopire us to do.
    May God Bless you and your loved ones with stillness and peace.

    For all you have done and taught…..
    Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you


  9. Fusion says:

    Hi Brother John,

    I am absolutely, terribly disappointed that I only just found your blog. I have already found not only the information I have been looking for, for so long, but the sweet spirit that I is so appealing to me. After reading Denver’s ‘2nd Comforter’, your Goshen talk audio put a lot of pieces in place. May you enjoy your journey without pain, and thank you (in advance) for easing mine, as I order your ‘Following the light…’ book.

    How exciting that you will once again see Jesus!!

    You and your family are in my prayers,
    Much love,


  10. J.J. Brown says:

    My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.

    I’m holding out hope that just like Spencer who went right to the edge but stayed on to share his treasure with us, we might have more to hear from you on this side of the veil. Forgive me for my selfishness.

    I finished Visions of Glory a few days ago, but as i said in my Amazon review, my mind is still reeling and my spirit is still vibrating from the experience.

    I’ve read so many books and writings on these subjects that I didn’t think i could be astonished by anything anymore. I’m astonished. Who knew such a complete and powerful work of non-scripture was possible? I don’t have the words to express my gratitude to you and Spencer.

    I wanted to share an account from my great, great, great grandfather’s memoirs, Benjamin Franklin Johnson. B.F. Johnson was a personal secretary to Joseph Smith. Those of you who have read Visions of Glory may find this interesting:

    From “My Life’s Review”, by Benjamin Franklin Johnson, recounting having dinner with Joseph Smith, Jr.:

    “I Sometimes when at my house I asked him questions relating to past, present and future; some of his answers were taken by Br. Wm Clayton….”

    “Other questions were asked when Br. Clayton was not present, one of which I will relate: – I asked where the 9 1/2 tribes of Israel were: “Well,” said he, you remember the old caldron or potash kettle you used to boil maple sap in for sugar, don’t you?” I said yes, “Well, said he, they are in the north pole in a concave just the shape of that kettle. “And John the Revelator is with them, preparing them for their return.” (BFJ, 82-3).

    Our mutual friend, Ranelle, put me on to your work and blog. She’s disappointed that your book has already sold out. I’m in the east and can’t lend her mine. If there’s any way to get one, can you or a proxy let us know.

    May all good things come to you.


  11. Lisa from NC says:

    Dear Brother John,
    I cannot express what your writings have meant to me for the last 3 to 4 years. I have been visiting the UnBlog daily and have read your books. Currently reading ‘Visions of Glory’. All of your works are masterful. I don’t think I can say anyone else has contributed more to my Spiritual knowledge, except for scriptures and the Holy Ghost. He has confirmed your work to be true to me. I hurt for you because you are so ill. I would give anything to keep you here with us. I also know that the life behind the veil is so much more cooler than being bound to this fallable mortal tabernacle. I know you will be building Zion with us, many of us may be joining you at some point. I look forward to the day that I can walk up to you with my very southern accent and say. “Hey Brother Jon” , Whatcha been doin? And you will say as you did at the Unblog Reunion. “You sound like you are from the South, and I will say, yeah sure am. And we will spend a few minutes catching up and away we will go to the next assignment. I love you! I love your whole family! You are some good folks! We will be keeping ourselves updated and we pray digiliently for you and your family every night. Sounds like please, please, please, please, … let Jon stay. But as always, ‘Thy will be done’. Amen – If you folks need anything, you give us a hollar, hear.


  12. Cheyenne Brashear says:

    Brother John, I was amazed to read on here the short amount of time left for you to be with us. You have been a very important part of my life for over 15 years. I feel like I’m losing a dear family member. If I didn’t have a strong testimony of Jesus Christ and of His gospel, and of the glorious things that await you, I would be in despair right now.

    These last two major contributions, the unblog and brother Spencer’s book will be the means of blessing countless lives. What A wonderful legacy to leave behind. I have strange request; I don’t even know if it’s possible. My request is this: When you move to the next phase of life, I hope that you will come visit us. Even if we don’t see you, I would like to know that you are still with us from time to time.

    You and Terri have my prayers and love. Love, Brother C.


    • Dear Cheyenne,

      I thought I had replied to this . . .

