Stephanie’s Question

Thank you Spencer for your time in answering questions as time permits.
In the book you make mention of the earthquake and flooding and that your wife died as a result of this.
Although you were able to see these events in your spirit body, do you feel that these events including the Special Conference with Christ will take place during your mortal life? Some visions are symbolic by nature but do you feel you will experience these events LIVE just like you saw them? Like maybe 20-30 years from now? Any thoughts on timeframe?
Thank you!

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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1 Response to Stephanie’s Question

  1. Susy says:

    Where can I ask a question to Spencer?

    I would like to know why what he says about the 144,000 is so opposite from Revelations 14:3-4 which states that these are they which are not defiled of women; for they are virgins.


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