Spencer’s comment to all of us

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I feel I must comment. I am truly the least among you. I see no pleasure for anyone of you to sit with me as we break bread together. There are those in this Church and on this Earth I hold as chosen of the Lord, but I do not see myself as one of these. For you see, I just had the opportunity to pass from this life and see what we will all see as we pass forward, as we walk uprightly and meet Him who is the Father of us all. What happened to me is what happens to a person who leaves the tethers of this planet and is allowed to move forward into the next act. You can see how uncomfortable it is for me to sense that any of you, my brothers or sisters, would hold me up in high esteem. This seems incorrect and very uncomfortable for me. I am your brother at best. Not one to be held up in any fashion. I was allowed to experience things that I kept in my heart for many years and now they have been shared. Sometimes I wish I could put the cat back in the bag.

For those who are offended by my experience, I am sorry. I will not deny my experience; however, none of you are in any way compelled to believe it. I must believe it for it happened to me. I cherish it and am grateful for it’s meaning in my life. I love the Lord Jesus. I know He is real. This is the true Church upon the Earth. It has the power to save us and redeem us.


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11 Responses to Spencer’s comment to all of us

  1. Helen says:

    Spencer, Thank you so much for the knowledge you have shared with us. You have lifted my heart and given me us so much hope for our future and a deeper appreciation for the Atonement of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. You have added to what our dear Prophet and his apostles have taught and let us know just how much God loves us and that He indeed does know each of us individually and takes notice of our lives in a much more active way than most of us have realized. I am grateful beyond words for listening to the promptings of the spirit and taking out the time to share your experiences; amplifying His love for us all. I now know my ‘name’ really means something special to our Lord and that ‘I count’ and am important to Him. Each of us has a special mission; you have shared a bit of your mission with us and have given us wonderful insight into what we need to keep in mind during the coming years prior to the Lords return. You have taught us to not be discouraged or disappointed if we are not all called to serve in the center of Zion in the New Jerusalem; that we are to serve well where He needs us most. You have taught us that we need to follow the Prophet and his apostles even when the Lord is here serving in the Temple in Zion. Funny that that had not occurred to me before. It is comforting to know that there will be continued order in the way the Lord administrates the Kingdom of God; not only now but in the future. I have found that the Book of Revelations suddenly has become clear!!! It is actually easy to understand. Before it baffled my mind. The Prophesies of Joseph Smith and John Taylor and all the other Prophets even back to Isaiah no longer puzzle me. I love your humble spirit and the loving way you share with us your personal journey to Zion. Thank you so much! Helen


  2. deanb256 says:

    Spencer, I hope you know that no one places you on a pedestal, the way the world does an actor, or individual who appears to be successful in the eyes of the world. I believe I can say with confidence, with most all who have read your marvelous experiences in the Eternal World, that we enjoy “fellowshipping with the saints of god”… and one of them happens to be you my good Brother. These are those good Brothers and Sisters who lead out in example, love the Lord, our Father, all of His children, and with whom we have a desire to fellowship with. Why, because we help to bring out the greatest good in one another, as we live the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and “Seek His Face” continually. As I read “Visions Of Glory”, and your profound experiences graced by the Savior, I prayed for understanding and a witness of the Spirit that what I was reading, praying, and pondering about were true. I know that our paths cross with every person we meet and associate with for a purpose. The Lord truly is in all of the details of our lives. I feel I have met another great Brother in Christ, even though I do not know you personally. I hope one day I may personally thank you for your powerful witness and Testimony my dear Friend. May the Lord Bless you in all that you do and stand in need of in your life. God truly does live, and Jesus Christ truly is the Lord of Lords and King of Kings. Thank you again. My life has been forever changed as I’ve turned ever more unto the Lord everyday.


  3. Melissa says:

    I would like to make a response to J’s comment, because he has a legitimate question. “Why do you feel compelled to share your visions with others when it seems you had doubts of maybe keeping it back in the “bag”. Why would you need to ask permission when I always thought that you are not suppose to share such spiritual things.”

    Now this is just my opinion, but having an intense spiritual experience is so exciting, so wonderful, that you want others to to share it with you. You want them to participate, so to speak, in the partaking of that fruit. You want your friends, your family, to “get” what you’ve been through and to feel that incredible joy and happiness. It’s logical and human nature to want to share it.

    On the other hand, it is also human nature to be afraid to share after having a negative experience. I’m sure Spencer knew he’d get flack, even from members of the church. I’m sure he worried about that particular pressure. I would have, and yet, the desire to give people hope, to help them prepare for the future would be overwhelming. I’m sure he knew his visions and experiences where “pearls of great price” that he didn’t’ want to throw before swine, (some of those swine being LDS) and so, he would ask Heavenly Father to tell him when the time was right. I would. I’d keep asking, and asking, because Spencer knew his message was important, and yet . . . he knew people would hound him–for more answers, for more detail, for proof etc….

    I’m so glad he finally shared his experience. It has changed my whole life, my whole world, and like him, I can’t stop telling everyone about his story, that they need to read it, that it will change their world too.

