Chris’ Introduction

I am still trying to figure out WordPress and how to change the Author on each post..


I have asked Chris to introduce himself and this is what he wrote.

Dear Unblog Family,

If there has been one thing that has unified John and I as “soul brothers”, it has been an unquestioned, undeviating love and testimony of our Savior.

I am constantly pondering about and in awe of Jesus Christ.  In him, my hungry spirit has feasted at his table of goodness, my blind eyes have seen new colors, my lame spirit has danced, my tears turned to smiles and my weary soul has found *true* rest…

…in Him.

Despite over three decades of professional communication experience, I often find myself at a loss for words to describe how giving and forgiving, how understanding, how majestic, how holy – and sometimes, how humorous — our Savior is.

Although neither Shayne nor I are John Pontius, nor will we ever be able to articulate our love for Christ as eloquently as John did, I believe that many of the experiences John had in his life, and the future Unblog posts we will submit, all come from the same source.

John’s heart yearns for Zion.  I believe this is why he will soon be called home, so his infectious enthusiasm for all things Zion will enjoy a much wider audience.  In the Lord’s infinite wisdom, John’s zeal for Zion will continue here on this side of the veil (through media such as this blog) and the other side (through him personally).  His testimony in mortality has been the wind-up; in immortality will be his toss.  Although I will soon miss my friend, my brother, I’m simultaneously thrilled with the new assignment I am sure he will be given: to further and accelerate the cause of Zion to millions — truly a graduation day for him.

To all of you reading this: I will not seek to replace John.  Instead, I’ll seek the influence of our Lord in furthering this, John’s greatest desire: Zion.  I’ve covenanted all my skills and talents, all that I have and all that I am for this cause.  Although the last thing I need is to be heard, my first priority is to help you, encourage you, to hear what our Savior has to say…to you.

To John: I cannot thank you enough for this opportunity to testify of our Lord.  Someday soon, you will be shown the influence you had on my life, and others.  Maybe your influence on others will be shown as branches of a tree, continually growing and expanding to such an extent, and with such good fruit, that it will overwhelm you.  True, all these good things are attributable to the Savior.  I get that.  But still, it was your choice to help.  And for that, your reward will be beyond words.  In Christ, there are no goodbyes.  And in Christ, there is no end.  So I’ll hold onto Jesus with all that I have…so I can see you again.  And you, Terri and I know when and where that will happen.

Last but not least, to my Savior: I love you.  You are most precious and dear to me.  You mean everything to me and my family.  Thanks for answering so many of my prayers.  Thanks for the magnificent atonement.  Thanks for the health and happiness, talents, skills and abilities you have blessed me with so that I can point more people to you.  Thank you for the truly profound testimony I have of you, of which I feel so unworthy and undeserving to have.  I long for your embrace every single day, and to see you face to face.  Possibly one day, we will have an interview.  If so, then I can tell you personally that I adore you and I will worship you for time and all eternity.

And on that note…

…the Unblog continues.


About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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12 Responses to Chris’ Introduction

  1. kenh says:

    It is great to see this important work here at the Unblog going forth to further strengthen each of us and many others who are joining with us in our journey to Zion.


  2. Honor says:

    *tears* 🙂 good ones.


  3. Stephanie says:

    Can we plan on another Unblog Reunion for this coming year? That would be great! Mabye we could get Spencer to come out to speak to us again. 🙂


  4. Sandy K. says:

    Shayne, Eric, thank you for your testimonies and for accepting this important assignment.

    Spencer, thank you for already posting an inspiring comment on the Unblog.

    Brother John, thank you. May you have peace knowing that your words and works will continue to reverberate into the millenium.


