Spencer answer’s another question

Mary Jane’s Post to Spencer
Dear Spencer: The description of Jesus Christ being presented at the Conference Center fills my heart with the greatest joy every time I read it, and I always cry. It appears few people will get to attend this glorious conference, (certainly not me). I am therefore, beyond grateful, to have had the opportunity to read about it vicariously – like a little fly on the wall. Your whole book has filled me with faith, hope, joy, and anticipation. Thank you so much for sharing! I’m sure I’m not alone in saying: I have been waiting and longing for this kind of insight for a long time!

Spencer’s reply to Mary Jane
Mary Jane, The memory of all of this s like being held by Spencer W. Kimball in the post I made last week. When I think about it I can feel his arms around me. His head snuggling into my neck. I can feel his breath on my face and hear his voice in my ears. The twinkle in his eyes and the love that Spencer W. Kimball had for all he encountered is present with me as I recall it detail by detail.
Like wise the memory of this conference will not leave me. It seems to grow brighter every year. I can smell the mustiness of the conference center. The smell of all the attendee’s bodies in the room who were now wearing their best clothing because so much was lost or destroyed in the floods and earthquakes. I can feel the electricity in the air, the wonderful emotion present as we now were in the presence of Resurrected beings who were speaking to us, giving us kind direction and testifying to us of the truthfulness of all that the Prophets have written of about these days and times. We were in them, participating in the long- held understanding about the Latter days and all that was happening around us and would shortly come to pass. It was affecting every sense every part of our being. We were living it moment by moment, heart swell by heart swell. These days were spoken of for the rest of the time of the earth. Stories were told and testimonies were born of these moments, experiences and blessing which were poured out in rich abundance by the Father and the Son unto His church and people. To be in this place will not bring it to me more real nor will it confirm it’s reality to my heart any greater than it is now imprinted on the fleshy tablets of my heart. He will come to his people. He will also send them forth to testify of Him for the last time before the great and dreadful day of the Lord. He lives. He loves us and He will come to redeem His people.
I stil hear it in my ears. Feel it in my heart. Smell and taste it. (Spencer)

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4 Responses to Spencer answer’s another question

  1. E says:

    Question for Spencer–How do you keep a balance of living in this world (i.e. the culture of this world) with striving for Zion? As I have read your story, I too am filled with joy and a deep desire to prepare myself for a Zion life. I find myself becoming more and more serious and my conversations becoming “heavy” to those around me. I have intense desires for a Zion life–I have ever since I was a young child and became “aware.” I find that this is not good for my children who need a mother who is “light” and unburdened by the call. Yet when I learn these things of Zion, the cultural norms of our world (I’m speaking of things that would be considered “acceptable” to our LDS culture–movies, TV, books, politics, medical practices, to name a few) seem to repulse me and I become more unrelatable–respected, but unrelatable. How then do you, knowing what you so definitively know, operate as a father, husband, friend, community member, etc.?


  2. Light gatherer says:

    Dear Brother John,
    You will be so very missed by our family. Thank you for inspiring us to strive and be a Zion family. We offer prayers in your families behalf. We know you will still have a responsibility to watch over them. I rejoice in your new assignment and look forward to another unblog reunion in Zion. You will be missed and remembered.


  3. Miles France says:

    I too, have finished the book and am so grateful to Spencer and John for their efforts to teach us.
    I am especially thankful to all of you that keep this blog going and for Spencer’s continued testimonies. Thank You all so much and Merry Christmas
    Miles in Alaska


  4. Vicki says:

    (Spencer) your book and others of John’s have brought peace and joy to my heart. I am trying very hard, each day, to just become the daughter that Heavenly Father saw when He sent me forth from His home. It is becoming more and more real to me. I see it and feel it. I do not get visions or dreams, but I do not seek them. We each have different gifts that are given us to offer aid in building Zion and be of service to our brothers and sisters. I love my gifts and do not envy others. I believe if I wanted their gift I would have to also be willing to take on their challenges. I do not envy your gifts or challenges. I just hope that you and John have some idea of how many of us have been woken up to all that is available to us by becoming better acquainted with our Savior, His great mission, and our part in it…through your books. It matters not to me when things will take place. I just want to prepare the best I can, spiritually, physically, and emotionally, with the time that is left…the more time, the better. I love you both!


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