Spencer’s answer to Heather’s question

(Spencer) It amazes me that these things have created such a ground swell. I have lived with these things for such a very long time that they have become a part of me and I really did not understand that there was a community of Saints who have been blessed with these similar insights and understandings and that they would embrace them. The Father seems to want to share these things with us as long as we do not trifle with them or make them seem simple or cause them to be cast before the unbelievers as dross. They are sacred and sacred things must be handled with great care. A question was asked regarding the Planet spoken of in the book. Remember, The Earth did not start here in the place it now resides and it surely will not remain here. In it transitional process from telestial to terrestrial, it will move in the orbit and direction the Lord has given it to move from the beginning to pass many vast planets to again find and secure it’s rightful place where it will fulfill it’s terrestrial mission. This does not disrupt it or destroy it in any manner for it is of the Lord. For He is above all things, in all things, underneath all things, and all things are obedient to their maker and their King. All these things were placed in motion from before the foundations of the Earth. They will occur for they were set to do so by the great Jehovah. This all becomes very clear as you see it in it’s grandure and realize that The Father and the Son are very much in charge of everything they have set their hands to. We are given to see things to ponder upon them. To continue to knock and to ask The Lord until He sees fit to open all these things unto us in their fulness. We seem to be the most unruly of all of His creations. It is us who leave him. Let our hearts wander far from Him. His other creations seem to be far more obedient to His will and because of this they see far more than we see. But it is given unto us that we are capable to have the Mind of Christ. We can learn to see through His eyes. To hear through His ears. To feel through His heart. We cannot ever disconnect ourselves from His spirit which gives us life for we are His. We are Eternal and have the ability and blessing to see as He does and to feel as He feels. Let us all press on to this end. (Spencer)

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5 Responses to Spencer’s answer to Heather’s question

  1. Gayle says:

    So many of the things in your account that you have so graciously shared with us are in the scriptures and the writings of the prophets. But they are so much clearer now and see so much more real. I am excited to be living at this time, knowing that I will be able to participate in some of these experiences. Thank you for sharing and explaining things so tenderly. I treasure the things that I am learning. I am so grateful to our Lord for giving you permission to share your experiences with Brother John and now to us.

    As I listened to those of you that spoke at the Unblog Reunion, I felt that I had come home to “my people” although I am but a little child in understanding. It was like listening to a big brother tell me that I could grow up and do all the things that he has done. I have so much hope that I will be able to walk and talk with our dear Savior as those of you that spoke had done. I think what I appreciate most is how you help me to see our Lord and Savior as a gentle, caring, familiar person who wants us to feel joy and peace rather than the anxiety that the last days seem to generate with all the uncertainty and destruction happening in the world. You lived through it but were able to overcome it. I so thank the Lord for the mission that you have and that others have in bringing our brothers and sisters to Zion where we will all continue to learn and grow and change, even while the earth itself is changing.

    All these added insights feel so familiar and give me cause to rejoice!


  2. Ken Jensen says:

    Are you not able to include the question with the answer?
    I tried looking for the question and never found it. I get new posts in email, but only sometimes do I read comments– and rarely do I read all the comments. Even when going back through comments, I did neither find this question from Heather nor the question earlier from Stephanie.


  3. LH says:

    Thank you Spencer for sharing your sacred experiences with us. They ring true to us and they add insight to the scriptures that the Lord so plainly has set forth. Though many of your experiences are new to me they also seem very familiar. They cause my spirit to rejoice in the Lord. We will do our best to treat them as the sacred gifts from God that they are.


  4. Rob G says:

    Brother John and Spencer, I want to personally thank you both for inspiring me and being part of my rediscovery of the gospel. I haven’t been so deeply enthusiastic about learning and seeking and asking for many, many years.

    John, I was led by God to your book “Following the Light of Christ…” and found it extremely inspirational and enthralling. It was the answer to my prayers to find ways to gain further light and knowledge. I’m walking down the path and feel assisted by Christ and the Spirit daily. Thank you!

    Spencer, your experiences have given me hope and excitement for the upcoming events which I hope and believe I will participate in. Thank you for sharing. I believe more strongly now that I will be able to find my Savior and accomplish my mission while here on earth.

    I truly appreciate finding a group of like-minded Saints who are seeking for Zion and Christ’s presence.


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