Spencer’s Answer to Jake’s Question

Jesus and Child


I think you have it. He wants to know us but He wants us to really know our own heart’s desire. How badly do we want this relationship? What are we really willing to place on the altar for it? Can we or will we remove ourselves as the object and truly accept all that He has for us? Or do we get in the way and tell him, no matter how subtle we are in the telling, ‘I need it to look this way? I need it to contain my profoundly limited vision.’

He is the center of all things. Through Christ all things hold together! ALL THINGS. Yes even us.

He knows us far better than we know ourselves. Then through and by Him, He blows away the chaff and then the tender, vulnerable, and often fragile self is left uncovered. Trembling before Him is all that He takes unto Himself and tenderly molds it into all that we can become.

All that will survive this testing in the telestial will then move into the terrestrial, where it is prepared for life Eternal, life with Him and His Father.

We too often fall short of that, who we really are and who we really will be. By holding too tightly to our own sense of eternity and our own sense of what we have to offer Him. Let it go and allow Him to direct the outcomes. His ways are so much higher than our ways and His reality of us is so advanced that our hearts cannot begin to hold it and our hearts would burst if we even allowed it to attempt to contain its fullness.

Through Christ all things hold together. Let Him stretch us and prepare us in His timing to contain all He has in store for us. For now we look through a dark glass dimly until His light may illuminate us in the Likeness of His being and in the light of His love. Hold on the way little children and The Great Jehovah will bring us safely home, safely into His care, to see as He sees and to know as He knows.


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One Response to Spencer’s Answer to Jake’s Question

  1. Honor says:

    I like this, thank you. I can see recent times that I have told Him “I need it to look this way” and then after, realized I was wrong. His way is always the right way … I need to absorb this into my soul.

    It was AFTER seeing His way that I realized how wrong I was in thinking it had to be a certain way for it to be valid. If it comes from Him, it’s valid.

    Anyway, thanks for the question (Jake) andy response (Spencer)


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