      However, I will do whatever Father allows me to do after I get into the next life. I pray that He may allow me to reveal my identity to those I love.

      God bless,

      Brother John (Terri scribe)


  13. The Che says:

    Brother John,
    I don’t post much, I just quietly follow the posts, but I need to thank you. Thank you for paying the price to learn what you have learned. Thank you for taking the time to share it and bless us. Your words have inspired my efforts on many occasions and lightened my load on darker days. Thank you for blessing and impacting my life.


  14. Wyldn Pearson says:

    Brother John,

    Thank you for your willingness to let us share in your spiritual journeys. Please know that millions of our Heavenly Father’s children will be blessed because you were faithful to the commands you were given.

    Above all else, thank you for your great example of charity, the pure love of Christ. I know it shall be well with you (Moroni 7:74)


  15. Linda says:

    Dear Brother John and precious companionTerri,
    I have put off doing this for days because I feel at such a loss for words to convey my love and gratitude for you. Your books and firesides have been truly life-changing. I just finished reading Visions of Glory, which was one of the most spiritual and sacred experiences I’ve had in my life. I have been brought to my knees numerous times as I have read it because I’ve been overwhelmed with gratitude, testimony and humility.

    You are both in my thoughts and prayers every day as you go through this excruciatingly difficult experience together. I know that, because of who you are and because of who the Lord is, your suffering will be made sweet.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Linda Ayre

    PS. I was perplexed in Visions of Glory that Spencer didn’t mention his wife or family as he made his way to Zion or during his millenial assignments. I assume it is because his visions were for him personally. Does anyone have other thoughts?


  16. Darlene says:

    Brother John, I have never commented here but have been so uplifted & edified by your writings & your life’s example. Am about halfway through “Visions of Glory” & it’s already changed my life so much.

    You & your family are in my prayers & I wish all of you peace for whatever lies ahead. I look forward to meeting you someday on the other side when we can all have a massive Unblog Reunion! Think of how much more we’ll have learned then! 🙂


  17. Amy W. says:

    Dear Brother John,
    I don’t know if you remember me, my name is Amy, I was one of your angels from Tennessee. I wanted to share with you what happened to me that night we last saw you on your anniversary at the Salt Lake Temple.

    I had never been west before and I was excited to see all these temples, being from the eastern US temples are few and very far between. We had gottten out of our van and walked onto temple square and I was immediately taken aback with the amount of people and what seemed like irreverence for this sacred place. All the other temples we visited were not like this. I was overcome with sadness and wondered if it was possible to have a spiritual experience there.

    So I walked around the temple and found a place that reminded me of the painting of the olive tree where where Christ knelt to pray. I found a little bench,I sat and prayed. I prayed for this temple to feel sacred, that I might feel the spirit, for a miracle to ocurr that would make this temple feel special and that I might, if it be Gods will, see an angel.

    I decided to walk back to my party so they wouldn’t think that I had gotten lost. Then as I turned the corner my friend Cheyenne said, “Hey Amy, look who it is!” As I looked to my utter astonishment it was you Brother John. I knew at that moment God had heard me and unmistakably answered! I was so overcome with joy that I couldn’t contain myself, I had to run to you and Terry. I have never in my life felt such a pure, heavenly and holy feeling. At that moment I understood what it would feel like for the Zion on this earth to run and meet the Zion of Enoch and for them to fall upon each others necks, to be the prodigal son running toward his father and his father running to meet him and what it would feel like to come into the presence of my Heavenly Father.

    That night you said the spirit told you to go to the temple, I knew the moment I saw you that you and Terry were the angels God had sent me. My life will never be the same because of that day, if I ever doubted God was real before I know I never will again.

    You called us your angels from Tennessee when I felt the same thing about you.

    God bless you and your sweet wife. You are beloved Brother John… Thank you with all my heart.
    Sis Amy


  18. robert putman says:

    brother john, this is brother bob putman in which i reminded you of our association , and that of your father from alaska, i just talked with my good friend stan bohman and he will talk to our friend shawnn Carmichael, we have all talked, and they send there love and ofer there prayers in your behalf, and also that of your family, we ask the lords blessings of peace and comfort and as you prepare to cross the veil, we express our love, stan reminded me of an experience he had at your home in alaska, where he and shawnn sang a hymn together and how they had felt such a wonderful spirit in your home and of that night, its a memory that they both have, and are thankful for your spiritual guidance in a time in there lives when it made the biggest difference..god bless you john…we seek the lords blessings and love for you and your family …and do so in the name of Jesus Christ…..amen


  19. Lara says:

    Dear Brother John,

    You and your family are in my prayers. I thank you for your work here and the sweet spirit that accompanies you. Thanks you for blessing my life and the life of my husband.