  5. Judith says:

    John Pontus became part of my extended family in 1998 when we absorbed Following the light of Christ into his presence. We read and discussed his words frequently over time. The impact moved us forward in our quest for Zion. I will be forever grateful. I only became aware of this blog a few months ago and so enjoy its arrival. I too am grateful this blog will continue. Though unknown to any of you I have a deep love and honour John for his giving. Look forward to this new beginning with Shayne and Eric. Meeting in Zion will occur meanwhile associating with people with that goal is such a blessing. Thank you. I enjoy the advancing technology that allows this world to be so close to each other though separated by continents and oceans.


  6. Cheyenne Brashear says:

    Thank you Shayne, Eric, and Spencer, for your love of the Savior and your love of the cause of Zion. I look forward to getting to know the three of you better. Based on what I’ve read in these last two comments, I can clearly see that John was acting under the influence of the Holy Ghost when he named you his successors of the unblog.

    I marvel that John would still show such concern for us of the unblog even in his sick and weakened state. I marvel at how Christlike a person can become even while still mortal, and it makes me yearn to become such a person.

    As I ponder this, I also realize how important this unblog really is. With the members of this unblog, I feel a certain sense of Zion even now; My heart goes out to everyone that comes here because we all share the same desires and the same goals. I can truly say that I love all my brothers and sisters of the unblog and I pray that every one of us will obtain Zion.

    I’m going to miss my friend John dearly. I feel that he will be working with us closely on the other side to help us achieve our righteous desires to become Zion. This is a sad time, but it also the beginning of great and glorious times. I pray that our Father in Heaven will bless John, Terri, Shayne, Eric, Spencer, and every member of the unblog. Love brother C.


  7. Janilyn S. Mahoney says:

    Brother John: Thank you for the love and service that you have shared. My testimony and love of the Savior have grown tremendously. I will continue to learn to be Zion and try to teach others of Zion that we may have another wonderful “Unblog Family Reunion” . God bless you!

    Shayne and Eric: Thank you for picking up the torch and being willing to continue to teach and share and inspire. I pray for you as you begin this new phase of your lives and look forward to growing together.


  8. flori says:

    I am so grateful to Jesus Christ for the greatest opportunitiy that I’ve had in my life to learn to know Him through this blog. The power that I feel when I read Bro. John’s words is undiscribable and as I just finished reading your words, Shayne and Eric, I feel that same powerful testimony. I love the Savior with all my being and I too want so badly to become a Zion individual so that I can some day be in Zion when the Savior returns in His glory.

    I am so grateful that this blog is going to continue. I will terribly miss Bro. Johns sincere words of Hope and his testimony of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you Bro. John for opening my eyes and the eyes of my husband. We are both changed because of you. We will never forget you or your beautiful testimony of Jesus and Christ and of Zion. We will be there looking for you!


  9. Kathy A says:

    Dear Eric and Shayne,
    I do not envy the task you have accepted to undertake, but I’d like to thank you for being willing to continue the blog. It is so important for many of us to have a forum where common ideas regarding truth, zion, and our salvation can be written and shared. I, for one, am looking forward to all you have or will be given, to share.

    Please give Brother John my love, and my prayers will continue for all of us that we may do the Lord’s will as he hastens the time of His return to Zion and the world. I long to be a part of it, and feel Brother John and this forum has been an instrument in helping me learn more of what is expected and what is to come. I have faith that those he has chosen to continue to work will be magnified to do so as well. My love and support to you all.



  10. Gayle says:

    I am so excited to feel the testimonies of others, like our dear Brother John, who share such a love of the Savior! Zion will be glorious! Thank you Eric, for your willingness to continue this blog along with Shayne. The spirit of Zion is growing and spreading. And thank you, Brother John, for helping to lift our “collective amnesia” and directing us to the great plan of our Lord. I love you all.


  11. vicky Bangerter says:

    I am so grateful to you Eric and you Shayne for your great desire to further the work that Brother John started. When my days would be long and I would need spiritual nourishment it was such a comfort to know that Brother John was there. I missed his spirit of righteousness so much when he couldn’t write any longer. Thanks for your great love and dedication to the Savior. I am looking forward to your blogs!


  12. Donald says:

    Good to hear from you two good brethren.


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