Spencer’s thoughts on the Conference Center

Last night I had the pleasure of being in the Conference Center listening to the Christmas program with 20,000 other people. With the stage all lit up with beautiful Christmas decorations and the music presented so beautifully by the choir, I could not help but contrast this moment with the memory of the conference center after the devastation.

I felt so content sitting there. I could not ask for better music, a better spirit and thought, “what a great gift The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints gives to the community in providing such a gift of music to so many.”

As I sat there the spirit and the memories I have of this place washed over me. As it did I thought, “How many of those in this vast throng understand the other profound purpose and reason behind why this structure was built? Do they know and understand it’s foreordained purpose and destiny in the future of the world? That it was constructed that the Word of the Lord may go forth to all the ends of the earth, to fulfill divine prophecy, promise and revelation given by the mouth of His holy prophets since the world began?” All of this is associated with and pertains to the Lords purposes in these last days.

My mind then turned to all those holy prophets who have spoken within the walls of this building, as well as the many other prophets, seers and revelators who will yet speak at these holy pulpits, made sacred by their lives, their individual sacrifices, callings and experiences with the Father and The Son.

It struck me that we no longer need to travel to Jerusalem to walk where Jesus has walked. We no longer need to go away to foreign lands to be where He has been or where He has taught. For when any of us sit in these structures and enter into His holy temples, we are where He is, where He has been, where He teaches and will contnue to teach.

What a blessing it is to have the living Christ at the head of this church. He is not an absent landlord. We are so blessed now and will be far more blessed as His arm will be manifest among all the nations.  We will all know that He is whom He says He is, with a surety that can not be broken.

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