Brother John update

I spoke with John yesterday for a few minutes. He was very tired but positive. Terri said that John slept most of the day and awoke only for 30 min and had Terri read the unblog comments and posts to him. He was very pleased and grateful for all of the comments that were posted. He does feel everyone’s prayers and concern for him. He was especially happy that Spencer posted such a beautiful experience for all of us to share.


About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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4 Responses to Brother John update

  1. Leo says:

    God bless you brother John. Our hearts and prayers are with you.


  2. Gayle says:

    Thank you for the update. Isn’t it wonderful how you can love someone that you have only met from a distance (Unblog reunion)? I do so love John and his wonderful spirit. Of course, because we are all Heavenly Father’s children, we have known each other forever. Thanks you for seeking out your brothers and sisters through this blog and your books. I have read your books three times each and learn something new each time. I want so much to be with Heavenly Father and Jesus. Thank you Brother John, “Spencer”, Shayne, and Eric, for loving those of us that you knew forever enough to seek our welfare here. I love you all!


  3. Thanks for keeping us posted on how Bro. Pontius is doing. I keep hoping a miracle will happen and he will be translated or something, like Spencer. He has my love and prayers for whatever is best for him, but I’d like to keep him around for a while, even though we have never met, and probably never will.

    Hang in there.


    I already get the e-mail notices. I really like that. Thanks.


  4. Carolyn says:

    Thank You for the update on John. He has really been in my thoughts. I’m not always good with words, but please tell him ” thank you” for living his life in such a way that he fulfilled his mission so beautifully and valiantly. In filling the measure of his creation- its goodness has had such a wonderful ripple effect to touch so many lives so powerfully, including mine. They don’t know me, but I send my love anyway, to John and Terri.


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