    I also don’t blame him for wanting to stay incognito. I wouldn’t want the publicity either. It would ruin his life, alter his safety (possibly), and make his life miserable. I don’t think it was because he wanted to write a lie and then watch the fallout.

    He said himself, “I am not a prophet. I just want to share my story:” That being the case, he doesn’t have to stand out, in front, and lead like a prophet. I believe many people, LDS or not, have experiences like these. I would love to hear them all. What a gift!

    I think people need to read the book in the spirit that was intended. Before I even finished Spencer’s story, people would tell me that they didn’t like this or that or that they didn’t believe something or other. I kept waiting to get to those spots that would “bother” me. I never did. By the end I was amazed. I could totally see things happening just the way Spencer described it. In fact, I had such a moving experience reading his story that I went to the temple that same week, for the first time in a VERY long time (due to illness.) I did initiatories and bawled the whole way through. I hadn’t felt the spirit so strong in ages, like I’d smacked right into a wall of emotion or something. I can’t even describe it, and I have been scrambling for ways to keep that same feeling surrounding me all the time. (which is harder than it sounds.)

    Once again, thank you Spencer for rocking my world.


  4. Adam b says:

    The book and experiences in it are amazing! As a member I recognize the spirit and it truly confirmed each time I read it the truthfulness of its’ contents. I struggle daily with my physical body and its’ weaknesses and limitations, your visions have helped me understand and be less judgmental of myself and others. I love how you have verbalized many feelings I have of Christ and the atonement, I feel very fortunate to have read about your experiences, of course god is no respecter of persons but you have assisted many in feeling the spirit. It is a wonderful gift our father has given us through you and brother Pontius. Thank you for being bold enough to make this record of your experiences. I am grateful you didn’t keep them to yourself. All glory to God and his son! I hope if I am allowed to be in this realm at the time of the earthquake I have the faith to be steadfast, diligent and obedient. As far as any regrets that may have come from the unexpected attention this book has brought you; just remember what your book taught me, nothing is coincidence you have done exactly what has been designed by he who knows all. Thanks again, Adam


  5. j says:

    Spencer, We all have opinons right? As i am a member of the church. I have some really strong questions about the book. I was told about it on a flight home. I shared a copy with my dad.As i am saddened to hear that the author has passed away,I wish his family the best.I don’t put you on a peddlestool.I don’t think you are better than any of us. I am just wondering ,We all have our own personal gifts,are personals answers and things. But why do you feel compelled to share your visions with others,when it seems you had doubts of maybe keeping it back in the “bag”.why would you need to ask permission,when i always thought that You are not suppose to share such spiritual things. I don’t know ,like i said i have some strong questions which maybe its not meant to know why? Thats great that you can share with others and i liked the book, i have my thoughts because im still searching for answers in life but its not me to judged whether your telling the truth or not. I am thankful you can share your feelings and it was written so beautifully and so strong. Just wondering also why you have to hide behind a name of “Spencer” if you were given permission to share. I don’t know if this makes since or not. Just curious ..


  6. Kathryn says:

    By the way my dear friend Spencer I do not hold you up on a pedestal but like my My brother John I do hold you dear to my heart and always will


  7. Kathryn says:

    My Dear brother Spencer, Please don’t ever wish to put the cat back in the bag…… so to speak For as there might be some who don’t understand why the Lord allow your story to come forth there are so very many others that do and benefit from the wonderful journey and visions you received. It was time my dear brother for us to enjoy sharing your blessings with you or our Heavenly Father would not have allowed it to happen the way it did , My brother John was a true man of God and all those that knew him had the Holy Spirit testify of this truth. I have never met you my dear brother and friend but I feel that same truth in all those wonderful things you have shared with us Thank you so much for loving us enough to come forth and share these sacred treasures of yours, I am sure you will be truly blessed for doing so Your very grateful Friend kathryn


  8. Melissa says:

    Spencer-I have commented how I feel on another of your posts. I hope you get it. I can see how people would put you on a pedestal after having an experience like this. People would think, “he must be more special or more important in some way, to have had this happen.” I also understand your resistance to people wanting to do this. It must be the next lesson you are supposed to learn. 🙂 Thank you for not keeping the cat in the bag.


  9. B. says:

    We are fortunate that you felt prompted to share your book at this time. Many of us were ready for it. Thank you.


  10. Angie says:

    Spencer, I just finished reading Visions of Glory. I have used the words of the scriptures “whatsoever thing leadeth to God, is good” and I feel so about your experiences. I have always felt that I was a good person who sincerely trys to do what is right, but I know I fall far beneath my capacity to do all the good the Lord expects of me. Your vision(s) have helped inspire me to raise the bar for myself and be ready to expect the refining process that is sure to come. No sooner than I expressed this desire, a situation has occured in our family that will require all our faith. I feel with the added insight and understanding that you shared, I am better able to deal with this situation. Thank you so much for sharing this great insight. So many of the scriptures now make sense to me. Bless you dear brother.


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