Spencer’s reply to Shauna’s comment

Truth on Telestial Paper

Shauna’s Comment

I do not pretend to speak for Spencer. However I do believe that the book, as it currently stands, as well as Spencer’s “lunch comments” are very clearly to stand as another witness of both scripture and the words of our Prophets. The central message of VoG, and from my perspective, the answer to the question, “What are we to do now to get ready?” are both summed up beautifully by Elder Holland when he spoke to the rising generation of LDS youth at a recent CES fireside.
Elder Holland said in part, “So start presenting! If we do right and talk right and reach out generously with our words and our deeds, then when the Savior cuts short His work in righteousness, says time is no more in this last, great dispensation and then comes in His glory, He will find us—you and me and all of us—doing our best, trying to live the gospel, trying to improve our lives and our Church and our society the best way we can.
When He comes, I so want to be caught living the gospel. I want to be surprised right in the act of spreading the faith and doing something good. I want the Savior to say to me: “Jeffrey”—because He knows all of our names—“I recognize you not by your title but by your life, the way you are trying to live and the standards you are trying to defend. I see the integrity of your heart. I know you have tried to make things better first and foremost by being better yourself, and then by declaring my word and defending my gospel to others in the most compassionate way you could.” “I know you weren’t always successful,” He will certainly say, “with your own sins or the circumstances of others, but I believe you honestly tried. I believe in your heart you truly loved me.”
I want to have something like that encounter someday as I want nothing else in this mortal life. And I want it for you. I want it for us all. Israel, Israel, God is calling—calling us to live the gospel of Jesus Christ personally in small ways as well as large, and then to reach out to those who may not look or dress or behave quite like we do, and then (where you can) go beyond that to serve in the widest community you can address.
To help you do that, I leave along with my testimony, an apostolic blessing on each of you this night. I bless you, by the power of the priesthood and the commission that I have received, to know that God loves you, that He needs you in this last and greatest dispensation when everything is accelerated and more and more is expected. I bless you, with apostolic authority, that your prayers offered in righteousness will be answered, that your personal fears will be lifted, that your backs and your shoulders and your hearts will be strong for the burdens that are placed upon them. I bless you as you strive to be pure in heart, offering yourselves as instruments in the hands of God for establishing Zion in these latter days everywhere you stand. I bless you to be true friends to each other and to those not of your circle to whom we should reach out. Above that, I bless you to be friends of the Savior of the world, to know Him personally, and to have confidence in His company.” http://www.lds.org/broadcasts/article/print/ces-devotionals/2012/01/israel-israel-god-is-calling?lang=eng&clang=eng
In regards to the comment made at the top of this thread entitled “A Sign.” I for one, upon reading this comment, found that my heart and mind were immediately drawn to Section 63 of the Doctrine and Covenants. I am so incredibly grateful for the scriptures and the words of the Prophets. In these things indeed I find safety and peace! I venture to guess that having a personal interview with Spencer would leave me even more determined to follow his example in affirming and witnessing to the precious truths taught in scripture and by the mouths of the Holy Prophets!






Spencer’s reply


Thank you what wise and true words. Let us all press on in the work of the Lord for when life is o’re we may gain our reward, in the fight for right let us wield the Sword, the mighty sword of True. Fear not, courage, though the enemy de-ride, courage, for the Lord is on our side; we will heed not what the wicked may say, For the Lord alone we will obey. We will not retreat, though our numbers may be few. When compared with the opposite host in view; But an unseen power will aid me and you In the glorious cause of truth. If we do what’s right we have no need to fear, For the Lord our helper will ever be near; In the days of trial his Saints He will CHEER, and prosper the cause of truth. Fear not, for the Lord, OUR HEAVENLY FATHER, Him alone we will  obey.
What do we need to do. Be ye therefore children of light. Heed not to the darkness. Obey and listen to the Prophets of the Lord. Seek to know His voice and follow it. Be kind, loving, go to the house of the Lord and plead to understand the endowment in its fullness. Seek to know His will and obey it with all of our hearts, might, mind and strength. Move away from the plan of darkness. Move toward the light that is given to you and seek more light and knowledge from the true source. Return good for evil. Love for hate. Pray for those who spitefully use you. Forgive. Repent and replace. Be children of the Most High God. When others see you they see God / not the image of the world. Live today like it is the last day of your life. Go the second mile with others. Do not spend your time in anger, hate, resentment or enmity. Conference is coming. Find in every talk what the Lord is trying to tell you. Hear it as if He was speaking it to you individually. Incorporate it into the fleshy tablet of your heart. Seek His face and you will find it in your own countenance.

Wise Virgin Lamp

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