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I am sorry that I put Spencer’s post in the comment section. This post brought tears to my eyes as I thought about the love Pres. Kimball had for all of father’s children. When Pres Kimball went anywhere, on a bus, plane etc.. he would stand at the front and greet everyone with a hug and a kiss and ask how they were doing.

Thank you Spencer for this wonderfulpost that applies to all of us.


Shayne, Thank you for taking up the cross. I first met Spencer W. Kimball while serving a mission is England. He was a member of the quorum of the twelve at this time. There I had the wonderful opportunity and blessing of singing in a mission conference, in which he was presiding. After I sang,” God so loved the world”. I started to return to my seat and he motioned me to come over to where he sat on the stand. Thinking he was going to thank me for the musical number I had just participated in. He took my hand and instructed me to sit next to him through out the remainder of the meeting. There I sat, a young missionary with a prophet of the Lord Jesus Christ beside me holding my hand and commenting to me about the proceedings of the conference in that famous Spencer W. Kimball gravelly wispered voice, I was informed that day, through the spirit of the Lord that he who sat beside me was and is a Prophet of the Lord. This experience changed my young life. I felt the keys and power of a Prophet of the Lord course through me as they were transferred hand to hand, arm to arm as I sat in such close proximity of the Lord’s anointed. I have worked at felling this same confirmation regarding every other prophet sustained since this time.
Many years later we bought a home in President Kimball’s neighborhood. One fall day while I was outside raking leaves in my front yard, he was walking with church security up out street. His morning constitutional, he reffered to it. He saw me, came over and gave me one of those Spencer W. Kimball hugs. They are close, very close! Tender, very tender. And L O N G very long. He pulled me back from himself a little, our noses almost touching. He kissed me on the neck. I being more than a head taller than he. He did not ask me, “how are you”, he just looked deeply, searchingly into my eyes and informed me how I was. I thanked him for coming over and said to him, “President Kimball you have always been my hero. I want to grow to be just like you!” or something to that effect. He then held me back from himself, arm to shoulder length and said, Calling me by name,” The Lord does not need another Spencer W. Kimball. He has one of those already. But He does need you to be the best (Spencer) that you can be.” These words ran through me like lightening, gentle however incriminating, as though the Lord himself had spoken them. Shayne, the Lord does not need another John Pontius, He already has one of those and a man like John is hard to find and only comes around once in a life time. A man of his type and faith will not pass this way again. But you need to be the best Shayne that you can be. You will do just that. May He put words in your mind and in your heart that we will all learn from and may John be permitted to assist you from his resting place on the other side. For the other side is so very close. It is so very intimate, and when it has cause to call our name and it will call to everyone who will diligently seek after it, this only happens after the trial of our faith. For He will have a tried people! Fair thee well John. You are and have been the best of brothers!!!!! With Love and admiration, (Spencer)

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8 Responses to Spencer’s Post

  1. Thank you for this lovely post. As i read it i was washed over with emotions. I feel the Lord has been trying to tell me this same message for quite some time, and that others need to hear it as well. We must be ourselves and noone else. God made us as He needs us. We must split ourselves open and see the true being inside, we must allow God to show us who we are so we can be more powerful. We must know Him and in so doing we know ourselves. To hear that our sweet prophet told you the same type of thing is so simple and so beautiful, i am blessed for having read it tonight. I look forward to your book and hope to read it soon.


  2. Markus says:

    What an incredible blessing to know Spencer Kimball, thank you for sharing this (Spencer). I get so much out of reading the posts and I want to say thank you to all who make this possible. From John to everyone who helps John run this blog. I know things are going to change with this blog from here on out and I want to add my support for those who will be carrying the banner forward from this point on. I look forward to reading and learning just as I have done so in the past. My John receive all that Heavenly Father wishes to bless him with and may the Pontius family be lifted up during this difficult time.


  3. Pat Christiansen says:

    Spencer, your book gives a wonderful perspective to what’s coming….I’ve ordered one for each of our children & their families. May I ask a question? As tribulations began, were the missionaries called home – or did they stay in far places & foreign lands to help?
    Thank you, Pat C.


  4. I have a question for Spencer. First of all I must say I greatly appreciate you sharing your experiences in the book ‘Visions of Glory’. I cried many times as the spirit whispered to me as I read it. I finished it last night and am currently reading it to my husband, who also enjoys it greatly.

    My question throughout the end of your book is regarding your wife, Lyn. I never heard another mention of her beyond her death. I am hoping she was a part of your ministry or at least some part of your life during the millennium. Are you willing to comment on this?

    Thank you,


  5. Miles says:

    Shayne, Spencer, Thank You so much for making this note available to us. I have read the book on Spence and feel so lucky to also gotten to work with John for quite a few years. This was an exceptional note on President Kimble, I still hear his voice when I read his words, it is amazing. Have a wonderful Christmas Season from Alaska.


  6. Vicki says:

    Thank you so very much, (Spencer), for sharing your NDE’s with us. I read and reread portions of Visions to Glory almost daily as I read my Book of Mormon. The Spirit is so strong that I have not been able to read it in its entirety very quickly as some people are able to do. I love my Savior, Jesus Christ beyond measure. I long for His return so that the earth with all of His creations will not be in pain any longer. I feel her pain and it is overhelming sometimes. I also long for Zion to return to the earth. It has always been easy for me to love people, There have become so many people both in and out of the Lord’s church whose hardened hearts are openly exposed. Thank you for helping me realize that I need not wait until He returns to have a better, fuller relationship with Him. May He continue to bless you so that your visions of glory become reality.


  7. Donald says:

    Thank you “Spencer.” beautiful.


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