Spencer answers LKR’s question

Dear Spencer – This book has benefited me and my family in so many ways – thank you! I have a question that’s been pressing my mind. I am almost finished with the book – maybe you address this and I haven’t reached that part yet – I apologize if so.

I live in West Layton, Utah and I have heard quite a few dreams and visions of others seeing a large bomb destroying Davis county. When I read your account of what you experienced I wondered if there were any survivors from this bomb. In most dream/vision books I have read, the author talks about ward members getting an invitation from their bishop or stake president to attend a special fireside or meeting in which they are kindly given an invitation to flee to tent cities or places of safety just prior to when the destruction, disease and earthquakes come. Most people don’t go because they don’t want to leave their belongings behind and they feel like everything is just fine. Those who are in tune to the Spirit flee and are spared from the plagues and destruction during that time. From your experience, did you see any possibility of people receiving these invitations to places of safety prior to the destruction? I know the Lord guided us to this area we are living in, my bishop testified to me that we are supposed to be here and I understand that if the spirit has other plans for us down the road, we’ll get those promptings. I also know, if it’s our time – it’s our time and I’m okay with that too. I just thought it might be nice to get an invitation to flee to safety just as Lehi did with his family, especially if a nuclear bomb of some sort will wipe out where I live.I did have a dream a couple of months ago while in our new house that we were prompted to leave our home during the night and go to a place of safety. we weren’t scared or sad but happy because we knew what this meant. We needed to be gone by sunrise or it would be too late, Not sure if that was foretelling an actual event or just symbolic. I had also hoped, if there was no invitation to flee, that there might be a chance of survival so that we could take people into our home and help take care of them.I understand if you can’t share these details but whatever you can share would be wonderful.

Without sharing anything too sacred or personal, (I feel okay to say a little bit since I’m anonymous) mine and my husbands blessings talk of assisting in gathering the saints to meet the Savior when he comes and serving for the church in my husband’s native tongue (German)in relation to so many wonderful things that I will not mention here. Because it seems like the Savior’s coming and the events you saw leading up to it are very soon, I smile at the possibility that these beautiful things we are told may occur during the gathering and building of Zion. We used to think that it would be a calling very far down the road as our family is young but now I think it could be something much sooner, since there doesn’t seem to be a lot of time. It’s also possible that we don’t physically survive the bomb or plagues and we fulfill these callings on the other side of the veil. I am excited to fulfill them either way.

Thanks for sharing these personal and precious experiences – it’s been a gift to my soul that has been priceless!

Spencer’s Answer
LKR, Your dream is special and a warning voice to you. The Lord will not leave us comfortless. He is mighty to save. He will always prepare the hearts of his people. Many were called home and many survived the devastation and illnesses no matter where they lived. If it is our time to go we will be taken no matter where we are. We must prepare as we have been warned by the Brethren. If we are prepared we need not fear. We have had hands placed upon our heads before the foundations of the world to accomplish what we have been ordained and set apart to do.These promises are from Him and will be fulfilled. Do not doubt or fear, He will accomplish His purposes upon the Earth. If we live in Salt Lake, Layton or New York it mattereth not. Remember, nothing is to hard for the Lord. Trust in Him and he will provide if we are willing to do our part and listen to the voice of his ordained prophets. Continue to strive to do His will. He knows your heart. He loves your family. (Spencer)

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5 Responses to Spencer answers LKR’s question

  1. Lance Gilbert says:

    I dont know if you will get this since no one has commented since 2012. Alot has happend since then and I wanted to write and ask a few questions. WIth the hope that you will respond. Thank you for Visions of Glory. The spirit has confirmed to me the truthfulness of your words. I recently read that you now have the car that you had in your dreams when the quake hit. I was wondering if you feel that you can answer that question at this time? I know time is short and the time is now to prepare. I feel it everyday. I love the Lord and his gospel. Please let me know if you get this and feel that you can respond in any way.
    Thanks for your time.


    • John Pontius says:

      This is Terri Pontius responding to you. I do apologize I am very late in answering your question. I have to tell you that I get so many requests for Spencer to respond to people, and he has truly asked that I just not forward questions to him. Please understand that he wishes to remain as anonymous as possible. If there is anything I can do to help you, my email address is: tjpontius@yahoo.com.

      I am so pleased if you have been uplifted by “Visions of Glory.” Please remember that this is not a revelation or prophecy for anyone except for Spencer. And many of Spencer’s experiences are very possibly metaphorical. It is up to each reader to decide what might or might not pertain to them. God bless you and thank you for writing. Terri

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  2. Zach says:

    Spencer, reading Visions of Glory was absolutely awesome. There was something in the book that was very interesting to me. It is where you saw that the great earthquake in Salt Lake City occurred in the fall time. I kind of got confused about when the awesome and great meeting with the Savior and Joseph Smith in the conference center was; was it right after the earthquake in the fall too, or was there a few years in between the earthquake and the meeting. Also, I’ve read an experience called “Gayle’s Story” where her mother who had passed away came and visited her and told her that major destruction from earthquakes in Salt Lake would happen in the fall. After reading your account, it also says the fall, so there is 2 different places talking about it. This is Gayle’s Story http://www.scribd.com/doc/48677447/Gayle-s-Story-One-Woman-s-Visions-of-the-End-of-Days-in-America

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  3. Pat Christiansen says:

    Spencer, Your answer to LKR is a great help to all of us. I need to re-read it every day as I worry and feel sad about the future. Pat C.

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  4. LKR says:

    Thank you Spencer! I had been studying my blessing and pondering all evening and the Lord pressed upon my heart and mind the subject of being foreordained. My blessing talks about this and I had never given it too much thought until now. After studying and pondering, the spirit has taught me quite a bit in the last hour and I have felt great peace and happiness. Then I came here and read your response and again the spirit strongly bore witness to me the importance of being foreordained and the truthfulness of your words. This has been a great comfort and blessing. Thank you from bottom of my heart!

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