Editor Update

Pearls Before Swine

We  just wanted to let you know that Visions of Glory has sold over 24,000 copies. Seagull Books has ordered 2,000 copies and might use the book in a Father’s Day Promo. In communicating with the publisher he feels the book will take off. The bestselling books in the LDS market usually sell around 20,000 to 30,000 copies in the LDS market. Visions looks to exceed those numbers. Thank you for your support and love of the book. It is through you that it has risen to the status of one of the best selling LDS books on the market.We are hopeful that it will continue to lift those who read it. To inform and remind them of the reality of the Father and the Savior and their deep abiding love for all of Father’s children. We are pleased at the many who have had spiritual experiences associated with Vision of Glory and continue to find it’s simple yet powerful story a blessing in their lives. God does speak to men and women. He allows us to have experiences that enlightens us and brings us closer to him. He wants us to remember Him and seek His face. He wants us to try and become like Him and his Son. He wants us to stay on the path and never cease to adhere to his teachings. Let us all press on in the work of the Lord.

I have spoken with Spencer several times this week. He sends his love and profound sense of gratitude to the Savior. His health is okay, still struggling with a few problems. We have talked in great length about the role the church plays in these Latter days.

Spencer’s love for the Savior and our Father in Heaven is unquestioned, it is They we all rely on for exaltation. The Lord has chosen His gospel to guide the church in these latter days. It has the ordinances we need i.e. Temple, baptismal covenants etc… It is through and by ordinances that we are saved after all we can do. In the ever cheering words of Tiny Tim. God bless us, everyone.

Spencer & Shayne

In His Presence





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