    Lara Evans


  20. kenh says:

    Dear John,
    Peace be unto you dear brother. Peace be unto your family and this blog family. To Lucille,
    There are four aspects to one’s calling election made sure.
    1. To personally know that Jesus lives. (D&C93:1)
    2. To be filled by the power of the Holy Ghost and hear the Father say unto you verbally or in your heart and mind calling you by name, my son or daughter, thou shalt be exalted. Thou shalt have eternal life.
    3. To have hands laid upon your head by one with the sealing power be it mortal or heavenly being and sealed up to eternal life.
    4. The Second Comforter would follow eventually which is to have Christ visit you on a ungoing basis.
    These step can be years apart or altogehter except the Second Comforter.
    The idea of the atonement no longer applying to one’s soul has to do with D&C 132:26 stating to being turned over to the buffetings of Satan when one dies. That occurs only if one refuses to repent before one dies like Sidney Rigdon per Bringham Young. The Atonement applies to us as we truly repent, only when we fail to repent will we suffer even as Christ suffered but only for our own sins. D&C 19:15-19. I hope this helps.


  21. Wendy says:

    I want you to know that you and Terri are easy to love and I have been honored to be your nurse in these days. Your home is a place where the spirit resides, and I always leave there feeling better and uplifted. I pray that your symptoms will remain controlled, that the final months/weeks/days/hours will be treasured as family gathers, friends call, prayers are sent, powerful blessings are given and valiant angels can be felt around you, waiting for the day when you can join the great work being done Above. You are leaving a beautiful legacy for your family, friends and followers. Your life has enriched US. God Bless–thanks for allowing me to be a small part of your and Terri’s life during this time.

    With Love,


    • Dear Wendy,

      You have really been a little fairy that flew into our home and blessed our lives. I love you too, as does Terri. You brought answers and relief when all we had was pain and fear. We think of you as family. Life is short, but it is so good, and filled with miracles right to the end. I never guessed that passing to the other side could be so sweet and so blessed. Thank you. Thanks you.. God bless you forever,



  22. Kathy A says:

    Dear Brother John,
    Thank you so much for living your life in such a way that you could be a real life example to myself and so many others that seeing the Savior has been done and can be done. I am so grateful to the Lord for allowing you the opportunity to share it with us, and for sparing your life as long as he has. I pray you may stay with us as long as possible according to the Lord’s will, and that your pain may be minimal. I have had the privilege of being a hospice nurse, and I can attest to the great outpouring of the spirit, and the love that is felt as you pass through the veil from this side to the other. I have only felt such a feeling when I’ve been present at a child being born. I think one is much like the other in many ways. My husband’s cancer has also advanced, and my heart goes out in a very personal way to your dear wife and family. It is hard being left behind. But I know the Lord has a personal plan for each of us, and He will never leave us. I find great comfort in the hymn “How Firm a Foundation”.
    “Fear not, I am with thee; O be not dismayed!
    For I am thy God, and will still give thee aid;
    I’ll strengthen thee, help thee, and cause thee to stand,
    Upheld by my righteous, omnipotent hand.”

    I too have the same question as Lucille. Any light that could be shed on her question would be of great benefit to myself as well.

    Again, thank you with great love for all you have done, written, spoken, and lived. May the Lord’s sweetest blessings be with you and your family.

    With Love,
    Kathy A.


  23. Tom Binford says:

    Brother John. Thank you for your service. The Spirit bore witness to me as I have read your books, published and unpublished. The “mighty change” is certainly a process. I am grateful to the Lord for the tools He has provided. I am grateful to you for the teaching of the Doctrine you have shown us. You have made a difference in my life and because of your hearkening to the spirit, your fruits have changed my focus and direction. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. I will put your name on the Temple Prayer Roll and ask the Lord’s will be done.


