Spencer answers K-Jo’s Question

You know these are great questions.
When I saw them I only knew what I was given at the time. I was never aware of their process of repentance. I would not know if they had recently repented of something or of misdeeds they had done and now repented of. I could see into their hearts regarding their humility, or rebellion. It was similar to the ability to see a person’s heart to discern if they are being truthful or false. I only saw them as they were at the moment as they were before me. Repentant or not, I could see the cumulative effects of sin on their lives. However I was not permitted to see if there were more or greater sins that had been appropriately dealt with through priesthood authority or personal repentance. To see in this fashion was far different than we see here, in this veil of tears. There was no judgment, only love and knowledge of how Father saw them. I hope this answers your question to some degree.

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7 Responses to Spencer answers K-Jo’s Question

  1. I was so inspired by Visions of Glory that I purchased several copies of it and put a large label in the front cover that says:

    “Dear Friend,

    This book inspired me so much that I just had to share it with others who I believe will also appreciate its’ message.

    Please treat it as if it were your own… write notes in it, highlight important thoughts, dog-ear the corners if you like. Add all the “character” you want… and then pass it along to someone you feel would benefit from it as well.

    If you run out of people to share it with, then just bring it or send it back to me and I’ll pass it around some more.

    It is not scripture but it is of great worth, in my humble opinion. I hope “Spencer’s” story inspires you to more fully understand your own divinity and the eternal potential you have as a Child of a loving and fully engaged Heavenly Father.

    May God Bless You and Yours,

    (My Name, Address and Phone Number)”

    It has been so enjoyable passing it around and the exciting and deep conversations that have been engaged in have been incredibly interesting and inspiring.

    I’ve always heard that “The Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke & John” were written to different groups in ways that they could best understand the message. Though not scripture… I feel John and Spencer wrote Visions of Glory for me in so many ways. It is so thoroughly exciting and inspirational to me!

    Thanks So Much My Brothers!

    P.S. I also own the Kindle version and have started “gifting” it to others. Instant gratification! ; – )


  2. Curtis says:

    I would like to ask “Spencer” if he has had the opportunity to read the account given by Sarah Menet in “There is no Death”. I find it interesting that her near death account meshes so well with his and the two do not appear contradictory in any way that I have noticed, instead appearing complimentary of one another. I am interested to know his thoughts regarding this and hope he feels so inclined. Thank you for all that you have shared Spencer!!! I have no doubt that you were instructed in all these things for the benefit of others in spiritual preparation of the days ahead.


  3. Steve says:

    Spencer, I have just finished reading “Visions of Glory”. Your story has touched my heart very deeply. I am so grateful for your willingness to share your story and John’s inspired drive to get your story published before he passed away. You are both heroes to me and make me want to live more like Christ. Thank you for your beautiful example! It was also great to hear your voice as I listened to the MP3 of your talk at the Unblog Family Reunion. I could truly feel your sincerity and faith in Christ.


  4. Vickie says:

    I have just finished reading Visions of Glory for the second time. I caught a lot more detail the second read. I would like to ask you how you deal with all this information about your own future life now that you are stuck back here with the rest of us. You must know that when we read your story we become a part of it. I went all those places and learned along with you in a very relate-able way. There was a great spirit about walking that journey you describe. And when I got through reading I was right back to my routine and details of life. It dawned on me that you would certainly feel the loss or separation of being here and not there. All those future things have not happened yet! My goodness, how do you feel associating with your family now and knowing that right around the corner you will be apart from them? How do they feel about the separation that you have seen? I assume they have they read your story?


    • Chris says:

      Vicky, you stated very well my experience with the book and my thoughts. There has been a shift in my thinking, having had a witness that these things are true. I realize my experience will be different, but some of what was shared will affect me. I appreciate the voice of warning it has become. I can’t imagine the burden this has been for Spencer, despite what he’s been able to share. I know there is a lot that wasn’t explained and I can only pray it brings him comfort. I will ever be grateful that Spencer was allowed to speak with John to all of us.


  5. K-Jo says:

    Spencer, thank you so much for addressing my question. It really is hard to imagine a world where there is only love and no judgement. Thank you again. I love your posts.


  6. Adam says:

    Hello Spencer, I just want to thank you for writing your book about your experiences.  The book has of course increased my light and understanding.  However, what I really want to say is that I read your book and prayed about it and Heavenly Father told me it true!!  I  can’t thank you enough for stepping out of your comfort zone and writing the book.  Much love and appreciation.  Adam


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