Darrell’s comment to Spencer

You had mentioned that you suffer with health problems. I can relate to that in some degree, although my suffering is in mind rather than body. Ever since I was young, my mind hasn’t processed thought patterns as it should. On my mission I was diagnosed with some major chemicle imbalances and was sent home. I haven’t found any medication that seems to help.

Sometimes it gets so bad that I feel like I’m in a dream state. My mind gets really cloudy and I can’t hear the voice of the Spirit. The harder I try to focus the worse it gets. Feelings of panic, depression, lonliness, and of being forsaken come over me often.

I want so much to be able to recognize and follow the voice of Christ. I am wondering if maybe you were given any understanding of people who suffer like me. It is such a lonely feeling. I want to be a true disciple of Christ and follow Him in all things forever. I pray the day will come that His voice comes to me with clarity.

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3 Responses to Darrell’s comment to Spencer

  1. Norene says:

    I have also had my share of health problems! The thing that I am beginning to understand is that I am reacting to wheat (specifically a component of wheat protein called gliadin) and it causes many things, including foggy brain, ADHD, nervous conditions, as well as migraines, arthritis, and many digestive complaints and disorders etc. If this sounds like you I would refer you to a website sponsored by Dr. Peter Osbourn. He has formed the gluten free society and I would recommend that you google his name or gluten free society where you can find a whole education on the effects of gluten in the diet. They offer a DNA/genetic test to see if you are genetically predisposed to gluten intolerance. I just had that test (expensive but worth every penny) and found that I inherited the markers for celiac and gluten intolerance from both of my parents. With that it is imperative to just plain avoid it and make sure it is not in my diet! You could find that just leaving out this one element in your diet might make you well! I’ll be the first to say it isn’t easy in thie wheat saturated world, but worth the effort in clearer thinking and mental processing and overall better health. Good luck to you in you quest for health!



  2. Cheryl says:


    I am so sorry for all that you are going through.

    Though I do not use the product that I am going to refer you to I have researched it extensively and would recommend it as it has been a blessing in our lives. I know someone personally who has used it for six years with amazing results. These products were developed by a couple of LDS men in Canada after a tragedy in one of the men’s family and other issues with the same mans children. We were fortunate to find it for our family.

    Please check it out, specifically Empower, it may be helpful to you. The name of the company is what it says…True Hope. Please take a look at http://www.truehope.com/

    Here is nutritional information that you may find enlightening.


    Shayne and Eric, please get this information to Darrell. It may alleviate his suffering and help him to “be able to recognize and follow the voice of Christ”. Check it out yourselves. Listen to, Anthony Stephan, the founders amazing miracle…Gods hand in it…story.

    If you are listening you can see by the names of the products…”Empower” and the name of the company “True Hope” that there may be something true there.

    I am not associated with this company.

    Darrell I hope that this helps.



  3. JASON OYLER says:

    Darrell, I too have sought for comfort from personal afflictions similar to yours. It seems the Lord always sends that comfort when I need it. I pray he will do the same for you. One of those comforting experiences for me was being led to this article about George Albert Smith: http://digitalcommons.usu.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1056&context=mormonhistory\

    This is from the Journal of Mormon History, Fall 2008 edition, and the article begins on page 113. George Albert Smith suffered mightily from mental/nervous afflictions to the point of asking the Lord to take him to the other side. I hope you find comfort in reading of his struggles and the mighty blessings of the Lord in his life.


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