  24. Toni says:

    I love you, Brother John, even though I have never seen you. Thank you for all your time, effort, and kindness to us, your “unblog family”.
    Love, your sister in the gospel.


  25. Mike Simons says:

    I’m saddened by this news. I wish I had been able to get to know you on a personal level. Having read many of your books I feel that I actually do know you. Thank you for opening my eyes to the greater possibilities that exist for us in this life. Thank you for sharing your life, your spirit, and your testimony of the Savior. It is my hope that you can spend more time with your family, but we all know great things await us. God bless you and your family.


  26. Carol says:

    Seems these are the days of joy and similtanous sadness. I ordered Visions of Glory and so excited it will be here tomorrow or the next day. And it is so sad to read of its author being so incredibly sick. Tears are shed for someone I have never even laid eyes on, but with such a sweet spirit. I am grateful to have been led here. Thank you for sharing, and caring! love and gratitude, Carol Hayes


  27. Wendy Morris says:

    I just finished reading Visions of Glory. I believe this to be one of the most important and enlightening books ever written on this subject. Every word felt almost to sacred to read and I marveled that the Lord has allowed it to come forth at this time. Thank you so much for all the time and effort that went into writing this book, it will truly be a text book for the future.


  28. Lucille Ashcroft says:

    I am almost more sad by this news than the election. I know all will be well with John. But I have a question if anyone can answer it. My sister said her on her mission in Toronto Canada, her temple president, a member of the seventy, told her that there was an ordinance to make your calling an election sure, but if you had your calling and election sure you had to pay the price for your own sins, not the Savior. In essence, the atonement would not cover your sins. I cannot believe that (except for adultry, murder, or sin against the Holy Ghost), for then there would be no reason or motivation to have your calling and election made sure. I have read McConkie on this, but need more understanding. Can anyone help?


    • Steve says:

      I have heard the same and also that the Savior’s atonement still covers. I believe the latter, for what it’s worth.


    • Paul O'Donnell says:


      There are a few issues that should be addressed:
      All sin is covered by the atonement, except blasphemy against the Holy Ghost, and murder in some cases.
      Calling and election is received on an individual basis.
      The ordinance you were told about includes calling and election, but it is the least likely way for someone to receive their calling and election.
      The basis for believing that someone needs to suffer for their own sins, rather than having Christ sufferings apply, is based on this verse:

      Verily, verily, I say unto you, if a man marry a wife according to my word, and they are sealed by the Holy Spirit of promise, according to mine appointment, and he or she shall commit any sin or transgression of the new and everlasting covenant whatever, and all manner of blasphemies, and if they commit no murder wherein they shed innocent blood, yet they shall come forth in the first resurrection, and enter into their exaltation; but they shall be destroyed in the flesh, and shall be delivered unto the buffetings of Satan unto the day of redemption, saith the Lord God.
      (Doctrine and Covenants 132:26)

      Once someone has received calling and election, their relationship with the Lord changes. They have the greater light, and therefore are subject to a greater punishment, should they fall. However, they do not lose their eternal reward, they just pay a higher price for their significant sins.

      To learn more about calling and election, see the talk by President Marion G. Romney in the May 1977 Ensign. I also like verse four of hymn 21.


  29. Marsha Burnside says:

    Dear Brother John,

    Our love and prayers go out to you and your sweet family at this time. Thank you so much for all you have shared with us. Your gifts will continue to bless all of our lives in the days and years ahead as we faced the times prophesied of. We continue to pray for the blessings of the Spirit of our Lord to bless and comfort you and your family. Thank you for caring enough about your Unblog family that even during this time you are thinking of us. We will be blessed, strengthened, and edified in marvelous ways by the legacy you have given to us – in ways that we will continue to see the Light that we may follow the Light.
    God be with you til we meet again.

    Allen and Marsha Burnside


  30. Jeremy says:

    I love you Brother John. Thank you for listening to the spirit.


  31. January says:

    I have never posted a comment here, or on any blog. But I have read your books and the unblog; and have listened to your firesides. I just wanted to let you know how sad I am to hear about your suffering, and the pain that it is causing you and your family. That is the hard part, isn’t it? But…. what a marvelous and glorious thing for you, Brother Pontius! I can’t help but be a little envious of what awaits you on the other side of the veil. If one can know another the way I have come to know you, I know that there is no doubt it will be even better for you than we can imagine. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Terri, and your children and their families. God speed.


