Answer to Darrell Brashear’s comment from Spencer

(Spencer) Brother D. From my professional work I have grown to see the great difference between the Mind of Man and the brain of man. The mind is what comes to us from God. It trails clouds of glory for it is spirit and has birth in a far better place. What we struggle with here is the brain which is an unruly organ in our bodies which does not always comply with truth and righteousness. It lies to us very often. It has very primitive aspects in it’s make up which can cause us to become addicted, depressed, anxious and seek after things which in the long run lead us away from the Father instead of bringing us to him. The greatest challenge is to conquer it and make it subject to the spirit. It does not easily comply to this training and boundary. Having worked for years with Father’s Children who suffer with these conflicts my heart goes out to you in compassion and love. May you find peace in your quest. Do not give up for it is plastic in nature and over time will yield to your will and the will of the Father.

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1 Response to Answer to Darrell Brashear’s comment from Spencer

  1. darrell brashear says:

    Thank you Brother Spencer. It brings me a lot of hope and comfort knowing that the conditions of this brain are only temporary. I look forward to that day when my will is submitted to the will of the Lord in all things forever.
    Brother D.


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