Spencer’s Anwser

(Spencer) This experience was so real to me and has resonated so deeply into my heart and mind that I pray it will come to pass in my lifetime. It never leaves me. It is a constant in my thoughts, daily walk and I recall it as I interact with Saints and His children day to day.To see Him and hear Him speak to each and every individual present in the conference center. Speak not only to their ears but to have it be brought unto and into their hearts brings a peace and a “Rest” in the Lord that can not be replaced by any worldly process. Oh Come thou King of Kings. We’ve waited long for thee. With healing in thy wings, To set thy people free. Come Thou desired of Nations come. Let Israel now be gathered Home. Hail! Prince of life and peace! Thrice welcome to they throne! While all thy chosen race Their Lord and Savior own. The heathen nations bow the knee, And every tongue sounds praise to thee. He lives. He is real. He will redeem His people. All that He has said will come to pass. He knows you, your sruggles and will bring you to him so you may receive all that He has all that has been promised from the beginning.

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I am a lover of truth.
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11 Responses to Spencer’s Anwser

  1. robert says:

    maybe spencer will see this, i dont know,but i have to express my gratitude for sharing your visions of glory, my heart is just about to burst with loving emotion, oh how i want zion, oh how i want to be a servant of the lord in these capacities, but i shall be grateful for what i have and will serve where i am planted, spencer the book was like a glass of water in the desert, sometimes i wonder if im going to be able to receive this blessing, i know you dont have to be an intellect , but sometimes i just doubt myself…someday i hope to meet you ..if we could just sit and talk and visit for hours, days…God bless you and john.and praise be to our Lord and Redeemer Jesus Christ. amen


  2. Stephanie says:

    Thank you Spencer for your time in answering my question. 🙂


  3. darrell brashear says:

    Dear Brother Spencer, I am grateful for your participation in this unblog. I sense a great deal of love that you have for Brother John. This unblog and everyone that’s a part of it mean a great deal to him, and the fact that you have become involved in it shows me a lot of things:

    It shows me what it is to be a true disciple of Christ. It shows me that love can enable us to do things even when they are hard for us, and as great as your love is for Brother John, I know that it is only a reflection of your love for Christ. I must say that I am deeply touched that John continues to care about us all on the unblog, even in the weakened state he is in. I must also say that I am also touched at the love you brother’s have shown for John, for the Savior, and even for us in letting the unblog continue. I’ve never witnessed anything like this before.

    You had mentioned that you suffer with health problems. I can relate to that in some degree, although my suffering is in mind rather than body. Ever since I was young, my mind hasn’t processed thought patterns as it should. On my mission I was diagnosed with some major chemicle imbalances and was sent home. I haven’t found any medication that seems to help.

    Sometimes it gets so bad that I feel like I’m in a dream state. My mind gets really cloudy and I can’t hear the voice of the Spirit. The harder I try to focus the worse it gets. Feelings of panic, depression, lonliness, and of being forsaken come over me often.

    I want so much to be able to recognize and follow the voice of Christ. I am wondering if maybe you were given any understanding of people who suffer like me. It is such a lonely feeling. I want to be a true disciple of Christ and follow Him in all things forever. I pray the day will come that His voice comes to me with clarity.

    Brother D.


    • darrell brashear says:

      Thank you Sister Katie, your words brought me a lot of comfort. My heart goes out to your husband. If this suffering enables me to love deeper and to know Christ and to have compassion for others, then it is worth it to me.

      Many times my mind is so clouded and jumbled that it is very hard to hear the voice of the Lord, but sometimes through His grace He speaks to me in a way that is clear and easy to understand….He did that today. He told me that He had things He wanted me to know, and that they would be written by someone on this unblog. Thank you.
      Brother D.


  4. Jeannette says:

    I noticed from the blog comments that some people have read Spencer’s book. I didn’t receive notification about the book being available, although I added my email to the sign up sheet at the Unblog Family Reunion. I don’t know why I haven’t gotten word, but please let me know – how can I get the book? Anxiously awaiting reply, Jeannette.


  5. Donald says:

    Come, O Thou King of Kings

    Parley P. Pratt

    Come, O thou King of kings!
    We’ve waited long for thee,
    With healing in thy wings
    To set thy people free;
    Come, thou desire of nations, come;
    Let Israel now be gathered home.

    Come, make an end to sin
    And cleanse the earth by fire,
    And righteousness bring in,
    That Saints may tune the lyre
    With songs of joy, a happier strain,
    To welcome in thy peaceful reign.

    Hosannas now shall sound
    From all the ransomed throng,
    And glory echo round
    A new triumphal song;
    The wide expanse of heaven fill
    With anthems sweet from Zion’s hill.

    Hail! Prince of life and peace!
    Thrice welcome to thy throne!
    While all the chosen race
    Their Lord and Savior own.
    The heathen nations bow the knee,
    And ev’ry tongue sounds praise to thee.


  6. Donald says:

    I’ve always loved the poetry and verse of Parley P. Pratt. Thank you.


  7. Ashley says:

    I have no idea if you (Spencer) will be able to read this comment. But I still wanted to take the possible opportunity of telling you personally Thank you. If you feel like I have at times when I have been blessed to share things to help others, it almost feels funny being told “Thank you” for such a thing. I have found being able to help others is one of the greatest blessings I have ever experienced in my existence and there is nothing else that brings greater joy. But I wanted to say it anyway. I cannot speak for others but I can say that for myself, the book has made such an impact on me for good.

    I knew I had to read this book. Before I began reading felt prompted to pray for the spirit to be present and specifically that I might be able to receive revelations, and be able to know which parts of these things applied to me personally. I had some amazing spiritual experiences while reading these things and I was shown things in the book which were types for my own life and my own journey. It felt as if it were written just for me. I am sure others have probably felt the same as well. So thank you for being brave and sharing such special and sacred things. I consider myself so blessed to have been able to read it and benefit from your personal inspiration and experiences.

    God Bless!



  8. Richard says:

    Spencer thank your for your testimony and your book. Both have greatly enriched and strengthened many lives. I have a question for you. Do you recognize people in your daily life that you saw in your vision?

    Please pass on our love to Brother John.


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