  32. MS says:

    Brother John, I’m glad you were able to post again, but my heart is breaking because of your pain and suffering. I’m so sorry you and your family must endure these difficult days, and am praying that you will all receive much comfort and peace. You have been such a great example of “enduring well,” and I appreciate so much your willingness to share your life with us.

    I’m really new to the UnBlog–just a few weeks ago I saw another blog post about the UnBlog Reunion after it happened and found and listened to the talks. I felt the Spirit so strongly, and was amazed to hear and feel exactly what I’ve been searching for for a long time. Since then I’ve been working my way through past UnBlogs and fireside recordings, trying to digest everything and learn many things I knew but didn’t really “know,” if that makes sense. Each post is so enlightening and beautiful. This has been among the highlights of my life, and I am so grateful that the Lord led me here. I haven’t had the spiritual background I’ve needed or wished for, raised by semi-active parents who were good people but not able to teach me so many things that would have helped. However, the Lord helped me follow His light throughout my life, and here I am now, for which I am so very grateful. I married a basically unbelieving member of the Church and have had many years of pain because of that, even though I knew it was the right thing to do. In spite of having many people around me, all my life I’ve felt so alone in my quest for greater light and knowledge (which got sidetracked for awhile while raising kids and working in the family business), and after many prayers I realized I needed to learn to be strong by myself. It’s so wonderful to find so many others who feel as I do. I’m not alone any more!

    Brother John, thank you again with all my heart for being the means for the Lord to reach us through the great messages and sacred treasures that are on the UnBlog. Also, thank you to those who share your sacred experiences, and even failures. You all help me so much. The Lord has truly blessed us and continues to do so. All the best to you and your family in these difficult times.


  33. FJC says:

    Our prayers are with dear “Brother John”. Please let us know if there is some way we can bless your wife or family. May your journey be full of great joy and pure love. And may you be waiting with open arms for those of us not too far behind!


  34. Regina says:

    Brother John,

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. Your blog and books, which are filled with so much inspiration, have helped me draw closer to the Lord. Thank you.

    I’m about 2/3 through your amazing book “Visions of Glory” and words cannot express the wonderful spirit and hope I feel when reading it. I have to stop and ponder every few paragraphs (it is powerful). The information that you and Spencer have imparted will forever be a cherished gift to me and my family. I never dreamed I would have such wonderful information prior to (and pertaining to) the Second Coming. I am of the mindset that I can really become more spiritual – and know that I can be a better servant in building the Kingdom. Instead of fear and worry, I have such hope and encouragement.

    I am especially grateful my daughter and I attended your UnBlog Family Reunion. What a choice experience. We loved everything about it including your wife’s beautiful musical number, your wisdom and fun sense of humor, Spencer’s wonderful spirit and words – oh – just everything.

    With Love and Gratitude to you, your lovely wife, and Spencer and his lovely wife,

    Regina (and Family)

    PS: My husband has cancer and currently is in remission, so I understand a small fraction of what you are going through. Whatever the outcome for you, him, or any of us – if we are doing our best – all things will work together for our good.


  35. kathryn Hughes says:

    My dear Brother John I had to write and thank you for all the.ways you have helped me . I am so happy for you to know you are being cared for by angels and to know you wil be starting on another journey soon with all our loved ones that have passed on before you but at the same time I know we will be saddened by the fact we will be missing you here, There will be an emptiness that can’t be filled in our hearts and minds because that spot will remain yours. I know the good Lord will bless you with all you stand in need of . Also my heart goes out to your sweet dear Terri . May the Lord bring comfort to you both is my prayer . Thank you much for returning my call and letting me hear your voice one more time. I know it must have be hard on you but that call will stay with me always . I remain one of your angels from Tennessee your sister Kathryn Hughes


  36. Mark says:

    God bless you bro.John


  37. Kevin says:

    Dear John,
    I am so sorry to hear that you are in pain and suffering. It pains my soul. Even though you don’t know me, you have helped me so much in your firesides, on the unblog, and your books, that I feel like I know you. Your words and thoughts have helped me in my journey to come to Christ. I don’t know how to thank you. I have thanked my Father in Heaven for you and I will continue to pray for you. I hope and pray that you have more time but I know the Lord has a plan for all of us. I just want to thank you for all you’ve done for me.

