I am grateful for Spencer answering the questions the Unblogers have. He will answer them as time and subject allows.



I was told at the onset of this last experience by the angel that was guiding me, that if I saw any member of my immediate family or those who had passed on to the other side that I would then stay on the other side and not be permitted to return to my body. So I did not see my wife again in any of these experiences. Not knowing if that meant that she was on the other side after the destruction and many illnesses or I could not see her in obedience to the instructions I had been given. Sorry, I do not have a better explanation for this reality.
Missionaries were first called home and then in the Temples of our God they were endowed with power to glean for the last time. The power balance became very evident when we  went forth with this power that we now do not access to it’s fullest. Knowledge is a powerful thing when one is basking in the “Rest” of the Lord. When we know with a surety and act upon that knowledge with power and hope we are no longer questioning at all.
When we know as we are known and see as we are seen nothing is too hard for us or the Lord. We do it with full purpose of heart. knowing without doubting that He is in the details. That whatever it is, whatever we are asked to do will come to pass.
I hope this answers your questions. It is so much easier to see these things when you are on the other side. But now the light is breaking forth and we are beginnig to see all thing clearly.

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I am a lover of truth.
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  1. Margaret says:

    Thank you for your comments they really shed light on things that I haven’t been able to understand.


  2. Gayle says:

    Thank you for those insights and for your patience with those of us who want to know more. I am so grateful that you have been willing to share part of your visions and that the Lord has allowed you to do this. You and Brother John have been such a great blessing to more and more people every day. Whenever I start to feel a little overwhelmed I re-read a section of your book and I learn more each time. My faith and hope is growing daily. I try to live a little better each day so that I can call down the powers of Heaven. I have so much more hope and peace because of your book. I, like others, keep thinking of more people who need that peace; so I keep ordering more and more copies of the Triumph of Zion and Visions of Glory. God bless you and Brother John, and all those on the blog that are longing for Zion


  3. Kim says:

    Dear Spencer-
    I was so grateful when you said you saw the orange-red planet. I saw that once in my dreams and it so startled me that I never forgot it. I remember it seemed so close to the Earth, yet it didn’t seem to be causing any of the destruction we’ve been trained to expect will happen should a body of that size enter our near-space environment. Again, thanks for mentioning it.

    I’d be grateful for anything else you might like to say on the subject.
    Kind regards-


  4. Dee says:

    Your Friendship with John I can feel was deep and special. I am grateful you have had each other to learn and share together. I have read and reread your experiences and I am so thankful for them. You have become a dear friend to me because like you I have had many experience in spirit because of trials and sickness. I am 42 but have had an old body for a long time. I have had the option to lay it down more than once. I too have chose to stay and am so amazed of the joy I have in everyday because of my trials and being part of the “Fellowship of the suffering of Christ” That part of your book put into words things that I have never has words for. I know that is what John’s friendship has gifted you, me and so many others with and I am posting this today to say thank you to both of you. I have had the chance to tell John this personally at his home but I am extending these feeling to you. I hope to find a Spencer or a John to help me put to words and help me apply all that I know I have to do. It can get lonely sometimes. It was so healing for me to know that there were others who had struggles in this area like me. I never feel alone not really but this mortal body and mind feel alone in digesting all I have chosen to do. I 100% trust the process that the Lord has set out before me a trust that can not be put in word. Knowledge of its goodness and safety and my place in his arms always and my firm confidence in the confidence Christ has in me to do my part. I will not fail. The trust in him, his ways and his confidence he has in me is my Joy even in affliction that fills me with Joy and excitement for the future. This word confidence is over reaching all fear and worry…then there is the flesh that still has it’s knee jerk reactions. This duel experience is something I know you can understand. My Flesh/ my matter has been assigned to me for all time. I have loved it and known it and I have known that it would be the very matter that would carry me through this life and become my God matter. My part of the whole. It has served me and I love it. God power has healed it and has reorganized it his way to teach me. He has consumed my flesh like in 2 Nephi 4 and there is a process here that I would like your insight on. You said in your speech at the Unblog reunion that the book was 30% of your experience. I may be asking you more about your insights about what you have experienced physically because of your experiences. I know that you have made an awesome contribution with your willingness to share and I thanks God that he gave you and John permission to share it has taken weight that was known and unknown off my physical shoulders. Thank you for any insight you may have.


  5. Bob says:

    Thanks for that answer. I was wondering about your wife. Now with your answer it makes perfect sense.


  6. tzoneutah says:

    Please, if you could, would you preface Spencer’s response with the question he is answering. Thank you for your consideration.


  7. Regina says:

    Dear Brother ‘Spencer’,
    Thank you for more pearls of wisdom. Your book is such a blessing to me. I hope I can live the best I can be, so I too can serve where ever The Lord sees fit for me and my husband.

    We live near the Navajo Reservation and my husband’s family knew President Kimball very well. He would stay at their Trading Posts and visit the local Navajo people. Everyone loved him dearly. (I loved him as a Prophet, as I do all the Prophets).

    With Gratitude and Love, Regina and Family


  8. Stephanie says:

    Thank you Spencer for your time in answering questions as time permits.
    In the book you make mention of the earthquake and flooding and that your wife died as a result of this.
    Although you were able to see these events in your spirit body, do you feel that these events including the Special Conference with Christ will take place during your mortal life? Some visions are symbolic by nature but do you feel you will experience these events LIVE just like you saw them? Like maybe 20-30 years from now? Any thoughts on timeframe?
    Thank you! 🙂


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