“We have nothing to fear if we are faithful”

fear-faith-724511In my last Unblog post, we discussed your Journey to Zion, and how you can begin your own individual journey as dictated by the Holy Ghost, who’s mission is to bring you literally and figuratively to the feet of our Savior.

As we proceed down this path, there is a reality, an emotion we must anticipate:


The Journey to Zion is forged by individual footsteps of faith. Knowing this, Satan is anxious to divert and even destroy our journey by skillfully, subtly and effectively injecting fear, the opposite of faith. Even the noblest among us are not 100% immune to this emotion.

Both the past, present and future give us reason to be cognizant that fear can strike in very troubling circumstances. It struck as we latter-day saints fled from town to town, city to city before our trek to the West. It struck in our day, during 9/11. Even today, some of those I love most in this life have a self-admitted fear of the future. They know that many events preceding the Lord’s second coming will be so horrific, that even prophets of old asked for visions of the future to be discontinued.

Make no mistake: the temptation to give in to fear will strike again — many times — in the future.

I believe the Lord is preparing many people to serve as living, breathing antidotes for a future day when fear will be rampant and faith a rare commodity. Some are inspired to learn survival skills. Others, emergency storage. Yet others are being inspired with tremendous, sacred spiritual insights into the ministering of angels and a sure knowledge of the Lord’s existence — beings who surely desire to guide us to Zion’s gates.

One of the most poignant passages I’ve read concerning fear is found in “Visions of Glory”:

“We were very busy expanding Zion by gathering in the elect all around the globe through the portals. By this time, every translated person had his or her own portal, but there was a learning curve to using it. For an inexperienced person, they could only travel so far, and would have to walk or obtain other transportation to go beyond that. Some newly-translated people would go out on their mission, and then become overwhelmed by what they saw, and with fear or sorrow in their hearts they could not return via the portal and thus pollute Zion. They had to begin their journeys back to Zion afoot, awaiting the time when they could regroup their faith and overcome their fear, so that their portal could bring them back home.” (“Visions of Glory”, p. 214)

So, there are many good, righteous people among us at present who fear the future.  And there may be some among us in the future who will fear their present.

If this someone you love…or, if this could be you — today or tomorrow — I encourage you to click here and read these inspired words of a modern-day apostle, David A. Bednar.  This devotional, “Fear Not, I Am With Thee”, was given at BYU-Hawaii last December.

In fact, you may want to print it (for future reference).  For in a future day, the Spirit may have a brief, yet impactful message for you:

“Never take counsel from your fears”.

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10 Responses to “We have nothing to fear if we are faithful”

  1. Dear brothers,
    You are doing a wonderful job keeping the spirit of Sion and John alive in this site. Thank you for your inspired words of hopeful action. They are precious and vital. Keep up the great work.
    I have a question for Spencer that may or may not be good for a blog idea. I’ll let you use your discretion.
    As an artist and architect/city planner ( in training) working on temple designs, I am extremely interested in hearing more detailed description of New Jerusalem’s layout and especially the temple; as much detail as he can offer would be great. It’s my goal to perhaps incorporate these visions into actual temple design and perhaps, God willing, into the actual design of our beloved Zion.
    If it’s preferable, I’m happy to correspond via email with Spencer. Whatever you and he think best. Feel free to connect with me there at your convenience.
    Thank you again for all your time and love. God bless you and Hooray for Israel!
    Corey Strange


  2. amber says:

    Carol, I hope you don’t mind, I’m quoting you on my fb page. 🙂 I needed that reminder the way you worded it. Thank you!


  3. Carol says:

    I really loved this post. Seems I remember in Visions of Glory that Spencer spoke of his health actually was made worse because he had consigned himself to die. As he experienced these illnesses that all logic would lead to his death. Even after being shone his future mission. I know that the Lord wants us to trust in Him, despite the logical outcome of our life events. Whatever the future holds for us, we have to trust that it is for the greater good. And fear can claim that comfort from us and rob us of our faith. Desperately needed faith. I want to be one of those who lifts and leads others to the presence of the Lord within Zion’s gates!


  4. Helena says:

    What an answered prayer this message was for me!! I wonder if you saw my face while typing….Thank you, thank you for diligence and desire in serving the Lord, and for allowing the Spirit to work through you. I love this blog and all the people that are a part of it; looking forward to applying these concepts and moving forward with faith!



  5. Vickie says:

    Eric, this was most insightful. What you have said in this blog is exactly what the spirit has been telling me. I loved that you quoted from Visions of Glory to put across your point. Keep up the good job connecting with the spirit.


  6. Arden says:

    Thanks for these thoughts. It has come to my attention that fear is dominant emotion on the planet. Many institutions use fear to influence the decisions that people make. Fear is perhaps Satan’s primary tool. When we fear, we are not focused on Jesus Christ. When we fear, we are trusting Satan’s lies more than Christ’s promises. I know I have had to repent numerous times, asking Christ to forgive me for trusting Satan more than him. When we trust Christ, truly believe and have faith in him, we can be at peace and have hope, no matter what the circumstances around us are.


  7. kenh says:

    Thank you Eric for this post. Elder Bednar’s words are timely and inspiring. Sometimes the Lord will show us where he wants us to be in the future but getting there is unknown, especially the details. Truly it is one step at a time. The Lord in His perfect wisdom keeps from us the complete picture so that we will learn, sometimes painfully, to depend completely upon Him to see us through.


  8. Kaai says:

    What a blessing to read first thing in the morning; Heavenly Father truly hears and answers prayers…and immediately if we listen. Thank you Eric for sharing Elder Bednar’s counsel and for the blessing he invokes upon all who read his words. Ironically, Robert E. Lee was said to have counseled a parent asking the General what advice would be of greatest worth to his yet unborn child. The General responded by simply saying, “Teach him to deny himself.”


  9. Kathleen Newton says:

    I needed this today!


  10. Kevin says:

    What a powerful entry – and one that aligns with the impressions in my own life of preparing now so we can give later. Thank you for confirming those promptings.


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