    May God bless you always.



  38. darrell brashear says:

    It is so good hearing from you again Brother John. Our love and prayers go with you. Even though you may not be on this side of the veil when I go to the temple to be sealed to my wife Amber, I hope you’ll be there when it happens nevertheless.

    I have so many feelings that I can’t explain in words. I remember that evening when the Spirit led you and Terri to the temple and we all spent the evening together. I had a feeling then that we would see each other again, that it was a sign of greater things to come. I look forward to the time we will see each other again.
    Brother D.


  39. Afton Eastley says:

    My dear, dear brother John, I am crying now, but I have to thank you for your sweet contribution to my life. I don’t fear for you, I do know you will be fine, but I feel for our family, for Terry, for all your dear friends.

    I have been close to death several times due to heart failure. It is extremely interesting to say the least.

    I can never express how deeply I am grateful to you for what I have learned through your words and from the Spirit because I am learning to listen, to distinguish and to follow.

    I don’t want to tire you by writing too much, but I must tell you of my love for you and all the unblog family. They truly feel like family.

    I can’t say more because there are not words to express all my love,
    Thank you so very much. Afton Eastley


  40. Jeannette says:

    Dear Brother John:

    I loved your latest blog from yesterday (Nov 6, 2012 – election day). I am so grateful that I had opportunity to get to know you, and to personally meet you at the reunion. I will miss you greatly when you move on to your new life in a better world. I will be praying for you and your family.

    I hope you will be able to share some more with us before you have to go. Thanks for sharing your insights, thoughts, the gospel, and all that you were willing to share with others of like mind, in other words, with people of Christ.

    I wish you could stay in this world longer, but since you seem quite sure that this is not to be, then my prayer is that you go in peace and joy, and that you will not taste of death, for it will be sweet unto you.

    God bless you, John Pontius. Until we meet again.

    Jeannette Memmott


  41. Joseph says:

    I love you Brother John. I love your testimony, it has strengthen mine. You have touched my life for good.

    I will pray that Heavenly Father’s will be done at this time and that you and all those who love you will feel a sweet Heavenly Peace at this time.


  42. pgs says:

    Dear Brother John,

    The size of your heart and your capacity to love always astounds me. In your greatest hour of need, you still give abundantly. What an example you are to all of us who are fortunate to know you. Thank you for sharing part of your vary sacred experience. I look forward to a future reunion with you. We love you.


  43. Wendy says:

    May angels on both sides of the veil continue to attend you. Please don’t forget us when you get to the other side. We wish we could all be there to greet you and let you know how much you have impacted our lives for good. Hopefully that will all be crystal clear when you reach your destination. God bless you too, dear brother John


  44. K-Jo says:

    This post brings sadness to my soul. I suppose a selfish sadness for not wanting to see you depart this life. There will be a big spiritual hole that will be left in this world when you are called home. I wish I could have known you earlier in my life. You are my 2nd cousin and I didn’t even know about you until I stumbled onto the book “Following the Light of Christ”. I love you and I so love and appreciate all that you have done to rocket boost us forward in the glorious gospel. I wish you peace and comfort in God’s glorious plan for you. Take care, Brother John. I love how positive you always are. Take care.


  45. Kim Gifford says:

    Brother John- How kind of you to update us, I’m so grateful you have the good hospice care that you do. May God bless you as you take your final steps here on Earth.


  46. Steve says:


    Didn’t realize you were so long down the path. We will include you in our prayers. I noticed for many years, as my first wife was a hospice nurse, what miracle workers they were and how the families were so appreciative.



  47. John,

    Thank you so much for your testimony and for all you have done for Zion. Your blog entries, all of which I am still reading, including your books have made a huge difference in my own personal journey. I won’t have a chance to say thank you in person in this life, but I hope to in the next. For now, in writing will have to do.

    With love, your brother in Christ,


  48. Becky says:

    OH, Dear Brother John. I thank our dear Father that he gave you the strength to share a few words. We shall miss you as you leave our presence; and I want to personally thank you for what you have given us and help us to define what is happening in our lives when the topics you have discussed were not normally discussed. For those of us who experienced listening to God’s voice on a regular basis, but didn’t know the process that was happening,- I thank you from my whole heart to helping us understand. Becky


  49. TM says:

    Love you Brother John. The Lord has blessed me so much with the wonderful spirit in your writing on your blog. I am praying for you and your family. I wish I could say more but words can’t really describe what I feel. May you be in love and comfort.


