K-Jo’s Question

This is a question for Spencer about repentance and forgiveness. In the first part your book you described when you were out of your body during your first out of body experience, you were able to know everything about someone’s history. If someone had repented of misdeeds and sins, were you able to know about that history, or was that blotted out so that you were not made aware of those parts of their history. Also, with the tangible objects that cried out for vengence because of mortals using them in sinful ways, would they stop crying out if someone had repented of the thing they had used them for? Hope that makes sense. Thanks

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11 Responses to K-Jo’s Question

  1. Sheila says:

    Spencer, very gratefull that your visions have been published. It is my belief through personal experiences & own visions, that we can all have them if we wish & need them. My last experience was Dec 26th, & I stopped breathing. I was leaving my body again & a voice on my right shoulder (my husbands father) asked me to look at my husband. What terrible suffering & grief he was experiencing. His father then told me how lonely he would be, and already physically suffering with PD. I could not go, even though the prospect was thrilling. The time will come when our work her in mortality is finished, & he will no longer suffer the challneges of mortality, nor myself for that matter. We have been given the answer as to why we both have been required to suffer physically, which cannot be shared in this type of setting. Thank-you so much for sharing your experiences as now we both “think with our hearts.


  2. Christie says:

    This is a question for Spencer. I want to know if I’m understanding this correctly.

    The spirit world is currently here on this telestial earth with us — both Paradise and spirit prison — both the righteous and unrighteous spirits.

    When the earth becomes terrestrial, will the telestial spirit world be moved somewhere else? Is that what is meant by “Satan being cast out”?

    When Christ returns in glory, will those in the spirit world who have chosen to reject Him be moved to a new location, and the spirits who have accepted him, be resurrected and return with him? But their new residence will be somewhere else – even though they can visit this earth.

    Will the spirits who are terrestrial in their progression remain in the spirit world of this earth until they choose to progress farther and are ready to be resurrected?

    Also, can a spirit be resurrected before his temple ordinances have been completed?

    Thanks Spencer.


  3. Shauna says:

    Spencer…..I am fascinated with the different concepts of “time” that are part of your experience in “Visions.” . I believe that it was mentioned somewhere that this was a subject on which you had additional insight to share. I look forward to hearing your thoughts when the “time” is right. Thank you!


  4. Larry says:

    Dear Spencer
    I have just finished Visions of Glory. I will read it again so that I may begin to understand how it is to ( if that be the case ) change my life and the path(s) that I follow. Your church callings have brought you into close contact with many of the Leaders of the Church. Have any of them read your visions and if so can you, or are you free to give us their impressions of same.



  5. Jeremy says:

    Spencer, I have often found myself day dreaming about being transferred to some time in the past, maybe the time of Christ, usually the time of Joseph Smith. Mostly I think about how an experience like that would change me, help me grow. Maybe I’m just stressed at home with 6 kids, oldest being 8 with one more on the way…and this is a great escape from reality =). I thought it was interesting that you could travel through and around time.

    My question for you is this: The last time you left your body, did it feel like you were gone for months or years when you awoke? Were the experiences real in the sense that you were a changed man or will you need to actually go through the events to “Become” the man you saw yourself become?


    • (Spencer) says:

      Jeremy, this is difficult to explain. When I was in the experience, it consumed me entirely. When I returned to my body I had to deal with the fact that ‘Oh Yes, this is reality not what I just experienced’. Recall, that my body was in very poor condition at the time and the spirit body was such a contrast to the body I was in reality possessing. I loved the body given to me as the change progressed, it was so strong, yeilding and not complicated and it also was so far superior to the body I was struggling with day by day, These experiences mostly took so much out of me but also I was regenerated by them. They gave me hope, and courage to go forward. They were a balm to my soul and weary mind. I pray that all these changes and things experienced will come to pass, however I must always remain in the process of “But if Not” so as to remain in a place of looking for the further light and knowledge He promised to send me. He is in charge and He knows what is best for all of His children. May we all be found in a place of letting His will overcome our own so we may accomplish all that He has set forth for us to do.


  6. Rand says:

    Spencer, while reading your book, it occurred to me to ask what was your perception is of the relationship between angels, those that you saw ministering to people, and the Holy Ghost. It seemed that they were almost an extension of His presence or influence. Is there any awareness you gained that you might share in that regard?


  7. Tom says:

    This is my first time participating on a blog site so I am not familiar with how to ask a question or make a comment but perhaps this will work. I have read the book Visions of Glory now several times as well as this site and listened to the mp3 which I am assuming was the get together of the blog participants. I felt a kinship with my goals of becoming a Zion person as well as some of my own spiritual experiences. I have spent a great deal of time studying angelology and other aspects of spiritual science. Visions of Glory and no doubt the other books written by John Pontius are very hopeful and give one in search of Zion a real push and drive that we all need. My question would be for Spencer or anyone else so inclined. I noticed as I read the book that Spencer, like we all, had bouts of doubt and faith testing in his quest for Zion and no doubt may still struggle with such things. Spencer had spiritual experiences to remedy those bouts as we all do perhaps not in the same intensity as Spencer but nevertheless very real. I think I read on the blog that Spencer is still not very healthy physically and I visualize him continued recovery that he may fulfill the task presented to him. Does Spencer ever entertain the idea that if he dies a mortal death before the things in his visitations and visions have occurred that he can still accomplish them in another state of embodiment. Thank You


    • (Spencer) says:

      Thank you. Sure I believe this is possible. Nothing is to hard for the Lord and those who believe in Him, for His ways are not our ways.


  8. Michael says:

    I don’t know how to send a question to Spencer, so I am replying to this message and hope that you will forward it to him. I very much appreciate Visions of Glory. I have shared over 40 copies with family and friends. I would very much like to know what day of the week it was when he was visiting the church office building and the earthquake occurred. Please forward this question to him.


    Michael Robertson


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