“In Memoriam” Page

We’ve created an “In Memoriam” page, located in the tabs above.  That’s where we’ll be posting updates on memorial services, where you can post your heartfelt condolences, etc.

In the meantime, we will continue what John would want us to do — keep Unblogging and discussing the truths closest to his heart: Zion and it’s leader, our Savior.


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9 Responses to “In Memoriam” Page

  1. kathryn Hughes says:

    To my dear Terri and family
    May you feel the sweet love of our Savior and know that John is near you also . I know he hates to see you going through the sorrow of missing him (your soulmate , your Father, and your Brother) but my dear friends it will be shall a short time before you all can be together again along with our heaveny Father, Mother, and Brother , the Savior of all. Hold your heads high knowing that we will all be together again soon never to part again. I know he is happy now and busy with the Lords work on the other side. To show honor to all these wonderful Brothers and Sisters, mothers and fathers etc. that are working so hard for us in the stations they are now serving each and everyone of us. Let us all pull together here doing the same to bring our other familes, loved ones and even strangers to know our wonderful Savior while they are yet here. I will miss my brother John as we all will but I know it will be for such a short time and what a wonderful day it will be when we can all be together again.


  2. Mary Ann says:

    Tom, at the top of the home page click on “unblog family reunion”. Spencer is the last speaker. You can click on that and hear what he said. Then you will understand all the questions. Also read John’s book “Visions of Glory”.

    Mary Ann


  3. Tom/Vonda Kennelly says:

    Dear Terri and family,  We shall love John forever,as he directed us to get chemo for our son with lymphatic cancer.  He has been free of cancer now for several months.  We were considering going the natural route, but he helped us understand to get him into chemo as soon as possible.  It has been an answer to prayer.  We shall miss John, as he had a remarkable understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and we have kept all of the “Unblogs” he has sent since we learned of him.  The new fellows are doing a wonderful job of filling in and we love hearing from them, but we will always remember John.  How do we get the book or information that was given at the “Reunion” earlier this year?  We live in Idaho and were unable to attend due to illness.  Would love to have the information that Spencer shared that everyone is talking about and asking questions about.  Our sincerest of blessings on your family, you have been in our prayers for months ever since we learned of John’s illness.  Thank you for bringing such a sweet spirit into our home thru the “UNblog”.   Blessings to all of you, Tom and Vonda Kennelly         Rexburg, Idaho

    >________________________________ >From: UnBlogmysoul >To: vr323kenn@yahoo.com >Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2012 7:37 PM >Subject: [New post] “In Memoriam” Page > >Eric posted: “We’ve created an “In Memoriam” page, located in the tabs above.  That’s where we’ll be posting updates on memorial services, where you can post your heartfelt condolences, etc. In the meantime, we will continue what John would want us to do — keep Un” >


  4. David Anderson says:

    I just finished Spencer’s book Visions Of Glory. I was reading about the author John Pontius and noted that he raised his family in Alaska. When I lived in Texas I had a Kevin Pontius that worked for me and he came from Alaska. This was around 1985 or so. I wondered if he was from some part of John’s family. I looked up his blog that was listed in the book to ask this and just saw that John had passed away. I am sorry to hear this. I truly enjoyed the book. I have read quite a few Near Death experience books but none with such detailed accounts. Quite amazing. I live in Heber Utah now. I wish John’s family all the best. I will chedk back about my question or maybe someone could send me an e-mail if they knew Kevin Pontius. Thanks David


  5. Today in the temple I thought of John many times. I had been listening to the talks from the reunion before going. I felt incredible joy in the temple, and upon leaving I scribed John’s name for the prayer roll. This sounds strange, I am sure, but when I read the news on the website tonight I actually felt comfort for having written his name, wondering how those angels may attend now to his needs and answering his many questions and hosting him down the streets of gold.
    We never met on this earth, I have only had his book for one month, but I have no doubt his work and spirit are blessing me and helping me deepen my understanding of this great work. I pray for the family and all who knew him. May peace and love be yours


  6. jhr59803 says:

    We will miss a wonderful servant of the Lord. May Our Heavenly Father bless his family abundantly!


  7. kathryn Hughes says:

    I think it would be wonderful to have a book made up of all Brother John unblogs messages from the start to now , with all our unblog families comments . I know I would love it and I am sure there is a lot of others that would feel the same way as I do . Is this possible. ? I want Brother john to be able to live on through these wonderful messages that have given us here on the unblog plus the other brothers and sisters that have yet to hear those comforting words of so much hope and love .


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