  50. Betsy says:

    Oh, Brother John, I opened my email and was so very pleased to hear from you. I am grateful for your love, for what you share and for the Unblog.
    Such gifts. I will pray for you, as always. Peace and love to you and Terri.


  51. Debra James says:

    You have been in my heart and mind so much this past month. I cannot begin to imagine what you are going through, but I am so grateful that you continue to share.
    I finally ordered your book Following the Light and anxiously await its arrival here in SA. I am eager to learn more and grow more. ( The process for customs was onerous to say the least)
    Somehow I know that we have a connection that goes back and even though I have not met you in this mortal life, reading your blogs has been like echoes of previous conversations for me.
    You continue to inspire and uplift even when challenged, the mark of a true servant of Christ. Thank you for teaching by word and example.
    Much love


  52. Mila says:

    Oh, Brother John, my heart is aching for you. I am so sorry you are in pain. I love you so much! I am praying for you now. May Father bless you.


  53. Chris says:

    Godspeed, John. God bless your family.



  54. Mary says:

    Dear Brother John
    May God bless you and your family in the last part of this mortal journey – how ever long or short that will be. I have only commented on this blog once before, but I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for you and your obedience in listening to the Spirit and allowing your life to be so directed. You have influenced my life 100 fold and for this I will be eternally grateful.
    May The Lord be ever close in this final stage. You and your family will be in my prayers.


  55. Kevin says:

    So glad to hear your pain is controlled and that you are surrounded by love, compassion, and angels. Know that we are praying for your transition with deep gratitude in our hearts. Much love and prayers to you and your family.


  56. Glenda Bolick says:

    We cry with your wife and nurse—-plus the thousands who have read your words and loved learning from your experiences, aiding us to find new ways to climb our own mountains to cleaner air and clearer views. BUT, with you we have confidence in your pain-free future and your projected paths ahead. When it actually comes for the Bon Voyage we will also have big smiles of hope and faith for you expecting blessings as yet unimaginable.

    With Tiny Tim and the rest of the UnBlog family, we say, “God bless us, everyone.”


  57. Sherilyn says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your struggles, joys and wisdom with us. I am so grateful for all that I have learned from you Brother John. You and your family are in my prayers. Much love!


  58. Bob Wickard says:

    We have not met but I have deeply touched by your books and your blog. They have been like a cool drink of water on a very very hot dry day. If you must go thru that door to return to Father then Godspeed. My prayer is that the pains will end and light increase to carry you homeward.


  59. Our prayers are with you.


  60. Elizabeth says:

    Dear Brother John,
    What an example you have been to me. Thank you so much for your testimony. Thank you for all you have done for so many, but I only know what you have done for me, so I am especially grateful for that.


  61. Birrd says:

    And God bless you, Brother John.


  62. Rebecca Lee says:

    I have shed tears for you and your wife as you go through this process. I know that the days ahead will be glorious and will be part of the Great Plan in your behalf. Thank you so much for your contribution to my life as well as to so many. Rebecca


  63. Rick says:

    You are loved. Our prayers are with you and your family. Thank you for all the humble service you have given throughout your life. You have touched so many people and that ripple effect will be felt throughout eternity.


  64. Lora Wmith says:


    Thank you for all you have so generously contributed. Thank you for this website. And thank you for organizing Shayne and Eric to continue in promoting it.

    One young sister in my ward lingered far longer than she was promised (about a year if i remember correctly) and longer than she cared to endure, so she had her mother/caretaker prevail upon our Bishop, a wonderful young man, to give her a priesthood blessing and release her from her body and this life. Promising only to go by the Spirit, he did, in fact, promise her in the blessing that she was now released and would soon depart. Days later she died quietly in her mother’s arms, confident, ready, at peace.

    God speed, Lora.


  65. Vicki says:

    John, I hope your journey through the veil does not prove unbearable but more heavenly in scope. I love my Bishop, Shayne Holmes. He is a wonderful protege to take over for you.


  66. Donald says:

    God bless you too Brother John.



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