The Anger Of The Lord – Spencer’s Thoughts

A Firm Foundation

Thank you all so much for your thoughtful responses, love and kindness. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus and He has shown us the path we are to follow in love and friendship. Thank you for being examples of the Believers in word and deed.

I have been asked by a dear friend to respond to the question about the anger of the Lord. These questions make me think deeper and search my heart and mind regarding what I have heard, seen, studied and know regarding these things. I hope my response creates a discussion of how we all see the Father and the Son and how they show emotion, rebuke, anger and try our faith and patience.

To my thinking, it is customary, even understandable, when we read of God’s indignation and anger to think of it in terms of an angry mortal father and to not ponder it much further. Some even mutter about Old Testament “tribalism” mistakenly thinking of God as being personally ticked or offended at some human act of wickedness or stupidity because He has told us to brave up, get our acts together or behave otherwise.

This construct seems erroneous and what I would think as trying to place our emotions and human understanding on to God. Simply because we are often angry at the wrong done to us, we often assume the same about God’s anger. ” God’s anger is kindled not because we have harmed him but because we have harmed ourselves.” (Neal A. Maxwell) For letting off steam seems to always produce more heat than light. So these strong feelings of displeasure usually focused against the teachings, actions, or traits of another are found throughout the scriptures.

Anger is used in the Book of Mormon to describe the feelings of those who oppose God, and the prophets and their teachings. It is also used to describe a goal of Satan or the deserters of the church to stir up anger in others. It is also used to describe the displeasure of God. Wrath explains or describes an attribute of God not man. Nephi lamented over his negative experience with anger and committed to regain his peace.

“Why am I angry because of mine enemy? Awake may soul! No longer droop in sin… Do not anger again because of mine enemies.” On the other hand The Lord warned the people of King Noah of his righteous anger: “Wo be unto this people, for I have seen their abominations, and their wickedness, and their whoredoms; and except they repent I will visit them in my anger.”

Nephi’s anger was to be repented of because it was centered on him and disrupted his spiritual strength. God’s selfless anger is controlled and exercised in harmony with Eternal principles appertaining to the plan of redemption. Therefore He corrects and judges mankind, (us) appropriately, for “He doeth not anything save it be for the benefit of the world.” Those who have harmed themselves by rejecting the truth and rebelling against God, Nephi declared, “are heaping up for themselves wrath against the day of judgment.” For all things return unto us if we do not repent of them and replace them with other more godly behaviors.

Rather than laying up treasures in Heaven: Hel 8:25 man’s self-centered anger is clearly contrary to the Lord’s will. During the Saviors visit to the Nephites, after His resurrection, he explained the devil stirreth up the hearts of men to contend with anger, one to another. Behold (Christ declared) “this is my doctrine, that such things be done away with.” Jesus also warned us of an important consequence of being angry with one another when he said, “Whosoever is angry with his brother shall be in danger of his judgment.” So God’s anger becomes an expression of His Justice as he prepares to cleanse the earth now and at his second coming. Because He knows all things and sees us through His eyes not ours and is not limited by the telestial sight and knowledge. He knows full when His wrath and anger are what His children need or if they should be allowed to linger on in this veil of tears  so they might repent and come unto him with full purpose of heart.

I rejoice in the fact that he knows us better than we can ever know ourselves. His judgments are just and I am pleased that he does not allow my false views of things influence His righteous judgment of me and those whom I love. Let us not be angry for anger is a choice, away from Love and Truth.

Your brother in the Lord.


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3 Responses to The Anger Of The Lord – Spencer’s Thoughts

  1. Blake says:

    Spencer, in Visions of Glory, you indicate that the U.S. had been attacked without provocation. Were we attacked before the financial collapse? (I assume war and financial trouble occur before the quake.) Thanks.


  2. Diana says:

    Thank you so much for helping us understand how Father is so loving and merciful. I love the fact that God is not limited in sight and knowledge, like us.I also rejoice to know that He knows us better than what we know ourselves. I like to ask my Father to help me see my beautiful husband through His eyes and show me how much He loves him so that I might love him the way that my Father loves him. This applies not just the people that we love but also those that dispised us. Heavenly Father is truly a just God, I know that He love us and I’m so grateful for this knowledge. Thank for sharing your experiences through your book, Visions of Glory, it reminded me of all the dreams, visions, near death experience and just the simple love and embracement of my Father when I felt the most insignificant. Your book has help me experience my scriptures in a brighter light and when I hear the general authorities its more real. I’m lacking words to express myself, I hope that I don’t offend anyone. I have shared your book with so many of my friends & family. They love it & the few ones that start reading it & stop I have found that they are afraid & dismiss it. That’s ok one day when they are ready they’ll read, & they will enjoy the knowledge that has to offer. Now when I make a mistake I don’t feel that my Father is angry at me but I understand that if He needs to show His displeasure, I’m more willingly to accept it. Without feeling that He does understand, what a mean dad, sort of speak. I love this journey with all its trials, tribulations & blessings. Hermano Spencer you are truly a blessing to all of us, may God continue to bless you in your mortal journey & beyond. Diana


  3. Melissa says:

    Spencer–I don’t know how to find you any other way than to comment here. I hope you will get this. I just read the book, Visions of Glory, and it fell into my lap with too many coincidences to ignore. It was very powerful for me and there wasn’t one thing written there that bothered me, sounded far-fetched, or impossible to believe. I soaked it all up, bawled through most of it, and it was a catalyst for a huge shift inside me. I can’t even tell you how much.

    You know, I kept waiting to read something that bothered me. I’d spoken to a few people who made comments that there were things they “disagreed” with. It never happened to me. How can you “disagree” with someone else’s vision of something like this unless you were there? I just have to laugh about that. Anyway, I LOVED the book and I just wanted to let you know that, and how your experiences have affected me.

    I wish I could talk with you sometime. I find that I want to be close to people who have had experiences like this. I want their light to rub off on me. You know what I mean? And it has, reading this book.

    Thank you!


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