A thought from Spencer about John

Oh John. Now gone to be with the Lord whom you have testified of so boldly and without ceasing for so very long. Now to be taught the things of Eternity with no need to rest, no need to bare the burdens of the body any longer and to now soar in your knowledge of all that is Good all that is Eternal. That wonderful mind of yours being filled with all knowledge, all that the Father hath to give. John may you be willing to impart these glorious lessons to us anew when it is our time to go forth and receive what you are now receiving. To be so blessed to have you there, once again to teach us, lead us along in the ways of truth and Eternity. We love you. We miss you. (Spencer)

About John Pontius

I am a lover of truth.
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4 Responses to A thought from Spencer about John

  1. John says:

    I purchased Visions of Glory on Saturday and finished it on Sunday. I am now re-reading it. I have already recommended it to others. Thanks John for bringing such a powerful book into my life.


  2. Dee says:

    I always feel a bit of envy when some one I love passes too. I look forward to my path. A path that I want to experience every moment in its fullest, personal and precious and just for me. Christ is real and so personally mine as he is Johns. My heart rejoices in the day we will all experience each other in fullness. I feel the physical draw or envy to be loosed but I sin in this thought for I must say as Nephi declared…the Lords ways are just!”


  3. Chris says:

    Very well said. I’m a bit jealous of John.


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